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Just had happy hour at Thaiku with [ profile] tyrven and [ profile] sarevilo before they go to LA. Crying Tiger and chicken and fried tofu and YOHITOS, mmmm. And a Sampoerna Extra when we got home.
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The Ballard Alehouse burgers approach Southern levels of tastiness.
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holy god we just went to Vera's in Ballard. New Favorite Breakfast Joint.

Then we went to the library. I got biographies of Woolf and Wilde. YAY.
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Coolest thing ever?

Last night we went to Spice, which is so new it apparently doesn't exist. Anyway it's on 5th and Blanchard and it's a little yuppie (moreso because of the terrible music), but the fusion of Indian and Chinese with Nouvelle works really, really damn well. I mean, omfg.

And then as if I wasn't feeling full enough, Reg suggested ice cream for dessert. I got "The Last Straw" in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone, or should I say a waffle dipped chocolate cone. I only ate half of it. I was initially joking with reg that I only wanted a cone, with nothing in it, just a dry cone, and of course he made some sort of sexual innuendo about how I wanted something in it last night.

I was so fucking sleepy after all that food that I agreed to watch Matrix 3. It was just as confusing the first time, and I fell asleep after Neo lost his vision anyway.

Will anyone admit to liking Oasis?
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We went to the creperie in fremont and it was so good that the rest of the weekend doesn't matter at all.


May. 9th, 2005 09:06 am
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Despite 30 years of living in Seattle, my boyfriend's mother has never had Pho, so she decided that would be her m-day dinner. Well, whatever. Reg and I are afficianandos so we explained everything to her, from the french coffee to the reason the place she picked was inauthentic. Also, bubble tea. Anyway it was nice, and afterwards we went to the B&N downtown so I could get my mom's present (I suck, but I am also poor) and then organic goods at the Ballard Market. I bought Brown Cow yogurt, which is made from all kinds of yummy stuff like maple syrup and full-fat milk with no hormones. Also, chocolate.

I watched the rest of Angels in America finally. It's six hours long, see, and Reg found it too overwrought to watch, so I kindly waited till he was otherwise occupied. It's hard to explain, really, just about a bunch of gay men with AIDS being able to see visions and ghosts, and their friends and other people they touch. Metaphorically. Read [ profile] drsaddam's journal for more info.

Also finished Aztec and Middlesex. Both very good, although the latter is much better, one of those can't-put-down books. Former about an old Indian in 1540 or so, telling the Spanish about his life, over 1000 pages. Latter about a hermaphrodite and her/his geneology. Both of these books involved sister-fucking, but I would still recommend them.
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Had dinner with Steve at the Snappy Dragon, since none of you other losers could be bothered to show up. I talked him into getting the duck, and it wasn't quite Peking Duck, but it was a shitload of food, and it was actually quite succulent.

I actually took out my contacts last night, yet my eyes are still bothering me. This is quite annoying; I had a ton of trouble reading about Ghengis Khan, and I even forgot my damn hat because of it. I suspect I got some lotion in my eye that I can't see out of. Oh yeah, I'm using eye lotion now that i'm an old lady. Reg is now five years younger than me. Till his birthday.

I've been indulging in my bad habit of reading people's livejournals from start to finish. At least it's new people this time. But Monday night I spent so long on the computer that I developed CTS symptoms, and even though it was acting up last night I still kept going. I finally stopped before 11pm and went to bed and it feels a ton better today.

A couple days ago someone told me that the book I was reading was really good, and I was tempted to do that with this dude reading Under the Banner of Heaven yesterday. Well, also, he was a hottie, so I didn't. Also I saw someone reading the Sedaris book I was just given. It always freaks me out when I see people reading books I like on the bus.

Tonight we watch ORGAZMO, anyone interested? That would mean, of course, that you have to actually STOP PLAYING WOW and LEAVE YOUR OWN PLACE and COME TO BALLARD, so I can understand if no one is.
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I read Miss last night. So fucking good. Also started watching The Thin Man but my jaw started to ache again. Oh, stupid pain, you make me so boring.

And that Simpsons episode where the kids sing the Armour Hot Dogs song. And Lisa asks if the family knows any songs not from commercials, and they all start singing "I FEEL LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT". Always cut from syndication so I hadn't seen it years.

Eat club tonight?
edit: at Cauelita's 8pm
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I finally managed to stay at work all day. Big thanks to Heather and Heather for their aid in this task...

Had lunch with [ profile] hydrozoa, [ profile] skipbreakfast and [ profile] fisticuffs (except she didn't eat). We went to my new favorite pho place, except that the woman taking our orders was kind of old and really not so good with the english, so she got the wrong number. Since I always order by the number in these kinds of places. Anyway it took like 20 minutes to get my order right. But at least the company was entertaining.

After work I edited my novel and scoured my old entries for this idea I had once, but couldn't remember any key words so search didn't work. Then we went to [ profile] tyrven's for dinner with a bunch of weirdos. Brought Q&S and then brought them back here to watch His Girl Friday. Which is like the best movie ever, for a black and white film that isn't Casablanca. We were all dying laughing.

Reg just made me watch Bob the High Roller, a french film that was later remade into The Good Thief with Nick Nolte. I never saw that one all the way through, but the former was pretty enjoyable. Early French New Wave heist film with absolutely no heroin addicts.

Anyway, my jaw is aching again, so I'm going to dope up and lie down till it goes away. The pain, not my jaw.
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I love the way Brits say "brocco-LIE". It's so cute.

I spent most of last night talking to [ profile] xkissikx and [ profile] scarlett723 on AIM before we had to go out. Convinced her to come to the People's Pub. Heather, not alyssa. Anyway. It was me and Reg and Steve and Cristin and Heather and Jeremy and Quent. It was too loud to talk a ton, but that didn't stop some people. It was nice. And then a couple ppl came back for some ATHF. I went to bed b/c my fucking jaw aches.


blue skies

Mar. 6th, 2005 09:11 pm
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I haven't had sex since Wednesday. OMFG.

This weekend was pretty decent, just a lot of hanging out at our apartment, which needs a cool nickname on the order of Cult of the Red Door. I guess since I'm the only founding member to remain in Seattle I can steal it, and in fact did steal it for phoenix fest last year.

Friday night it was [ profile] sidspencer, [ profile] girlstyle, [ profile] quent, and then following, [ profile] hotcrab,[ profile] baroof, [ profile] fritz_da_kat, and [ profile] doyouhaveaflag. There was just generally goofiness, indian leg wrestling and people measuring their heads and shit. Nice and good and fun and chill and calming. That sort of thing is my bag, baby. Also, I'd made bread, and everyone fuckin' raved about it.

Next day was a comedy of errors culminating in not going out at all, but fetching a bunch of people over for a while. Eventually it was just us and Steve and Patrick watching Simpsons till 6am. I woke up at like 8:30 and took some advil and went back to sleep, woke up at 11:30 in just some horrible head/back pain, which has subsided to a certain degree, but not nearly enough. I was in a haze with the muscle relaxers I took to take care of it, but we made it out to Cedar's anyway. Not really planning on staying up much longer here though.


Jan. 28th, 2005 08:41 am
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I am finally feeling better. I whipped that headache into shape and packed some more, then we had Pies (but no Pints) and then bought shit at Fred Meyer for the new place, and put it there (I inaguarated the toilet) and then went home and packed some more. Also there was a shower in there somewhere. I was beat and wanted to sleep. So I did.

The last dream I remember was some cop taking me on a secret Seattle route to avoid rush-hour traffic on I-5.

Anyway. I've been reading a bunch of stuff about how this generation is afraid to grow up. Whether it's emotional or financial fears. Which is utterly strange to me because a) I grew up in Louisiana and b) I went to Duke. Almost everyone I had a casual acquaintance with in either of these two categories is currently married if not having-been-married-for-years. Of course, I think of expensive private colleges as breeding grounds for upper-class snobs, and back home everyone is still expected to get married in college at the latest. My brother was 22, I mean.

But my closest friends weren't anywhere near marriage or expecting to get married when I graduated, and this seems to still be the case, so I always thought those people who were rushing into adulthood were freaks. On the other hand we did all have good decent jobs and probably could have bought houses if we wanted to. This was before the dot-com economy collapsed on itself, things are different now, but even then the mentality of not wanting "responsibility" was omnipresent. I had enough trouble taking care of a pair of gerbils.

The bride in one of the first post-college weddings I attended later slept with a friend of mine, which further led me to believe that these people weren't rushing to adulthood so much as running away from childhood. Fear of being alone, yadda yadda yadda. It's a lot harder to be alone at 21 than 28.
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Friday we had "party ADD" - hung out with jay and meeghan then over to Quent's for a while, then to EN where everyone was actually hanging out, and then Dylan invited the whole bar to his apartment. Well, not all of it, but you know. It was kind of wacky.

Next day I was awoken by the Roommate Announcement, and then we called up Steve to see if he wanted to go to dinner. We ended up at Le Pichet at 9pm, where I had funky cheese and Calvados and slightly strange cured meats and a really good salad.

Afterwards we just kind of stayed at Steve's watching On Demand Adult Swim, and Spinal Tap. Asa came by briefly. When we left, there had been a fire alarm, so the elevators weren't working. Walking down 14 floors is never fun. Anyway. We got up the next day around 3:30 or so and went down to Beth's, where the food is good and the coffee is terrible. And the service is on par with the French place. But at least you can smoke indoors, which isn't my bag but works for Reg.

And then we drove up to Best Buy, which we figured would be a nightmare but wasn't really so terrible. Sunday 5pm before Xmas, but we got in and out very quickly, as we had a mission. Aqua Teen Hunger Force vols. 2 & 3. Which we then proceeded to watch lots and lots of. Not quite all. But all of vol. 2 (except the ones we'd seen at Steve's the previous night) and the Cloning and the Clowning on vol. 3.


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