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The first time I read Watchmen I was a very sheltered teenager - my brother Aaron was really getting into comics and bought the first Sandman paperback as well as that one, and both of them were too violent for me. I mean, I had to finish them, because I really really have trouble not finishing a book of any sort, but I had trouble sleeping afterwards. Anyway I wasn't impressed with either of them, but I really got into Neil Gaiman after I read Stardust in '00 and and then I met Reg and convinced him to get into comics, and so I'm fully on the Sandman bandwagon.

Moore's work, though, is still really disturbing and violent and frightening. I made it through V for Vendetta a few times, but I didn't want to pick up Watchmen again till recently. Hype, and all, you know. I did already know how it ended (sort of) and Reg gleefully pointed out that Rorschach was like a realistic Batman, so I went into it this morning and couldn't put it down. I recall the specific part which disturbed me so much I nearly stopped reading it - the part with the shrink going over R's origin, so to speak - and I sort of glossed over it. But anyway I had forgotten almost everything else, so it was a rediscovery yet familiar and awesome. The plot, I feel, isn't as juicy-sexy-cool as V, but it's better told and expressed. And of course the superhero milieu is one that has been recently rehashed in Hollywood as awesome and neato, while people are even writing novels deconstructing things, so it's good to see where it all came from.

Bottom line, pretty psyched for this weekend.
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I read Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors over the weekend, except for "Murder Mysteries" since I've read the comic already. I think I like his short works better, in general, than his longer works, although I still like most of his longer works.

I've re-read all my Discworld books again and I think I need more before I drive myself insane.

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Mar. 4th, 2007 06:14 pm
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After watching the first 16 episodes of Heroes, Reg made me read Rising Stars to see where they got the idea. It's by the guy who did Babylon 5 (which I've never seen due to an extreme prejudice against the people I knew in college who were crazy about it, but I liked his other comics) and it's a bit more focused. 3-issues of trade paperback (i guess it went to 27) and the heroes were all the same age, in utero around the time this comet hit their small town or something.

Anyway it was entertaining enough, and nice to see where Heroes kind of came from, although in all honesty I think it'll be way better. So far so good, I mean.
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"Did you ever want to set someone's head on fire, just to see what it looked like?

Did you ever stand in the street and think to yourself, I could make that nun go blind just by giving her a kiss?

Did you ever lay out plans for stiching babies and stray cats into a Perfect New Human? Did you ever stand naked surrounded by people who want your gleaming sperm, squirting frankincense, soma and testosterone from every pore?

If so, then you're the bastard who stole my drugs Friday night. And I'll find you. Oh, yes."

-- warren ellis, transmetropolitan
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Reg has been watching this trailer, V for Vendetta, about 20 times, showing it to EVERYONE who comes by. Good lord and it doesn't come out till november. When it does, I fully expect [ profile] perich to change his icons accordingly.

Hugo Weaving as V!!!!


Jun. 3rd, 2005 08:44 am
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In high school my friend Kelly and I would totally play The Phantom Of the Opera original cast recording and sing along all the time, so it was only natural that I'd want to watch Schumacher's version of it. It was pretty damn close to the original musical, obviously a few changes for movieland, but it was a lot more faithful than, um, Hitchiker's was. So I didn't have nearly as many brain-freezes during it.

Of course it's still a really silly musical. The music is still worth listening to, but the paper-thin plot and such are just um yeah. Also the guy they got to play for the Phantom wasn't so great of a singer. I mean, I just kept comparing him to Crawford and he came up way short. But he wasn't really bad, either. Anyway I enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed Gaiman's 1602, which is a really eerie retelling of the old Marvel universe (from the Kirby/Lee/Ditko days) if the characters had been born in the late 1500s, in Elizabethean England. Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Nick Fury, the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, and so on. Of course my fanbrain kept freezing on the young girl Virginia Dare, because I couldn't place her. If anyone else has read it and knows, pls. comment. Anyway it's totally fanfic, sure, but it's Gaiman.


Apr. 28th, 2005 09:32 am
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The most boneheaded thing last night was me losing the novel I was in the middle of. Although "middle" is relative since it's over a thousand pages. You'd think something like that would be hard to misplace, but I'm hear to tell you, it's not.

Anyway. I read another Sin City gn that Reg picked up, he's got all but #4 now, which is I guess because of the movie tie-in bullshit. Not that I'm complaining too loudly, but you know. Also read "Murder Mysteries" by Gaiman, or something. I think I missed something, though. But I always feel like that when I read his stuff.

(I just have to say that I feel like I sprained my thigh. Like a hamstring pull but in the back of the thigh. What fresh hell is this?)

Speaking of fresh hell, I will get to see Steve one last time before he leaves for Cali, when he returns my DVDs. No, I don't want to talk about it. He came by last night and we hung out, had tacos and churros and then watched the first episode of Deadwood again with him. He seemed pretty beat though, so he left after that. I took a soma and went to sleep with this gimpy leg.

More things happened but you don't want to know.
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I read Miss last night. So fucking good. Also started watching The Thin Man but my jaw started to ache again. Oh, stupid pain, you make me so boring.

And that Simpsons episode where the kids sing the Armour Hot Dogs song. And Lisa asks if the family knows any songs not from commercials, and they all start singing "I FEEL LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT". Always cut from syndication so I hadn't seen it years.

Eat club tonight?
edit: at Cauelita's 8pm
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Firefox has an extension that lets you control your mp3 player of choice from the browser. Sweet.

Yesterday I felt really weird, seasick without even moving. Some kind of inner ear infection? Backwash from the tooth problems? Saturday I was utterly miserable from the tooth and yesterday I was just miserable. Riding in the car made it worse; something about rainy days and being in a stuffy car always has made me feel ill.
I managed to pull myself together for the Lake Forest Park Rummage Sale, though. We drove out to Sandpoint and wished for a big truck so we could buy some of that fun shit. We just got a shit ton of books, shoes, and a nice side table with a shelf under it. Well, it wasn't all that fancy, but for $4 it's pretty decent. Beats the free side table we'd been using, anyway.

Oh, does anyone need a free side table?

So after that we went to the UVillage, got smoothies and then hit up B&N. I'd given Reg a $10 gift card but I guess he didn't use it since we'd bought so many books already. I was feeling a little dizzy still so I just sat at the cookbooks. I read a few recipes in about four books, one of them being a Lebanese cookbook, and it made me want lamb really bad. I promised Reg I'd cook him lamb stew for dinner.

We then drove up to the Comics Dungeon on 45th. They were out of the Sin City Volume One, unsurprisingly, but much to Reg's chagrin. I got a couple of Strangers In Paradise, and another graphic novel that I can't recall the name of at the moment. It looked good though, set in the 20s with a kooky cop team-up of a pimp and a ... chick. Yeah.

Anyway, went home and reg's computer died. Windows startup shows, then the screen goes black. I'm at a loss; I put it in Safe Mode so he could backup his files. Not sure what he did later when I went to bed from the return of the dizziness. Of course before that I read my comics and poor, poor francine. Also watched some Dead Like Me and of course made the stew.

I woke up a few times to pee and cough. Maybe I'm just getting sick. That would be better than needing a root canal.


Feb. 13th, 2005 01:42 pm
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I am at home!

I re-read the entire Invisibles series, which is a lot easier once you realize that a) GM is completely fucking insane b) so treat it like the God bullshit in Narnia or something. I mean, once you treat the underlying "conspiracy theories" as a given, like pretending Jesus is real, the story follows a lot better. Oddly enough this also prevented any sleep-anxiety that usually results in ultra-violent "people killing people" kinds of stories. Good to know, I guess.

Started, finally, Season 2 of the Office. Tim is less depressing but David is moreso. Oh, man.

Friday night Reg picked me up right after work and we went to Ray's Boathouse to eat and watch the sunset. He suggested we split a bottle of wine, which was like WOAH but hey. Of course on the way home he kept saying we should buy more wine, but I think he's ok now. I fell asleep for three hours then went to Sid's with him and Ash and Cris.

Yesterday I made cupcakes and bought a cheap little computer desk thingy from Storables, as well as expensive olive oil, basalmic vinegar, and fresh-baked bread. Mmmm. Well, the desk thingy wasn't that tasty, but it's decent. We met up with Fritz & Steve and their hos, cos Fritz got his green card, and then to Pat's party. Which was shockingly dead, so we went to Russ and Summer's, which was pretty much better. Invited everyone we knew back to our place, and at 5am I fucking passed the hell out.
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I think the best part of the Cocaine book is when Dominic Streatfield calls up Milton Friedman to ask him about cocaine economics, and Friedman, like everyone else basically, says the problem is that the USA's demand is so high that it drives the price up and therefore makes it highly profitable.

Finished that last night, as well as the Strangers In Paradise that I bought. And then, wow, I went to bed. I'm so exciting. I think this is going to continue b/c I'm stressed out and tired. Unless there's a compelling reason to go out this weekend, I'm not going to.
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I forgot how many drinks I bought the other night, so I didn't really have the moola to buy any presents. Not that I'm buying presents for anyone but Reg and Steve, but you know. Reg and I have "been together" about a year, and I didn't get him shit last year, so I'm trying to make things rock'n'roll now.

I still wandered around various stores downtown looking for the shit I wanted, though, so Friday I can just zoom in and out really quickly. However I hadn't had an afternoon snack, so I finally collapsed at the Taco Del Mar at Westlake and got the Super Nachos. Which were damn super, I have to say. MMM growl good.

I then, for some unknown reason, had parts of the Buffy Musical stuck in my head. And as I taped the first half of that season, I hooked up my VCR as soon as I got home. But it wasn't working, so I swapped the AV cords to the front ports of my tv and then it worked. Strange. I wasn't really watching the first couple of episodes, since they were sort of slow and dull, instead I:
• made more mix CD copies
• converted Madvillainy and Resist to MP3 Pro format (half the size for the Lyra)
• talked to my mother - er, rather, listened to her talk
• transfered CDs from old vinyl nasty book to soft-lined pages
• re-read all of my Strangers in Paradise TBPs

Reg came home briefly. I offered to make him steak while he showered, but he respectfully declined. So, he showered and shaved and then pretty much went back to his paper.

I found a Soma and took it before the musical started. It was late and I was all jazzed (no pun intended), but I lost most of my energy at last and fell asleep before midnight. Although my bedtime is usually before eleven, so I was a little cranky when Reg got home.

Actually, I wasn't cranky then, but two hours later, when the Soma wore off and he (claims that he) kissed me, I woke up fully, hot and dry-mouthed, and got really cranky. I still couldn't fall asleep, though, and Reg claimed that all the uppers were preventing him from sleeping. So I attempted to exhaust him. Pretty easy.

man, this weekend looks like it's booked already. Tonight just might be fun too.


Mar. 12th, 2004 04:19 pm
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two other time wasters
I been watching and reading lotsa Buffy and Angel shit. But today I watched The Devil's Playground, which is about the Amish rite of passage "rumspringa." Anyway it was pretty entertaining, although it once again reconfirmed my belief that religion is fucking stupid and for chumps. Amish crankheads, yo.

Also been reading a lot of comics, which I can't remember the names of, aside from Hellboy, Lucifer, Invisibles, and um, yeah that's all I can recall.

I attempted to make french toast today. It went ok. I made too much batter stuff though and will have to just MAKE MORE.

never meme from @shley )
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returned Television, fare thee well

bought Fray (nothing else b/c their credit card machine was down) and a Sobe Lightning.

btw, the comic book shop (the Dungeon, I believe) on 45th is having a sale next weekend. like 20-30% off shit.

p.s. for reg


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