Mar. 3rd, 2013

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But the fact is, I haven't like bought any new clothes that actually accentuate the weight I lost.TW: weight, weight loss, body image )
I got a makeover at the (unfortunately) most expensive counter at Nordstrom's Friday evening, the woman took maybe ten minutes to make me look five years younger. (And yeah, I already look pretty young, I know.) She gave me some free samples after I spent far too much on moisturizer, but I figure once a month I can afford something like this. The cream blush was to die for. I looked like I'd had just a single glass of wine, all aglow and fresh. So, we'll see. She did think I had to wear sunscreen while working with computers - has she not heard of LCD screens? - and mentioned lots of MSFT women felt clueless. I don't feel clueless, I just wondered if I could do better. And like I said, she did. Someone else said I looked like a doll, by which I think he meant unnatural, but I figured I wasn't going out in daylight so whatevs.

Anyway, part one of turn into a woman is almost complete. Clothing will be next. I swear I'm going to buy cute stuff and pay an asian lady to tailor darts into it so I look like I do have a waist, and all that. Whew!


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