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The basic House plot goes like this: patient comes in with non-obvious health problem, House and his team run some tests, make wild guesses which turn out to be wrong, then, in the last 10 minutes or so, House sees something or hears something that leads his brain in the direction of solving the case for real. And it works and they go home happy and healthy. When this is deviated from, the episode is weaker for it. In Season One, the Evil Administrator tries to Make House Conform. He fails, of course. The charm of House is that he's brilliant and cranky and will never change. You know that nothing is going to happen with him and a woman, his leg won't improve, and his Vicodin habit will never be overcome.

Unfortunately in Season Three the writers seemed to think "Well, this formula has worked for over 2 years. The audience MUST BE BORED." So all kinds of stupid dramatic shit goes on, instead of just House+team solving cases. And it's terribly frustrating. I JUST WANT HOUSE BEING SNARKY, NOT BEING FUCKED OVER. He is the cause of fucked-over-in-others, man. This is not supposed to be soap opera/Party of Five bullshit, it's supposed to be about The Case. And then one of the episodes is Very Special with House counseling a rape victim. Uhhhh what. That's not a case! That's just a stupid wannabe tearjerker.

Oh well. I'll probably still finish the season.
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try harder, ok.

I mean, OK, Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin, but jesus, there's so much more awesomeness around for people to listen to while laying around with headphones on, just in the past 20 years. Even if you only consider the rock-genres. U2, Radiohead, The White Stripes, Mogwai, come on, give me a break.


Jun. 10th, 2007 04:53 am
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i admit i've relented a bit on some of my harsh views, but the black hole is still supremely annoying. Especially when it turns already-flakey seattleites into complete Frosted.

Helpful hints for flakes:

1) If you suddenly come down with ennui or malaise of living on an evening when you said you'd hang/go out, text ASAP that you are "feeling like shit", even if you aren't sure if you're definitely staying home or not. This way if you don't go, the person will be understanding (more than less), and if you go they will be pleasantly suprised.

2) If you are delayed by bus or traffic, text or call to let them know. Add 15 to what you THINK it will take, cos it's always gonna be longer, unless it's 5am. If you are delayed more than 45 minutes, periodic updates are rather appreciated.

3) If you are delayed by booty, do not be embarrassed to admit it either immediately before or after the encounter.

4) Speaking of which, unless he/she is totally retarded, it's more than ok to bring the booty out in public with your friends.

5) Rule 2 goes double for drug dealers, by which I mean "the times are doubled". At the least they should make it clear ahead of time where the rendezvous point is, if it varies.
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design annoyances

1) Popup windows
2) resizing the main window
3) popup windows that you can't resize
4) flash that needs to "load" before you can navigate the page
5) animation that replays every time you go to the site

and finally I get super-annoyed with 100% flash sites, so you can't link to a product itself.

edit: why the fuck did everyone comment on this and not alien abductions?
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I finished The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test tonight. I enjoyed it utterly, but damn hippies make me mad. This time it's because, to mangle a PJ O'Rourke quote, they took all the good drugs and there are now none left. OK, granted, acid was a new thing, and there was no internet for to read about things, but they either went out of their way to scare people, or just fucked up and ended up head cases in the ER. And then 1967 they made it illegal.
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You know how birth rates in red states are a million times higher than in blue states? Nothing is more annoying than Johnny Biblebeater taking this fact to mean that all his team needs to do is wait and they'll control the nation again. Granted, if he actually did nothing that would be one thing. But I think he knows just as well as I do that it just isn't true. I'm certainly not the only person who was raised in a red state/area and moved to a blue state/area. The apple sometimes falls REALLY FUCKING FAR from the tree.

edit: map I found of population changes in the US over the past ten years.
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I don't know what it is about you people with SAD, but I really want to bash your skulls in with a baseball bat. Edit: not because I don't believe it exists, or because I think it's easy to fix. I just get annoyed easily.

In other news, I got a haircut downstairs. It's a pretty swanky little place, but I was all nervous someone would notice I was gone so I didn't let her fix a couple things. She and the other woman were Russian, both just at the cusp where hotRussian becomes baboushka. She asked how old I was. She guessed 19. Almost ten years, well done, Daddy's genes. That, the small nose and the pale skin are winnars. Also, the ability to do math.
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So what drives me crazy in every apartment I've lived in (in this state), is that the baseboard heaters don't exactly have thermostats that work. It was slightly better in Redmond, but this apartment's heaters don't actually work with the thermostat. It's more of an on-off switch than a "suggested temperature guide". It's not a big deal right now, but when it was getting to the 20s at night it was pretty aggravating. You turn on the heater (turning the dial till it clicks, about 60 degrees) and then it never turns off again. I mean literally, if you want the heater off, you have to turn the dial back down till it clicks again, then you'll hear the heater shutting down. So for the bedroom, generally I'll turn it up an hour or two before bed, then turn it off right before getting in bed, unless I forget. Usually Reg will flip it the opposite way when he comes to bed, and then I might wake up again if it's too hot, but probably not. Whereas I almost always wake up again when it's too cold.

Anyway, it's bloody inefficient and it's bloody annoying, although when the outside temp is above 40 it's not even an issue, since our apartment is so well insulated.
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go here first

[Poll #594277]
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Hippies are people who think the law or "the man" oppresses them, and then are shocked and appalled to find out that this is indeed the case. (eg when they get arrested for being in a large group breaking laws)
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I didn't think it was possible for me to hate baseball any more, but then I started working right across the baseball field. Dealing with traffic fallout from a sporting event is nothing compared to having to listen to audiences and bands and shit. Hoo boy.
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peeve: people who post videos without telling you such. hello i am surfing livejournal b/c my attention span is shot to hell thanks to hours as a kid watching sesame street, i do not have the patience to sit and wait for a video to load and then play for 5+ minutes.
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subject: do your research "snobs"

Whoever wrote up the "preview" for Dave Ralph at Element must have some sort of deficiency. I imagine that all the person did to find out anything about Dave Ralph was see he was on the same label as Paul Oakenfold. And of course, as everyone who knows anything about electronic music knows, anything even remotely connected to Paul Oakenfold has to suck. Except, of course, only idiots who are pretending to be techno snobs think this.

If the writer had done even a cursory Google search, the writer would have seen evidence of a brilliant DJ career of over twenty years. I personally showed up at his show at Element and was amazed at the range of discs being spun. House, funk, 70s and current pop songs being mixed live, industrial, and yes, a few trance records. But no prog, as a matter of fact. Dismissing him as "one of Oakenfold's boys" is truly purile and ignorant.

pc bs

Jun. 23rd, 2005 05:04 pm
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One of the things that really annoys me is when someone says a movie or show isn't "realistic" because of the racial mix of the cast. Now, while I agree that random people at a school in southern California or an office in Detroit should not be all or even mostly white, I think it's royally stupid to claim that groups being portrayed as self-selected aren't "realistic" without a proper mix. I mean, while I choose my friends on the basis of developed levels of cynicism, drugs of choice, and music taste, I do recognize that all these factors are culturally influenced, therefore the races of my friends are more homogenous. So why can't buddies on TV be white too?
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• the heat. Oh, wait, it's the humidity, not the heat. I never believed it till now. I mean, I grew up outside the Atchafalaya basin, a feat which astonishes me to no end now. But, as I recall, the outdoors was never much of an attraction, especially in the summer. Which lasts from April to September. I was always the palest child in my elementary school.

I'm not sure if it would have been better or worse without A/C. In Boston a few summers ago, I got "used" to it to the point that by the end of the week I wasn't completely dying, but I could drink the water there as much as I wanted. But, anyway, I nearly fainted a couple times and that wasn't so great.

• the sunburns. These weren't too bad except my Eucerin face lotion has worn out. Meaning that the one time I slathered it on my arms, they turned pink within 30 minutes. And one day my tank top straps rubbed the stuff off my shoulders, so they got rather crispy. Reg's got worse, or at least more all-over, which was also bad, as it led to a distinct lack of romance. We could barely hug.

• the coffee. Not that I'm a freakin' coffee snob, but I know what I like, and I like caffeine. We had a Krupps in the room but it broke the second day, and while it was fixed a few days later, the local roast was shit.
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I am not poly. I do not believe in the tenets of polyamory, that is to say, I do not believe everyone is capable of it. I am not interested in it and I'm not going to be converted. I don't care what or who you sleep with frankly, as long as it doesn't affect my life at all.

I am in a monogamous relationship. I understand you don't believe in monogamy, but frankly I don't care. I'm a rabid foaming atheist but I understand religion works for some people. I may privately think religious people are fools but I wouldn't try to sabotage their relationship with God or whatever.

So I think it's only fair that I ask you to extend the same courtesy to me and my boyfriend. Especially if you call yourself "a friend". Respect us, thanks.

round 3!

Jan. 28th, 2005 12:16 pm
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[ profile] baldghoti: infidelity

Infidelity and the resulting breach of trust and betrayal is inevitable in today's monogamy-obsessed culture. First of all, before the age of 30 sexual desire is so intense that it can only be slaked by having lots of sex. Because people get tired of each other's sexual techniques, they have to have sex with other people. Getting married before 25 pretty much guarantees infidelity.

The other problem is that once you are in a monogamous relationship, you aren't allowed to have sexual desire for anyone else remotely attainable. This repression leads to rotting and festering and an all-consuming lust that then of course leads to fucking your secretary on the back of her desk.

To avoid these problems, don't commit while you still think about sex constantly, and if you do think about sex with someone other than your partner, tell them so you can have help with the seduction. If they aren't cool with that, then why fucking waste your time with them? Save the monogamy for when you aren't sexually viable anymore.

[ profile] emily_swank: Commercials for feminine products

Commercials in general are stupid, but feminine products are even moreso. First of all, it's impossible to understand what they are really trying to advertise unless you're already in on the secret. Second of all, if you know you need a pad or deodorant spray or whatever, there's no need to find out WHICH BRAND IS BETTER by watching a commercial. Finally, everyone in the goddamn menstraul commercials is too fucking happy. Why don't they show someone lying in bed crying with a heating pad on, munching on chocolate and watching Pride and Prejudice? Who needs a pad or tampon that'll let them be active when they're fucking prostrate from cramps?

I mean, let's face it ladies, the only activity you can even come close to contemplating when it's Flow Time is sex, but there's no freakin' way any commercial would ever come close to admitting this. I mean, that's the best part about pads, you don't have to go to the bathroom before sex, but is this ever alluded to in commercials? Hell no. And who the fuck wears white pants ever, let alone during their period?
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[ profile] baldghoti: Midgets

Midgets are funny, yet sad. Don't they realize that the world isn't even designed for normal-sized people who happen to be a little short, let alone them? They should therefore kill themselves.

[ profile] jette: Dogs

I used to like dogs, when I was a child with no friends, but then one bit me. It was shot and killed, of course. A cat could never ever bite someone so violently that she'd have to get 30 stitches on her face, side and leg respectively, and yet we allow these animals to baby-sit our children? That's brilliant. Even if they aren't very bitey, they still can overpower you with their giant legs and tongues. And they smell bad.

[ profile] pokemyeye: Clogged drains

Clogged drains totally suck. I mean, think about it logically. We live in the 21st century, all we want to drain out is WATER. Can a drain not be invented with holes so small all the get rid of is the water, and maybe a trap in-between for the nasty gunk that clogs drains? What is the difficulty here? Why is the bathroom more than a match for modern technology?

[ profile] llarian: the tech industry

The tech industry attracts the most unattractive, uninteresting, uncool people it has ever been my distinct lack of pleasure not to avoid meeting. This ranges all the way up to the boring normals. Because of this, you are expected to put in 60+ hours a week to fulfill requirements. I mean, everyone else has no life and is doing it, so why don't you?

[ profile] liquid915: Andrea Dworkin

The misinterpretation of Dworkin's writings to say "All sex is rape" has totally fucking led to the hatred and devaluation of feminism. And I think she's really fucking gone mad, but otherwise I can't say anything else about her.


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