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My older brother is four years older than I am, which means he went off to college just as I entered high school. He was pretty much my hero until that point, and I got into metal and Depeche Mode because of him. But I didn't get his Sex Pistols obsession - he had a poster of Sid Vicious in his bedroom - till I was a lot older. I mean I still prefer the Ramones, but you know.

Sunday morning after my walk I put on Sid & Nancy. I'd never seen it before, but I knew Courtney Love had a bit part. I also knew that my brother wrote letters to his girlfriend in high school calling her "Nancy." And I knew the basic story, that they had a suicide pact. Er, Sid & Nancy, not my brother. But I had no idea how horribly shrill and annoying the character was. Not sure if that was the actress or the director, but GOOD GOD she really confused me as to why any fucking person would spend more than five minutes with her, let alone have a love affair.

Apart from that I liked the movie. The ending was a downer but I was ready for it. Gary Oldman was fantastic, as he always is, but the amount of weight he lost to play punk junkie Sid Vicious was almost frightening. And of course the music was kick-ass. I am now convinced that Courtney Love's not getting this part led her to just lead the life, except for failing at dying.
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The Matrix and Reloaded

These are still pretty cool. I mean ok, the first one is better but viewed back to back the second one holds up. Honestly they are just comic books made into movies (without being actually published first) and work ok like that. Ignore the pseudo-philosophy and concentrate on the action. I also watched The Animatrix, which is about half totally awesome and half meh.

The Girlfriend Experience

I like Soderburgh when he delves into sex talk, and I like it when he is nonlinear, so I enjoyed this movie. High priced NYC call girl visits some clients, and her boyfriend, a personal trainer, does likewise. I couldn't believe only a couple of the people were real actors, the rest just were cast as themselves more-or-less and did mostly improvisations. Kind of a film geek experience.


Speaking of SS. Reg just bought this along with From Russia With Love. It's still good, although there's a couple plot points that always make me cringe. The cocaine toy especially.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Read this a few weeks ago and it came in the mail Saturday. It follows the book more-or-less faithfully, except of course 3rd person rather than 1st, and more focused on McMurphy than Chief Broom. Not really much more to say about it, it's a powerful tragedy that hasn't at all become invalidated.

Embarrassing confession: I re-read Fight Club a couple days after reading that, and only just realized on this go-round what the ending meant. Durrr.
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Friday I took a lovely walk in the lovely weather, and not much else went on. We loaned out our copy of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test a few years back and cannot fuckin' find it, so I checked it out of the library and read it in the park. Very pleasant. Reg was exhausted from work so we didn't do much that night, but Saturday we went to [ profile] suxdonut's for [ profile] wraincloud's bday bbq. That was great, got to eat too much pork* and see some peeps we hadn't seen in a while.

Later that evening we went out to see Wolverine. It wasn't quite as awesome as I'd hoped, but it was still fairly enjoyable. Logan had been my favorite X-Man ever since I started reading the comics at age 9 (granted I stopped at age 12 but not under my own volition) so I'm somewhat torn between the canon of his origin finally being written, and excited to see just what the fuck is up with him. Coulda been worse, is how I landed.

Sunday we got up and after being put off by Reg's mom, we made our own plans. Watched Milo and Otis, which I'd never seen and is really an enjoyable film for the cuteoverload age. Also, god bless the Japanese for not having animal cruelty laws to follow, and actually taking 4 years to make a movie which involves animal reproduction and other strange things. The moral of the story is "Friends are great, but shacking up is a good reason to let them go." Anyway, we went to the farmer's market and 2nd Ascent afterwards. Good times.
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It always seems like the weather changes when people visit Seattle - I know when I used to visit, the weekends would be dry. Anyway the spate of early spring is gone and now it's been standard Drizzle for a couple weeks now. On my actual birthday the weather was mostly just hazy at least. I was fed up with lying around reading so I walked to the new Trader Joe's that they opened less than a month ago. I bought ginger limeade and cheap salad and Iberico cheese. (Besides that I have Mahon and Kerrygold Dubliner Cheddar in my fridge, all highly recommended.) And then I walked back via Ballard Ave and stopped in at Second Ascent. My new daypack from REI has a water hose pocket, but I lost my Platypus bite valve cover. The new ones are pretty cool, compared to the old one I lost, which was just a soft pocket cover that came loose more often than not.

Reg convinced me to watch all three Transporter movies this weekend. I am still incredulous that such a "job" would ever exist, but as long as you don't think too hard, it all hangs together pretty well. Luc Besson is silly but his movies are internally consistent. Once you accept that people in this world do overly elaborate villainous schemes, it's on. Anyway, 1 and 3 were best but isn't that always the case? I also really believe that Frank is the first Action Hero with Asperger's. And parkour with a bike is kinda fun.

With some of my birthday money I bought the 2-disc special edition of Tropic Thunder. It's worth it just to hear RDjr in character during the commentary, fulfilling his line "I don't drop character till the DVD Commentary!" The director's cut is just a little bit longer but just a little bit better, too.

Anyway I have to go get some walking sandals for my trip.
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I've been having mild headaches since the most extreme symptoms of my disease abated. I think it's because I stopped taking sudafed. Oh the irony. Last night I tried to use a small amount of coffee to fix this, but it didn't work, and this morning I knocked over the coffee cup that was still next to my keyboard. I hope the keyboard works later, but right now the backspace and T and P aren't working properly. I do have another one but it's not as nice.

Anyway the headache made me want to lay around doing nothing, but that was slightly boring, so Reg and I watched Righteous Kill, which was not just a waste of 2 hours. I like me some dumb action movies, but dumb thrillers are a little less bearable. I don't know what the hell Pacino and DeNiro were thinking. The script itself was cheesy but could have gone somewhere under the hands of a capable director, which this guy really wasn't. I can't think he said more than "OK, you be an asshole, and you be cool" to Bobby and Al. I mean they did it quite well, and Pacino nailed some of the cheesiest terrible lines with aplomb and sincerity, but they alone could not save this cinematic travesty.


Jan. 4th, 2009 01:28 pm
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I couldn't get to sleep for a while after reading Sherlock Holmes Was Wrong. In high school I read probably 75% of every case Doyle ever wrote for the guy, and had to read The Hound of the Baskervilles for 8th grade English I believe. So the book is about, not just this one case (the Hound), but a bit pomo with the reality of literary characters and such. Doyle killed off Holmes at one point, but the public outcry was so great that he brought him back, while hating him, and the author of this book reasons that's why he made him fuck up the solution to HotB. But reading about murdering murderers in bed at midnight on a Saturday kinda made me afraid to fall asleep.

Other than that... We watched Hamlet 2 and it's utterly amazing, to the point where I am upset that there weren't more deleted scenes and extras. Coogan plays a failed actor cum drama teacher with such aplomb that I really felt like I was back in high school. And Catherine Keener as his frustrated wife reminded me so much of my mom before she got a divorce. I mean, it was a comedy but to me it felt so dead-on in so many ways, it could almost be considered a drama.
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Whine whine whine. I watch movies.

I watched Following in chronological order then watched Inside Man, a somewhat silly movie about a bank heist with a twist. I mean it was well done but the writing was a little off. I don't know, I didn't notice these flaws the first time, but that's really the only flaw, is that it's a bit cliched and hackneyed. Whatever, I still like it.

Reg and I watched Walk Hard last night and enjoyed the hell out of it. I was slightly confused that half the cast of The Office was in it, but it was nice to see them working during the summer and all. And John C Reilly is the man, man. Afterwards Reg wanted to watch Death Race but I couldn't really handle that much action.
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The weekend itself was pretty tame. It was bloody cold so we barely left the house, although I did get dinner with Simon and leftovers for Reg on Saturday night. We watched The Dark Knight and Batman Begins after that, which was utterly delightful. I mean, BB is good but it's more comicbook good than NolanGood, whereas TDK is the other way around. Watching it the second time you get all these little things you may have missed or forgotten. Definitely buying it when the director's commentary comes out.

Sunday there was a little snow walking and a lot of hot cocoa. We had dinner with Reg's parents for his mom's birthday. We went to Hamburger Harry's, which is this newish sports bar across from Archie McPhee. Where we also went for a while beforehand, as his parents had never been. I act like a kid in well, Archie McPhee when I go. His dad was astonished, as I am typically quite staid around them. Anyway. The burgers were great but so big I couldn't finish mine. We came home and collapsed around the stereo listening to classical music. MAHLER! WOO!
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Le Samourai: One of Reg's alltime favorite films, I can only assume it's because he has a mancrush on Alain Delon. He's the title character, a cold assassin who keeps to his code even when he nearly botches a hit. Melville's use of lighting and shadow and silence really drew me in.

Following: I attempted to watch this right after Reg and I got together, but I was still pretty bad about falling asleep during movies on Steve's couch back then. Yesterday I really wanted to watch something with a twist ending, and I remembered hearing that this one did, so I put it on. I'm sure most people have already seen it, as it's Chris Nolan's first film, but if you haven't I recommend it. It isn't perfect plot-wise, but neither was Memento.

I'm still kind of in the mood for twist-endings, but of course it's hard to know ahead of time if a movie has a twist or not. If you know of some, please reply to this post with only the name of the film, and maybe the director/main actor. I prefer crime or thriller or suspense pls.
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Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Seen them both before but Guy Ritchie's first two films are so amazingly well-done.


Clive Owen's first big break is still probably his best film.

A Clockwork Orange
Dr. Strangelove

Kubrick's two dark comedies. I can't watch them often but they definitely make my top ten.

Lord of War

Despite Ethan Hawke I enjoyed this film. He played the nemesis of Nicolas Cage, an arms dealer during the cold war. Dark comedy that some may find depressing, but not me.


Liam Neeson is an ex-CIA agent "preventer" who has retired in order to rebuild the relationship with his daughter. But when she gets kidnapped by white slavers, he gets to use his "lifetime of skills" to get her back. He is amazingly good as a badass.
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Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994, and Princess Diana was killed in 1997. Between these two events, Oasis released 3 albums, two that were rather good. Little-known bands Blur and Pulp also released some good shit, and some lesser-known British bands made some money when their music was featured on some obscure Scottish indie film known as Trainspotting.

Enough with the understatement. I rented Live Forever last night, it's basically summed up by the above paragraph. It could have had a lot more info in it, but I enjoyed it as a soundtrack to 1995-96. Plus for some reason I always forget how good-looking Damon Albarn was, to the point that when I first saw the video for "Girls and Boys" I thought they were a pop-boy-band. I still like about five Blur songs, although I've never been able to listen to their albums all the way through. And amazingly enough, Liam is still a complete tosser who should never be allowed out in public unless it's to sing. And Noel has the right amount of swagger. And Jarvis still has huge hands.


Jun. 9th, 2008 11:51 am
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50 Hilarious Fake Ads


We watched I'm Not There except that I fell asleep during it. That sums it up, I think.

I did not fall asleep during Dirty Harry. It feels pretty dated although not as bad as say the original Shaft. I guess never having heard those lines before, it would have seemed more awesome when it came out.

Rewatching Pirates 2 worked a lot better having seen 3 then 1 within the past month. It's totally enjoyable.

Beyond that, in the past month, I've watched 2 seasons of Top Chef. HEY GUYS, GUESS WHAT, I DIDN'T COME HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, AND I SUCCEEDED ADMIRABLY.
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I'm sure that there are lots of SF books about the end of the world via a rewrite of Revelations, but there are very few movies that do it. And I'm sure even fewer do it by having telepathic veterans and porn stars in the mix. But Southland Tales has it all, including a plot that only makes sense with supplemental material. Disregarding that it's still an enjoyable epic, but if you're one of those people that needs movies to make sense this probably isn't for you.

To be perfectly clear, I really really liked this movie. The actual premise Read more... )
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Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End: This movie was weird, especially as I had blocked most of the 2nd one from my mind. The hallucinations were cool, as was Keith Richards (duh). It was enjoyable and fun, but very guilty pleasure.

The Good Thief: Remake of Bob le Flambeur, with Nick Nolte as "Bub" and also, for no good reason, heroin addict. Other changes made the movie slightly more captivating than the original. If you haven't seen either, see this one. Heist movie, in a nutshell, former thief makes one last hit.

Revolver: Guy Ritchie's latest movie, a total piece of shit. Don't bother. Just rent Lock Stock or Snatch again. Madonna's religion made too much of an impression on him.

American Meth: Docu about the depressing impression meth made on blue collar america. Interesting to see the um, other side of drug addiction.

Inside Man: Spike Lee kinda made a good movie not about race. Heist movie with Clive Owen as a brilliant bank robber, and Denzel Washington as the "negotiator".

Kicking and Screaming: Noah Baumbach's debut film, I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it. It's one of those movie that just has people talking the whole time, but in a good way. The comedy is just really good, and the drama bits are worth it too.

Code 46: A soft sci-fi film about forbidden love. Awesome score by David Holmes. Worth seeing.
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Like he said.

On the plus side I watched:

  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Pretty slow with very little pieces of action, Malick-esque. Pretty awesome, even if Casey Affleck is looking way too eerily like Ben. Brad Pitt owns Jesse James, as I suspected he might.

  • Season 3 of Arrested Development. The show threw out every pretense at reality for this half-season, which I guess is ok. It was entertaining but I don't think I'm going to need to buy it.

  • Knocked Up: After The 40-year-old Virgin and Superbad, I was highly disappointed in this movie. I mean, it's better than the first time I saw it, when it starred Hugh Grant and was called Nine Months, but you know.

  • the second half of No Country for Old Men: I was asleep when Reg started this, and heard lots of gunshots and stuff, and only came in when Josh Brolin checked into the hotel to hide the money. It was still a bit brutal for my tastes, but I got into it. I was looking for a plot, unfortunately, which killed some of my pleasure. I think watching the whole thing will be a bit better now.

  • The first couple of eps of Season 2 of The Sarah Silverman Show: even more tasteless than season one. Apparently no one else still likes SS but I do. Also, the rest of Mr. Show.


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