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Sep. 14th, 2008 07:42 pm
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The problem I have with "fashion" is that I only like button-down tailored shirts. I lean towards the solid lines and simplicity of male fashion, and despair of finding like-minded designers for women.
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Dear Interweb,

I'm going to Disneyland for Labor Day weekend. As I plan on skanking out in L.A. at least one night, I think I deserve a fancy dress. Where should I shop?


holy crap

Mar. 23rd, 2006 09:10 pm
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with laughter.


Jan. 16th, 2006 10:30 am
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Thanks to the lovely [ profile] tendency I am today wearing a grey cashmere turtleneck, a long silk purple skirt, and my NYE bootses. I still need a haircut though.
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After extensive research, [ profile] jette and I found out that the difference between "juniors" and "misses" sizing, besides using odd vs. even numbers, is that in juniors, you wear the same size on top as on bottom IF your hips are 3-4 inches bigger than your boobs. Whereas it's more like 1-2 in misses. This was utterly confusing to us both. Why in the world would that be the case?

But [ profile] girlstyle gave me a clue. The answer is, teenage girls aren't usually on the Pill, which makes your boobs grow.

Anyway this is why I wear a small skirt size at Hot Topic but a large shirt.


Dec. 22nd, 2005 11:23 am
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All you guys bitching about big chest size to small waist ratio ([ profile] iamdonte and [ profile] skipbrekfast), you NEED to go to Blackbird. It's in Ballard on 22nd, right off Market, in the same building as Mr. Spot's Chai House, and there were about a million shirts in the Large and XLarge range.

poor boys

Dec. 19th, 2005 11:10 am
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"There are no 'small and short' stores," Courtemanche noted as he brushed his hand across a row of 38-inch waist dress pants on a recent afternoon. "This is now the average. . . . It's kind of sad. A 34 is considered small."

Reading my Esquire I learned about "the six-inch drop", which means that most suits are designed for chests being 6 inches bigger than the waist. They acknowledged that this is not as common as designers would like, and gave some advice. I asked Reg what his sizes were. "Thirty-eight and thirty-two." HE IS A TOTAL KEN DOLL.
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most of the fervor over low-cut pants seems to have died down. I was rather hesitant to speak in the height of the backlash, but now I will go on record saying that I love low-cut pants. Not really for anyone else, but for me specifically, they are totally awesome.

Why? Two reasons:
1) You don't have to worry about the butt fitting and the waist not fitting, because the low rising point means they don't come up to your natural waist.
2) Because I'm short, the non-juniors* brands do not even come close to hootchie-fying me. In fact, they still cover my belly button. But only just, whereas "normal" pants come up almost to my bra line.

edit: final word:

* note for men: juniors are the odd-sized clothes, "misses" are even-sized. Typically the former is cut tighter and the latter is cut larger. Although, ten years ago a 5 did indeed equal a 6, but nowadays it's more like 6=9 if you're changing departments.
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My favorite way to fix Social Security: Raise the retirement age. (others included)

OMFG The Fashion Police ban hoodies!

All about Quorn, the best fakemeat ever.

Psychopathy is genetic. Interesting query: "Suppose early environmental conditioning techniques which can reverse psychopathy are discovered. Parentheticaly I'm extremely skeptical of the notion than any socialization practices can counteract the effects of gross differences in brain morphology characteristic of psychopaths. But suppose I'm wrong. Would you favor removing a very young budding psychopath from his parents in order to put him through a social conditioning therapy to reverse his psychopathy?"

well hey

May. 19th, 2005 07:19 pm
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I'm wearing the same shirt tonight that I wore for stevo's going away party, and my boobs actually look normal again. sweet!

edit: I put on some lipstick and good god, my undereye circles with red lips make me look like a vampire. I usually don't go to extremes to cover them, but I just did and it reminded me of being 15 again, using a combination of ultra-pale coverup with green to counteract the purple then putting flesh tone on top.
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I think self-tanners have got to be the most retarded thing ever, but this is because I live in Seattle. I still think tan legs look nicer than pale ones, but when I saw everyone in Mexico sunburnt or leathery it really hit home how gross tanning really is. If only the movie industry had taken off in England instead of Hollywood. (I'm not saying darker skin is automatically bad, but it's pretty obvious when it's bad for you.)
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from [ profile] tyrven:

"Gender based pricing occurs. Just because I don't think we should jump to government regulation doesn't mean that I don't think it's a problem."

Which made me think about high-heels. Now, if there's anything that should be regulated by the government, it should be these. I mean can anyone explain to me whypotentially debilitating shoes are always twenty-million times more attractive than flats? At the very least they should come with warning labels and web site links, like cigarettes do.
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In case you're wondering, this is an example of music I really can't fucking stand.

I bought some new mascara today. First time in far too long. I think that powdery makeups don't really "go bad", but wet and/or creamy ones definitely get a little rancid. I only wear makeup when I go out, but that's a fairly recent development. I also had LOST a bunch of it in storage for like two years, fortunately powdery stuff, but i bought some eyeshadow to replace it that is exactly the same as it. So I am never ever going to run out of eyeshadow, esp. since I rarely wear it.

Mascara is different, because I have lashes that are as long as a porn star's cock, and almost as thick, but. They are straighter as well, and pale at the tips, which is where the cock similarity completely ends. So I have to work a lot to make them look as fabulous as they deserve to be, and using my old nasty mascara was just a little too scary.
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I still do not like the taste of cigarettes, esp. the next morning after you've brushed your teeth and you can still taste it in the back of your throat. Oh man, so hot. Nawt.

I was just going to go to the Supercuts in the udist but there was an hour wait. Can you believe that shit? There's a Hairmasters across the street, though, and they're $15 for a cut with no shampoo, which is fine with me. It's run by the Asian Lady Mafia, but these are more like the first backup band in Hedwig, and the lady who did me had a glorious perm that made her look Hispanic from the back. I want hair like Selma Hayeck. Or possibly Nicole Kidman. I will never get over wanting curly hair.

Anyway after acquiring this hot cut we hit the Buffalo Exchange for cheap tasty clothes. Reg did his xmas shopping while I just bought shit for myself. I got a slutty lowcut t-shirt, a green argyle Benetton sweater, and Silver lowcut jeans. I think I'm good with the clothes for a good while now, ja? I still want a black wool sweater like the one I lost at Randy's old place, though.

Wasn't very hungry so we just ordered 9 creampuffs at the pho place, then went home to model our new clothes to each other for a while, rocked out and headed to Karaoke. It ended up being a decent crowd, not too huge not too small, and I sang "Go Your Own Way," "A Question of Time," and "Hold the Line." Unfortunately when you don't eat much dinner and drink two really strong drinks, bad things happen, and I feel like complete ass right now. acid reflux sucks.


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