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steve's fiancee put up pics from my birthday
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omg, my coworkers put up all sorts of nasty signs about how stupid old I was, I mean yeah whatever, they gave me cake.

and then my mom mailed my check today (postdated 4/1)

and [ profile] discogravy sent me the advance interpol

Other bits of loot:
a bottle of Depaz rum from [ profile] hotcrab that is fantastic
cockspur rum from [ profile] bythesea which I have not yet opened
popcorn maker and workout shirt from [ profile] velvet
[ profile] dogtown_lombard got me crazy stickers and chocolate and gigantic gumballs
[ profile] asiangoddess4 got me popcorn
[ profile] asabass bought me drinks at the ChaCha
and Fara got me an incense house thingy
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after all the excitement only Steve and Ry managed to get to Seattle last night. But I will soon be seeing Fara and Joe and Ana, after they all shower. Consecutively.
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friday: ToST to dance to DJ Eddie and Paul Edwards
saturday: Dead Meadow at Chop Suey
sunday: birthday dinner (invite only)
monday: taking the day off work!

On a different note, I was totally dissing on St. Patrick's Day at coffeebreak the other day, and my lame coworker who is the kind of guy who only goes out on alcoholidays got all offended. (my view on alcoholidays is that people who don't go out to bars ruin everything by going out for these.)


Mar. 4th, 2007 11:49 pm
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Leaning towards The Roosevelt b/c they have jacuzzi rooms.

oh hay

Mar. 4th, 2007 07:13 pm
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Fara, her boy and Ana are coming to Seattle for my birthday!
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skiing in wenatchee

oh and

Mar. 24th, 2006 01:03 pm
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I renewed my license this morning. My old photo was five years ago, right after I'd dyed my hair in Germany, and it was shorter than it is now. I will upload scans soon, but I bet you can guess which picture makes me look younger.
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My long distance friends Ana and Fara got me, respectively, Orgazmo and Me Talk Pretty One Day. WOO! and my mom's check finally arrived, so I got to eat lunch! LIFE ROCKS!
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just took these, new haircut and rum presents

28 skiddoo

Mar. 26th, 2005 12:07 pm
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Reg went on a spree while I was lying in bed with the heating pad and got me Mulholland Drive, Amadeus Director's Cut, and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. He's so sweet!! For himself he got Deadwood and Donnie Darko Director's Cut. We watched that one last night. I'd watched it on Christmas but that was the original version. I like the director's cut better, even if it is trying to say that Donnie isn't a nutcase.

I attempted to make Russian cigarettes (the pastry not the tobacco product and it was half a disaster. But I got six good ones. That, and whipped cream and strawberries, are going to be my breakfast. Well, also bacon and coffee.
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besides the sunglasses and flip flops, [ profile] verybadlady got me a nice bottle of Appleton rum and some makeup she was getting rid of. coolness.
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I felt really dizzy and came home, and reg's parents had picked up the cheap Simpsons DVDs from costco as a birthday present to me. Nothing says Happy St. Paddy's like painkillers and Simpsons Season 5, man.

um, wow.

Mar. 16th, 2005 07:43 pm
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So in ten days it looks like a shitload of stuff has come up. Is anyone still actually interested in hanging out with me on Sat the 26th, or am I going to have to have the celebration a day early? Tentative plans are seeing Mono at Sunset and XDream at [undisclosed], if the rockers want to do 1 and the ravers tech-heads want to do 2. I just want to know.

[Poll #456099]
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my birthday present to myself is this rather than a tattoo.

edit: And I think i'm taking myself and boy to the Melting Pot on my actual birthday.


Mar. 9th, 2005 08:47 am
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The other joyful conversation this weekend was with [ profile] girlstyle about drinking. When we were younger, of course, we drank to get wasted cheaply, which amounted to, usually, drinking kool-aid with vodka or just a few shots right away. Whereas now we go to bars or clubs and have maybe one or two drinks an hour, which, after three or four hours, is a lot more alcohol. And hence leads to worse hangovers. So, I'm going to try an experiment next time I go out, and do the college drinking thing, see what happens.

Oh, by the way, as it is SEVENTEEN DAYS left till my birthday, I will provide a list of things I want:

a new job
Appleton Rum

Soulseek download privileges
tickets to X-Dream or Mono
more here
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which means there are only 26 shopping days left till MY BIRTHDAY


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