Feb. 15th, 2013

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Feb. 15th, 2013 06:20 pm
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Finished Mad Men S4. I definitely agree with some other people who say it's really only worth watching for the aesthetics. The aesthetics are really awesome, though.

Wednesday night I had plans but dropped them for girlfriend-emergency. When a friend gets dumped, you give them booze and benzos, right? And tell them stories about how embarrassing your own exes acted, and all that rot.

A few years ago (before I got into fanfic) I was writing a story about boys and girls in Seattle, and one of the girls was a half-black, half-Jewish liberal poly stereotype. Anyway the book stalled b/c I kept going to backstories on everyone's college years, including the liberal girl, who lived in a house with other poly people and they all slept with each other and everyone was happy with the situation, except her female FWB who wanted more than a couple dates a month.


Ahem. Last night we went skiing, night skiing at Snoqualmie Pass. First skiing of 2013, next apparently we're going to Stevens. Heh. It was bloody awesome. The only bad part was when Reg accidentally took me on a lift that only had black paths down. I tried my best, but about halfway down I fell, and every time I tried to get up, I just slid down. (It was around 29F so very slushie.) So I figured I'd just slide the whole way down. Reg was impressed at how well I was able to control my sliding, but it was just like normal skiing: you point them and you go THAT way.

Also been trying to see if I can get into the Less Wrong community. I love the site, have for years, but most of the people who post there just seem completely humorless and unintentionally misogynistic. Not all of them, just most. So maybe I should try to steer more people to read the sequences on how to hack your brain, at least, so people realize that just because you act like you believe something, doesn't mean you really believe it.


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