Jun. 6th, 2011 04:09 pm
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Reg poses

1) I got a Sylvania Tablet last week for $130, it's not as powerful (ha) as the Nokia 770 I used to use, but it's bigger and has browser and ebook reader. And movie and mp3 playback. So that's about all I want. It needs a stylus too, but that's ok. It's a lot easier on my eyes than the Droid, although that has better connectivity options (3G vs. WiFi).

2) We went on our first camping trip, a backpack on the Monument Creek Trail near Mazama, this weekend. Got started very late so Saturday we only got about a mile in then set up. But the next day I went another 1.5 mile to a creek to get water. So that was 3 miles, plus the mile back. Then another probably 1.5 miles at Thunder Knob.


Apr. 9th, 2010 10:43 am
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I got this hoodie in black and it is so, so great. 21 micron merino wool, thumb loops, omg. Everyone is jealous, oh yes. It's almost worth eating cereal for dinner all week.

I bought Reg [ profile] stereolabrat's book, Happy Birthday or Whatever, and devoured it a couple days ago. It's not as fantastic as her LJ was in '05 or whatever, but that schtick, although it took a while, got old. This book is pretty much about her Korean family, so there's a lot more warmth and a lot less talk about dicks. Which is fine by me. Still a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, with a warm chewy center to it all. I once tried to write a funny story about my dad, but parodying him made him too inhuman. This book nails it.

I watched Gervais' The Invention of Lying the other night. It was funny enough, a delightful diversion, but I can't say I'd ever want to watch it again. The only man in the world who can lie, ends up inventing religion. Yeah ok, if I were the only man in the world who could lie, I sure as hell wouldn't go for Jennifer Garner and her square jaw. Yeah, that's right, you heard me.
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I'm going to keep all my media on an external hard drive, and I want something that will a) play movies/music b) surf the internet c) edit photos. This is all I want. I suppose I should get a netbook, as I also want something light. But I haven't bought a computer in like 10 years. I'm initially checking out the Asus T91. Anyone know anything about it?

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Sep. 3rd, 2009 11:58 am
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Reg bought about 20 Alistair Maclean mysteries at Half Price Books in Cap Hill. Total price, $20.
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It always seems like the weather changes when people visit Seattle - I know when I used to visit, the weekends would be dry. Anyway the spate of early spring is gone and now it's been standard Drizzle for a couple weeks now. On my actual birthday the weather was mostly just hazy at least. I was fed up with lying around reading so I walked to the new Trader Joe's that they opened less than a month ago. I bought ginger limeade and cheap salad and Iberico cheese. (Besides that I have Mahon and Kerrygold Dubliner Cheddar in my fridge, all highly recommended.) And then I walked back via Ballard Ave and stopped in at Second Ascent. My new daypack from REI has a water hose pocket, but I lost my Platypus bite valve cover. The new ones are pretty cool, compared to the old one I lost, which was just a soft pocket cover that came loose more often than not.

Reg convinced me to watch all three Transporter movies this weekend. I am still incredulous that such a "job" would ever exist, but as long as you don't think too hard, it all hangs together pretty well. Luc Besson is silly but his movies are internally consistent. Once you accept that people in this world do overly elaborate villainous schemes, it's on. Anyway, 1 and 3 were best but isn't that always the case? I also really believe that Frank is the first Action Hero with Asperger's. And parkour with a bike is kinda fun.

With some of my birthday money I bought the 2-disc special edition of Tropic Thunder. It's worth it just to hear RDjr in character during the commentary, fulfilling his line "I don't drop character till the DVD Commentary!" The director's cut is just a little bit longer but just a little bit better, too.

Anyway I have to go get some walking sandals for my trip.


Mar. 16th, 2009 09:33 am
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UI: I forgot about the waiting period. TWO WEEKS WITH NO INCOME, BOO YA!

In other news, Reg and I spent the weekend with his friend Mars (whose LJ name I don't currently know), one of his oldest LJ friends whom he's never met in person before. We picked her up from the Clipper around 8:30 and went to the Edgewater for drinks and dinner, and wow, that place has barely changed at all since 2002. Which is kind of awesome really. I am sort of anti-hipster in all ways except currently having no money, so I like white sheens and ambient/downtempo DJs and $7 custom cocktails and Kobe sliders. I blame [ profile] hotcrab for introducing me to the yuppie lifestyle at just the time I could afford it.

But anyway it was fun, although I felt kind of bad later due to mixing booze with other things, and kind of passed out when we got home. Sunday was a full day of shopping. I wanted to get a daypack with my REI dividend, and then we went to Pike Place Market where there was shopping to be had and done and I don't think I've ever seen so much money spent there ever before. Well, ok, I guess Reg always spends $50 at any comic book store, and likewise at head shops, but usually not the same day. We also bought "art", which I think that my artist friends could easily surpass but maybe they have loftier ambitions than sitting in a stall at the Market. Oh, and Asian pears are $1 each. Got two!

Anyway we then walked to Westlake and I saw more money spent at Lush, which just makes my new resolve to really go into DIY beauty all the firmer. (I started doing this already.) Then we went upstairs to the ultimate food court, had lunch, and I suggested that before returning to Ballard, we should indulge in some Dilettante choco-goodness. We got a slice of this flourless mocha-choco-cake dealie, which went perfectly with a latte. Om nom nom.

So then we made it home and relaxed a while then walked around Ballard a bit. Our original intention was to get a neck gaiter like mine for Mars, since she has dreads and could use it as an open-top hat, BUT Second Ascent sold them all. Boo. But I bought some lemon oil at Dandelion Botanicals, and Reg got MORE CANDLES, so our place smelled nice when we returned.

We made plans to meet up with [ profile] ashlin519 for dinner, since we missed the party Saturday, and went to Belltown Pizza at 7:30 or so. I always forget how damn good their pizza is. It was good to see her, we caught up on stuff, and then brought her up to Cap Hill and came home and tried to get my hookah to work. FINALLY did it with judicious applications of lighter fluid. Apple tobacco is nice. Anyway I pretty much blew my social wad so I then read and passed out.
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This month I have bought:

  1. Headphones for Reg
  2. Burning Man tickets for us both
  3. Running shoes for me
  4. Remote controlled color changing LED
  5. Tickets to see Explosions in the Sky, and Low
  6. McLeod Fight Club Cult membership
  7. Hair product for Reg

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So I bought the New Balances and when I got home, Reg had just gotten out of the shower. Then Ashley and Danny stopped over and we went to King's Hardware for lunch (or so), and they went to get her tattoo worked on while we headed home. A quick detour at Blackbird and Reg bought these totally sexy low-cut black jeans that make his butt look really good. And then I loaded up my iRiver with upbeat music and attempted to run.

I used to run, way back in the day. But I stopped when it got cold and used the ellipticals till I met Reg (not because of him, just that timing), so it's been more or less three years since I really worked out. I'd sometimes stairclimb at work but whatever. Mexico in two weeks, I need to shape up. And yes I realize that I won't improve a hell of a lot in 2 weeks but I will build up endurance. I'll take the shoes to Mexico and run early and read in the quiet.
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I have new ski pants!

edit: According to LJ I went 7 times last season. I shall try for more this time.
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Price paid for region-free DVD player in 2000: $350
Price paid for region-free DVD player in 2006: less than a third with shipping
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I think I'm getting the underwear.
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When I was a kid I was obsessed with office supply stores. Going to them, reading the catalogs... you know that scene in Fight Club in the bathroom? Yeah, about that bad. I'm pretty much over it, if only because the Staples and Office Depots of America are nowhere near as charming as the local outlet stores of my youth were.

I do have a slight IKEA obsession, but it's far enough away that it's hardly a danger. My real problem is Williams Sonoma. Before this I was basically the kind of person who bought all her kitchen gear at Target, but from the first time I stepped into a W&S it was - well, I don't believe in love at first sight with people, but I believe in it for stores. I've had it happen a few more times since - including IKEA - but I still get chills every time I go to Williams Sonoma. Because, well, there are almost no local small kitchen supply shops. I've been to others since but it's just not the same kind of situation. You can find a furniture store anywhere in America that isn't a chain, not so with kitchen supply stores.

A few months ago [ profile] jette linked to her citrus press, and I've been meaning to get one ever since. Because it's really difficult to make lemon drops or daiquiris just using your hands. Unless you buy nearly-rotten fruit, that is. So I walk in, and kind of linger. I mean you don't want to just go WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM, and I don't even mean just to be polite. I mean that I can in no way walk into this store and just pick up what I want. But eventually I found it, asked the help to get one for me, and that was that.

Except that they have these cocktail mixers in a bottle. And I'm only human. How can I resist the call of Key Lime Mojito?

And that, my friends, is why I'm kicking it with a mojito in hand and you are not.

ski update

Jan. 27th, 2006 06:08 pm
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The weather is going to be super snowy so Reg's dad won't lend us the SUV. We're going to take the shuttle to Stevens tomorrow. In preperation I bought a real ski jacket, goretex; proper wicking socks; and my own thermal underwear. Reg's jr. high thermals had no give to the waist, and I am a woman. Also, we got walkie talkies at Radio Shack. I haven't used walkie talkies in about 15 years. They sure have come a long way.

So, I've spent a lot of money at Second Ascent. Besides the above I bought a hat and inner layer shirt turtleneck. Although I'm sure this still all came to under $200. Because it's so cold at Stevens I'm not going to wear thin goretex pants like I did the previous time, but the bib I bought waaay back in NC for my first time. It's been about 24 in Stevens today so I assume tomorrow will be similar.


Jan. 25th, 2006 10:56 am
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If we go skiing this weekend, I'm gonna get these.
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I want a new Sony Ericsson (I'm on T-mobile). I currently have the model before this one. I do not want a smartphone, I just want something that looks really sexy. Leaning towards the newest model.
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so ok. Friday night was calm, as Reg was still a bit sick, we just stayed out and watched Sin City extras. [ profile] asabass came by, as did [ profile] das_prompt. Went to bed around 2am, and met [ profile] skipbreakfast for breakfast. And then I started running around because I had PLANS. none of these plans went through, alas. I looked at Goodwill, a new consigment shop on 24th, Buffalo Exchange and Red Light, but there was no white dress to be had. Red Light at least had a couple, but they didn't fit. Misery misery. I wanted a big dress so I could hide a garter+flask under it. I got the garter, got the flask, but no big white dress. I have a big black dress but the zipper stuck trying to get it on, and I had to cut it to get it off again. Sigh.

Fortunately, I picked up boots that fit at Goodwill, and just wore my LBD with them. And we got dressed and went to Paul's and so on and so forth. I mean, I don't remember any significant events, except spilling my Shirley Temple all over the bar at some point, so that's really all that needs to be said about that.

Sunday I surfed web like there was no tomorrow, then re-read some Pratchett and Middlesex and took some Xanax. Monday was much the same except nothing but Pagliacci's and breakfast sausage entered my belly. Oh, and we watched the Deadwood where Alma is preggers. Also finished Season 2 of Coupling.
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Besides the darling necklace, Reg got me a new set of black leather photo albums and the Simpsons OPERATION game. As soon as we get 4 AAA batteries, I'm scheduling a game.

I got him Frank Miller's 300 (set in Sparta/Greece) in hardcover, Sin City extended edition, and a really nice dark striped French cuff shirt from the BR.

Reg's parents got me a ton of candy (including Cat Butt Gum), a nice zip-up black DKNY ribbed turtleneck sweater, a KitchenAid food processor, some books and a couple of assorted things for the kitchen. His sister framed a few of her prints for us.


Dec. 24th, 2005 05:43 pm
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Just came back from Dandelion Botanical. What a cute little shop. Just hundreds of oils, candles and soaps and other smellish things. And also homemade "bath bombs" at $4 a ball.


Oct. 17th, 2005 08:34 pm
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I forced Reg to go to the new Bellevue store, and he got this fresh-made soap that looks like lemon cheesecake and smells like lemon cheesecake, but boy, it don't taste like it. It's actually facial soap, i just washed with it after eating pizza and my skin is soft and clean, but not dry.

He also got demon soap. For Halloween, I guess. And now he's IMing me links of more soaps he wants.


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