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So I've had like 3 root canals that I need to pay for, so everyone is giving me money for xmas so I can do this. Basically my insurance ran out on the 2nd one and I couldn't not get the root canal. I mean I suppose I could have just had the teeth pulled but they were frontish teeth, not molars. I already feel like a gap-toothed hillbilly.

So yeah, a couple shirts and candy and random stuff - Reg paid for my new tattoo for part of an Xmas present, and also he got me a sweet necklace. And some new gloves since I dropped one at Mission Ridge.

Plus we were going to go to Crystal Mountain for the 25th, and gloves would be awesome. It started snowing on the drive up - it's much closer than I realized, but that's partly because there was no traffic. We went to Rainier area a few times over the summer, and the traffic was always terrible on a nice day, but this time nada. So we got there before noon, traded in the corporate passes for gondola passes.

I am not an awesome skier, and I have mainly NOT skied while it snows. It was not quite what people call "Washington Concrete", but it was close. A bit too warm and too much fluffy shit that you just basically snowplow into. I mean, I normally am good at falling on my ass when I ski, but on that last bit of the bunny slope, I was going really really fast and hit a drift and faceplanted like whoa. So that wetted out my jacket, and filled my goggles with snow, and I had a really hard time just getting up. The weather finally calmed down around 2:30pm, but by then my muscles were feeling the burn of trying to keep control in the deep snow. I am totally sticking to groomed runs if I take up cross-country, I swear.

When we got home Reg wanted to watch Schindler's List. I'd actually successfully avoided it for years, I mean, I knew the basic plot, but Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are pretty goddamn awesome in it. I told Reg they should make a sequel, set in 1950s Saudi Arabia oil plants. Well, ok, maybe not, but the premise appeals to that black hearted cynic inside me. Afterwards naturally we watched Die Hard.

And I know that almost no one in Seattle reads this, but I'm planning to go to Leavenworth to improve my skiing.

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Can't comment on probabilities, but here is the story-
I used to know a guy, Earl, [no, not that one] who brushed his teeth with goldenseal and myrrh, and he said the combo, both pretty good herbal antibiotics as you know, could defeat tooth infections. Well I figured he was a little dreaming, but i did have herbal tooth powder for a while.

So fastfwd 30-some years, and I have an old cellulitis in my knee which no antibiotic will quite get rid of, so I take lots of echinacea, goldenseal and such herb blends, and oregano and oreg oil [the latter finally stopped the damn painful lesions in my ndose], and my dentist says, your darn roots are calcifying up when they get infected, makes them hard to drill, the passages turn to rock essentially.

A year or two ago, I started getting darned itchy nasal-eye irritation every night and would have to get up and wash out my eyes a couple of times in the night, and they would be all crudded up in the morning. (What can I say, I learned to waterski in the LA river long ago?)

I had been brushing with myrrh-gs, the latter only a little as a strong stimulant, after going to the dentist for a couple of weeks, sos said, I'm going to keep using it, like Earl... and have not had a root canal infection since. Go figure.

Did that qualify for the TMI community?

OK, I can tell by the hills it's not Leavenworth Kansas...

Date: 2013-02-27 11:11 pm (UTC)
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Leavenworth, WA. Heh. And sure, why not. Plugging you in.... now.


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