Mar. 4th, 2013 10:47 am
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The MAC counter was busy and Clinique only had one woman at the counter, so at the beginning of the perfume section I was asked if I needed some help. Clearly the most expensive counter at Nordstrom but I was trapped. I exaggerated my helplessness to some degree (you guys have seen my pics, I'm not totally clueless about makeup) by playing up the 'Soft angle. "After 3 years I'm out of practice! "


(I did wear some makeup at other jobs, so as I said, an exaggeration.)


She applied a fancy "deep sea nutrient" moisturizer which felt amazing on my overheated skin. Then a tinted moisturizer/foundation and then concealer. I absolutely want the concealer, it erased my undereye circles. And then cream blush, holy god I looked five years younger. (And I already look under 30 without makeup.)


Finally eye stuff, she did close to what I do but with a fatter pencil on top, and fully outlined the bottom with a small one. And lipstick out of a liquid tube. I didn't look so much different from my own makeup jobs, but just different enough.


I "only" bought the base moisturizer, but she gave me lots of free samples.  $100 a month isn't that ridiculous is it? Ha. I'm a sucker but she was good.

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But the fact is, I haven't like bought any new clothes that actually accentuate the weight I lost.TW: weight, weight loss, body image )
I got a makeover at the (unfortunately) most expensive counter at Nordstrom's Friday evening, the woman took maybe ten minutes to make me look five years younger. (And yeah, I already look pretty young, I know.) She gave me some free samples after I spent far too much on moisturizer, but I figure once a month I can afford something like this. The cream blush was to die for. I looked like I'd had just a single glass of wine, all aglow and fresh. So, we'll see. She did think I had to wear sunscreen while working with computers - has she not heard of LCD screens? - and mentioned lots of MSFT women felt clueless. I don't feel clueless, I just wondered if I could do better. And like I said, she did. Someone else said I looked like a doll, by which I think he meant unnatural, but I figured I wasn't going out in daylight so whatevs.

Anyway, part one of turn into a woman is almost complete. Clothing will be next. I swear I'm going to buy cute stuff and pay an asian lady to tailor darts into it so I look like I do have a waist, and all that. Whew!


Feb. 25th, 2013 03:49 pm
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Pictures of my and the group, the four of us on the bottom left carpooled together. It was fun as like duh why wouldn't it be?

The driver of the carpool was actually close to my own horrible skill level, as he'd been going twice a week or more since December. DANG. So we went back and forth, from Holiday to Express to 360 back to Express then up and down Express, then up and down 360. Never taking any blacks of course, which means to get from Express to 360 area, we had to float over new snow that was about 2ft high. If you're skiing, you have to go REALLY FAST to get over that sort of soft powder.

Anyway, good times. Got numbers so if I want to, I can go skiing without Reg again. But I really want to go to Stevens this weekend, so ... yeah.
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I got merged into almost-all Win8 testing, but I'm still mainly focusing on the Security shit. Well anyway, one of our group is leading a weekly C# "lesson"/lunch. He's got Powerpoint slides and all. Coming from the C++ background I do, it's more like a refresher, so far anyway. I mean, I did a semester of C in high school, then mostly C++ in college, and a couple terms of Java. Then three years straight of Visual Basic. But, yes, I haven't really coded much since 2002.

Which ends up being good for this class, because syntax is the trickier bit to learn, and I've forgotten specific syntax, but I know structure, so I was correcting the teacher and showing off a little with !(x || y) == (!x && y) kind of things.

Anyway, I have to read this book, we can download up to 25 chapters of it, and this week write a calculator program. Good times.

doo dah

Feb. 15th, 2013 06:20 pm
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Finished Mad Men S4. I definitely agree with some other people who say it's really only worth watching for the aesthetics. The aesthetics are really awesome, though.

Wednesday night I had plans but dropped them for girlfriend-emergency. When a friend gets dumped, you give them booze and benzos, right? And tell them stories about how embarrassing your own exes acted, and all that rot.

A few years ago (before I got into fanfic) I was writing a story about boys and girls in Seattle, and one of the girls was a half-black, half-Jewish liberal poly stereotype. Anyway the book stalled b/c I kept going to backstories on everyone's college years, including the liberal girl, who lived in a house with other poly people and they all slept with each other and everyone was happy with the situation, except her female FWB who wanted more than a couple dates a month.


Ahem. Last night we went skiing, night skiing at Snoqualmie Pass. First skiing of 2013, next apparently we're going to Stevens. Heh. It was bloody awesome. The only bad part was when Reg accidentally took me on a lift that only had black paths down. I tried my best, but about halfway down I fell, and every time I tried to get up, I just slid down. (It was around 29F so very slushie.) So I figured I'd just slide the whole way down. Reg was impressed at how well I was able to control my sliding, but it was just like normal skiing: you point them and you go THAT way.

Also been trying to see if I can get into the Less Wrong community. I love the site, have for years, but most of the people who post there just seem completely humorless and unintentionally misogynistic. Not all of them, just most. So maybe I should try to steer more people to read the sequences on how to hack your brain, at least, so people realize that just because you act like you believe something, doesn't mean you really believe it.
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The Friend Zoner vs. The Nice Guy!

disclaimer: I have a funny story about "the friend zone" which I guess I'll tell to my TMI group.


Dec. 26th, 2012 02:06 pm
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So I've had like 3 root canals that I need to pay for, so everyone is giving me money for xmas so I can do this. Basically my insurance ran out on the 2nd one and I couldn't not get the root canal. I mean I suppose I could have just had the teeth pulled but they were frontish teeth, not molars. I already feel like a gap-toothed hillbilly.

So yeah, a couple shirts and candy and random stuff - Reg paid for my new tattoo for part of an Xmas present, and also he got me a sweet necklace. And some new gloves since I dropped one at Mission Ridge.

Plus we were going to go to Crystal Mountain for the 25th, and gloves would be awesome. It started snowing on the drive up - it's much closer than I realized, but that's partly because there was no traffic. We went to Rainier area a few times over the summer, and the traffic was always terrible on a nice day, but this time nada. So we got there before noon, traded in the corporate passes for gondola passes.

I am not an awesome skier, and I have mainly NOT skied while it snows. It was not quite what people call "Washington Concrete", but it was close. A bit too warm and too much fluffy shit that you just basically snowplow into. I mean, I normally am good at falling on my ass when I ski, but on that last bit of the bunny slope, I was going really really fast and hit a drift and faceplanted like whoa. So that wetted out my jacket, and filled my goggles with snow, and I had a really hard time just getting up. The weather finally calmed down around 2:30pm, but by then my muscles were feeling the burn of trying to keep control in the deep snow. I am totally sticking to groomed runs if I take up cross-country, I swear.

When we got home Reg wanted to watch Schindler's List. I'd actually successfully avoided it for years, I mean, I knew the basic plot, but Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are pretty goddamn awesome in it. I told Reg they should make a sequel, set in 1950s Saudi Arabia oil plants. Well, ok, maybe not, but the premise appeals to that black hearted cynic inside me. Afterwards naturally we watched Die Hard.

And I know that almost no one in Seattle reads this, but I'm planning to go to Leavenworth to improve my skiing.
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The first one: woah so violent/more explicit than the movie w the violence/serial killer shit, kept me up at night, had to read HP to calm down.


the third one: Lame courtroom drama and um sitting around in a hospital instead of beating up dudes? bleh.

In general, the whole detailing-every-little-thing-that-Lisbeth-does-all-day was annoying. I don't know if that was the translator's fault or not, but the books just seemed kind of all over the place. I mean I realize Lisbeth is more analytical and that's how she thinks, but it's boring.

Anyway, the movie was great, the Reznor soundtrack and the direction made a kind of boring book freaking awesome, and Rooney Mara as well, a perfect Salander. Maybe the books were hyped up too much, like Harry Potter, I dunno.

In general I'm in love with Lisbeth Salander though.
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The hotel where the Jurassic Park film crew stayed was ruined by a typhoon towards the end of filming, so it's a nasty looking death trap full of rats now. We drove by it every time we went up the east coast of the island, but I didn't feel like trespassing without sneakers. And you don't wear sneakers if you can avoid it. "Why the hell did I bring all these long-sleeved shirts?" asked Reg. (So no pictures of a nasty rotting hotel.)

We got in on 12/1 before 2pm, but I frankly didn't want to do anything but go to bed early after we settled in just before sunset. We stayed in Poi'pu, which is sort of the southeast corner/just past the eastern part on the southern coast. Day 2 wasn't bad, went up the eastern road back past Lihue and Kapaa. The timeshare we stayed at for a week wasn't available any more than 6 days, so on the last day we had to go to Kapaa and stay there. Anyway it's a small small island, you can drive around the main roads that (almost) circle the island in probably two hours. And it only takes that long because of the sloooow drivers. I got some rays, a swimsuit and a pineapple, and then we went to to a Mediterranean-themed restaurant for dinner back in Poi'pu.

The one problem with this time of year is the sunset is like 6:15pm or something silly like that, and sunrise is 7am or so. This wouldn't normally be a problem I guess, except that there's no nightlife to speak of on Kauai. So we'd go to bed relatively early (1am) and get up at 9am. Day 3 wasn't very nice in Poi'pu, so Reg and I drove west along the southern shore, and stopped at the Russian fort in Waimea and hung out on the rocky shoreline there. (The fort is now just a few walls of rock that are almost 200 years old.) It got a bit crappy again when we returned, which made grilling steak a pain.

Day 4 had lots of pictures, as we drove on Waimea Canyon Drive through Waimea Canyon State Park. The weather was the worst yet, about 70F and windy and cloudy as we got higher and higher up. At the very end of the road is an overlook to the northern coast, which really has terrible weather (over 400inches of rain a year), but as a result is quite lush. It's known as the Na'pali coastline, and this is the bit of the island where the roads don't circle. You have to see it by boat or air.

We went back (well, all of us but John and Katie, who were determined to hike) to Waimea town, bought some cookies and shirts and another pineapple. The weather was finally getting to rain, so we didn't stick around that long. We stopped in Hanapepe and hit the swinging bridge that's just like most suspension bridges on WA Forest hikes. Reg wanted to check out the bookstore, which had lots of crazy old books for reasonable prices, including a First Edition set of Churchill's history of WWII. All six books for $40. Reg was psyched indeed. Unfortunately at this point the rain was really coming down, so we went back to the hotel and thought about dinner. Reg's dad had been raving about the Puka Dogs, so we figured that would be fine, since Katie and John were still hiking. Reg and I put on TCM because The Sting was on. (We have cable right now but are not in the habit of watching it.) We also watched the 4 hours of lightning strikes, dang.

On Day 5, we decided to go to Hanalei. Although there was a miscommunication, and Katie and John (who had their own car) took us to Ke'e Beach instead. Well, it was pretty nice there, too, but it's where the northwest road ends, right near the Napali coastline, so it was really far, and not super warm. After about an hour, we drove back south, to Anini beach. There's a park area where people can camp, but the end of the road has a nicer area for wading. But the sun was going to set fast, and we wanted to go to the lighthouse. The lighthouse costs money to get in, so we didn't actually go to it, but stayed at the viewpoint where you can see about 6 kinds of birds flying and nesting. Then, dinner at the Bistro nearby. Decent prices for really good food.

I'd wanted to try surfing the previous day, but there was no opportunity. So Day 6 we called up one of the Poi'pu surf schools and got a spot for a noon surfing lesson. I also picked up some shorts (I'd gotten a shirt the day before) and changed into them. So, if you've never surfed, you first have to learn how to stand up. We practiced that on the ground for about half an hour, then carried our boards using our heads (ow, ow) to an area on the beach. Then we paddled out a little bit to wait for appropriate waves. Paddle two lengths then stand up. Easier said than done. Then, paddle back out, against the current again, and listen to the instructor remind you of what you're supposed to do. Chest up, hips up, right foot forward first, then left foot. Much easier on the ground than on a wave, of course. Anyway, repeat that for about an hour, or till you think you're going to die. I did finally manage to stand up all the way to the beach twice, and two other times on my knees. I also fell into rocks. Ow. Reg and his parents were snorkeling and swimming with a sea turtle in the meantime.

I was pretty much dead to the world by the time we had lunch, I have to say. Not only was I exhausted from using muscles I don't normally use, I was starving and wanted an entire pork sandwich to myself. And a pineapple daiquiri. We went back briefly then hung out on the beach till almost sunset, when it was getting a bit chilly. I mean, I personally don't think that 75F is an appropriate temperature to sit in surf at. I really prefer 85F for swimming, and it was a really really nice day for surfing.

Next day was the day we had reservations on a catamaran to see the Napali coastline. Unfortunately I got seasick and couldn't really look anywhere but the horizon without wanting to hurl. So I don't really have many pictures. But I did see dolphins. And also whales. Oh, and while everyone was having dinner, I saw a shark fin, too. Reg got some stitched panos though. We also saw a nude beach, and a few waterfalls (not many b/c of the drought, haha), and a beach full of sea turtles.

On day 8 we moved to our new hotel and went back to Hanalei. Pretty much hit every single shop that we hadn't hit before, had lunch in the second story seafood joint with a nice view, and I made an appointment to get a tattoo on our last full day out. We also went back to Anini Beach for a while; Reg and I found some homemade swings in a tree down the way. Had sushi for dinner, at a place where they had cameras set up over the sushi chef guy, and showed it on the big screen TVs. Kind of nifty.

Day 9 John and Katie were leaving, so we had breakfast together and caught some rays behind the hotel. (This one was right smack on the beach; the other one was fairly close to some big rocks.) It was a lot windier than I'd expected so I had to make sure I didn't lose my hat. Finally they took off, and then Reg fell asleep for a while. The weather turned by 2pm and Reg was still asleep by 3pm, so I got to drive in the rain back up to Hanalei. My tattoo was 4pm and we got there about 10 minutes early; it's about 35miles but people were actually driving at a reasonable pace. So there you go. I got a turtle with a wave in it. The tattoo guy was recommended by one of the galley slaves on the catamaran - she was originally from Seattle so we took her advice. He was kind of a crazy libertarian type, really anti-government except that he thought Arabs should be put in camps. "For their own safety." I managed to get him and Reg talking about WWII so that was a little more comfortable. Anyway, small tattoo so it wasn't too long.

And then the next day, it was time to go back. I took a bunch of pictures before checkout, and a few at Lydgate Beach. We weren't sure were to eat lunch, so I looked up on Yelp and found a hole in the wall - literally - near the rental car place. So we got burgers and then returned the car. And then the airport. I think I got pulled aside for a random search, but after seven minutes or so no one had searched me, so I just went to the gate. Probably shouldn't have pink hair if I keep flying.
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When I can type in a movie name and it'll spit out shopping links for fashion similar to/inspired by the film.
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2012-11-25 14.51.02 Originally uploaded by lauralhb.

All pics here.

It was a great day! Reg actually slept on the way up, and was still tired when we got there, so I got my ticket (cheap b/c 25% was still closed off due to early conditions) and did a couple runs before meeting up with him to do the very top. It was totally sunny, but the mountain is only groomed on the north face so it was pretty cold in the shade.Still, I skied from 11:30 to 3:30, not bad. My legs hurt only when I stand up or walk uphill now.

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So a few months ago I discovered that BJ Novak (of The Office and Inglorious Basterds fame) not only has a Twitter account, but his two brothers and one sister do as well. Been following them since, because they're all funny, even the ones still in college.

Anyway, I dreamed I was helping them and others put on a parade in Paris in honor of Super Mario Brothers. And also that I made out with um, one of the brothers, not sure which.

(This was a much better dream than the one I had last week where Japanese robots took over the world and no one seemed to care very much.)
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Not that I find the man actually attractive in general, but I can see how others might. Anyway, Skyfall is the weirdest James Bond he's done yet. I mean, they were all weird, right, but this one has him caring about MULTIPLE THINGS besides drinking, hot chicks, and shooting people. Of course he loses most of these things during the course of the movie and kind of goes in a circle right back to original 007 stuff. Kind of weird. And then there's Ben Wishaw and Javier Bardem, both used quite well. (Not to mention Ralph Fiennes. I'd still do him, believe you me.)

And then I saw Cloud Atlas and that made me forget about everything else. Oh my lord, I forgot how much I love Tom Tykwer and everything he touches. He did half the "movies" in CA - it was more like 6 movies in one, you might say. The Wachowskis did the rest of them, and well, you know, you could tell. I like weird sci-fi action as much as the next nerd, and they do it pretty damn well.

Oh yeah and Ben Wishaw was in this too. And Tom Hanks played more roles than anyone else. Sometimes you forget the man actually won a bunch of Oscars for a reason, but also that he's a damn fine comic actor.

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2012-11-12 10.45.59 Originally uploaded by lauralhb.

So yeah, we went to Colville over the weekend. The wedding of Reg's (female) cousin was on Sunday afternoon, so we didn't come back till Monday. Also, Veteran's Day.The wedding was a standard small-town church wedding - except I'd never seen a LUTHERAN ceremony before, that was ok. I mean, less ridiculous than Episcopalian, but more "God-y" than um every wedding I've been to since 2002?

So yeah, Pachelbel and 1st Corinthians and a poem about penguins. (Um.) And her best friend singing a song, which I mentally replaced with "Growing on Me." (Same vocal range probably.) But that was about it, and we lit candles then blew bubbles and it was over. I still was fairly rude during, whispering "Replace LOVE with SATAN" and "Aren't ordinary people adorable?" to Reg, who couldn't stop giggling. At least I didn't immediately think "This is a total farce" as I used to. (That's what happens when the first big wedding you attend is your brother, ok.)

Anyway, Reg's sister Katie was taking a million pictures as they had no real photographer - what a horrible thing to say, Katie has two photography degrees - she just isn't a 'professional' photographer right now. I'm sure she had a rough weekend being the documenter, esp. as she doesn't drink. I got Reg's dad to take pics of me and Reg, since we don't usually dress up, and when we do we don't think to get pics of us together. But I was wearing an extra shirt under my dress and it made my tummy look way bigger than it actually is. Er, I hope. The dress was bought from Korean eBay, so it's a bit form-fitting on my (non-Asian but still short) frame.

But finally they finished and we all headed to the reception. DJ started off playing quiet "dinner music" (a lot of country and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Maybe he thought they were country. The brother of the bride sat with us, the "cool table" I guess? Reg's other cousin (his dad has a sister too) Em and Katie sat with us - and they are pretty cute girls, I'll admit. Reg's cousin is only 23, so he still kind of looks up to Reg in some ways. (Probably the wardrobe and hot girl.) He even joked about driving around his cousins - "most chicks I've ever had in this car!" - the other night.

The food was really good. I mean, most weddings under 50K don't have the best food, and even when they have decent food it's usually not still warm? But this reception food was really damn good. From the salad to the beef to the mac'n'cheese. Man. That beef is still making me smile. Reg's cousin didn't have silverware, since he just sat at our table by pulling his proper seat (with the other groomsmen) to ours, so he picked up his piece of meat with a spoon and let it kind of fall into his mouth. It was kind of gross, really.

When the proper dancing started, it was still too much country. Like, entirely 2000-era stuff. Maybe one song I recognized from my high school friends, but on the other hand, as I told Reg, I don't even know all the lyrics to "Friends in Low Places." At which point Reg pretended to sing it Eddie Vedder style. Later on, the DJ played some of the groom's favorite hair metal songs, like the Crue and AC/DC and even "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (thanks, [ profile] bart_calendar, for ruining that song for me), but it was still a lot of country. And also Elvis. And ALSO "Stayin' Alive", which does still remind me of Travolta with a paint can, but also of Moriarty. The DJ even played a crappy dance song or two for the kids. We had to ask our phones to discover it was LMFAO. Oh boy.

(Oh boy. Kids are 23 now. Born in 1989. YIKES.)

There wasn't any liquor, which wasn't surprising but still a little disappointing. Wine tends to make me sleepy - white wine anyway. I had a few glasses and Reg's second cousin - who is a big lush as his wife is also - met us at the bar table. Hahah. We also met (well, I met) some guy from Reg's past. He just remarried, and his new wife is pretty cool. Talked about blowing her ears out during '60s concerts. (The dude was a little sketchy - he last saw Reg when Reg was 17 or so, and was excessively friendly at the reception. I was all "latent homo" and Reg was all "DUH!")

So all in all it was entertaining. The brunch was more staid but we had bacon and mimosas. Well, I did, Reg's bacon was cold and also he was driving at first. The drive back was pretty awful, not just because we kept fighting over music, but also because it was snowing and then raining, and four hours of driving in a cloud is trying. Even Reg's mom admitted to us later than she fell asleep. Katie and Em obviously - Katie had been running on Diet Rockstar and nothing else, poor girl.

I didn't really want to go back, but Reg pointed out that we've Japandroids tickets Thursday. Ok then.

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Sorry for not being funny LJ! Everyone else is doing one-liners on FB and shit so here we go:

• Someone said that Infinite Jest is the iPhone, but I think it's Tumblr.

• The worst part for NYC during the hurricane? No one could post any angry Yelp reviews.

• And with the legalization of gay marriage in three more states, wedding planners rub their hands together in glee like Mr. Burns.

• Meeting guys at AA meetings seems counterproductive to me. But if they're really hot, I suppose that could help. I mean, as hotness approaches infinity, it collapses the waveform function of awkwardness, right?
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(albums, they're "albums" not records now. HELL THEY ARE STILL RECORDINGS AMIRITE)
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I never saw most horror films - I can make a short list, and it's like, um, The Shining and The Wicker Man. I have watched the first 10 Simpson Halloween specials, though, so no big deal.

No Nightmare, no Friday, no Halloween. Not even Scream. I think this comes from seeing Gremlins RIGHT when it came out on video and being too freaked out by those evil freaks to sleep for a week. Also, my parents preferred suspense films to straight out horror. As did my college friends. Well, no, my college friends preferred artsy movies. TALK ABOUT SUSPENSE. (Most "art films" are terrible crap where nothing happens till the last act where something awful happens. Sometimes the timing is reversed, and the awful thing happens in the first act, and then everyone is just laying around traumatized for another hour.)

So last night I watched Re-Animator for the first time. I wasn't surprised at how silly it was, but I was surprised that it was better than I thought it would be. The villain actually had a decent plan, and in fact kinda got away with it. ALSO the security guard didn't die. That was pretty good. We were watching it over streaming video, and it reset right after a um critical headless scene, so we watched that part again. And then people came over, so we rewound that part again.

I'll probably copy the HP Lovecraft story it was based on to my Kindle.


Oct. 30th, 2012 09:27 am
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The salesman saw my old New Balances and immediately grabbed this year's version. He used to work at a NB store so he kinda knew a little about shoes.


I told him that my 10-yo 992s were the only thing that I could wear without foot/toe pain right now, and he explained that these would probably help more. And he was right, and rang me up while I changed back into my old shoes. The minute I left Nordstrom I put them back on, and walked a little in the park. After another day and 2mi I'm incredibly happy with them.


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