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It snowed yesterday, and I had to drive home from work in it, as it didn't really stop till 8pm or so. It was slightly scary but quite melted on most of I-90, and by the time I got to I-5 I realized that everyone else was even more scared than I was. I only saw one accident, 3-car on 50th, and my own car only skidded maybe three times. An inch of snow in above-freezing weather and everyone goes crazy, man. Took forever to get home, which was overly annoying. I was probably the fastest driver I saw on I-5.

Today I'm meeting Reg's coworkers at their Xmas party at some schmancy private club, so a bit after I got home (the snowfall was a lot lighter by this time) we drove downtown and paid $2 to park on the street. Good times. I picked up a cute black dress at Macy's, and Reg got a few things for himself. We then went to dinner at Gordon Biersch, a place I'd never been before. I didn't have high expectations so I was impressed. They seem to actually age the beef (or buy it aged at least), and my goat cheese was lovely. Also, there was bacon on my salad, and the apple bread pudding dessert was fantastic.

Then we met up with [ profile] asiangoddess4 to see American Gangster. This is the second movie I've seen this month about 70s heroin in NYC, but I think this one was better, since it showed a lot more of the bad guys than the good guys. Afterwards it had, as I said, stopped snowing, but it was balls-out freezing so we went home and watched a bunch of No Reservations. Also, Reg bought blue xmas lights and strung them above his computer. It's quite nice there now, with the sofa and space heater.

(Snow pics here.)

a list

May. 22nd, 2007 11:17 pm
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  • my wrist is bugging me again
  • I have watched all of the No Reservations
  • reg is still fucked
  • work is slow
  • had one drink in the past 10 days
  • 3 hours of overtime saturday
  • 3 day weekend coming
  • read Homeboy, The Pickup Artist, Fletch, I Am Legend (in order of increasing enjoyment)
  • watched Eat Drink Man Woman & This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated
  • listening to a lot of stellastarr and interpol


Apr. 18th, 2007 07:43 am
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Serpico - did they really pick this to make a play out of for Rushmore? How odd. Al Pacino as the eponymous NYC cop who dares to take a stand against corruption. The most distracting thing was his "street" disguise, though. I couldn't stop wondering why no one in town dressed like that. It was sort of boring and sort of frustrating, as he kept being transferred over and over again to more and more corrupt divisions in the burroughs.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - While trying to discover the truth about their origins, an evil exercise machine starts to destroy their town. Well, it's Aqua Teen. It kept my attention the whole movie, at any rate.

Smokin' Aces - Jeremy Piven is a Vegas entertainer who got caught up in the mob and is now squealing on the last real mob boss, who put a million dollar price tag on his head as a result. Many many hitmen and women, as well as cops and feds, converge on the hotel where he's camped out, and chaos ensues. If they'd toned down the shootouts a bit maybe. As it is, it's just totally ridiculous. Ben Affleck does pull off a Matt Damon/Departed voice to an eerie degree, but I don't know why.

Shower - The first ten minutes are utterly hilarious, but then it's the standard family thing which turns so depressing as the eldest son steps up to fulfill his duties, that I had to watch Simpsons for four hours to feel less depressed.
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• Bunch of us saw 300 and enjoyed it. Based on a comic book's dramatization of real events, it felt a little lightweight. I'll probably have to read the "real" account at some point.

• Forced Ang to watch Dude, Where's My Car? Reg hadn't seen it either except for bits in Mexico, and his laughter was almost as amusing as the movie itself.

• Reg is joining a gym! Also I bought a new sports bra so I can run again. No excuses anymore.
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any movie with val kilmer being totally nutbar quoting kublai khan AND in which bill paxton dies
is ok by me


Feb. 25th, 2007 06:28 pm
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Bringing Up Baby, Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn. She's super young and adorable in this film, and Cary Grant is yummy, but it's so screwball it could almost compete with Harold and Kumar. I cringed a lot.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon - documentary about Nixon trying to get Lennon deported. Pretty interesting, not the least for G Gordon Liddy's comments that made him look like, well you know, a dick.
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We just saw Children of Men. I kind of love movies with one-shot camerawork. And I totally love Clive Owen. My short list of guys are all British, it seems. You know, that list. The one I laminated after seeing Closer. Yes... Anyway it was actually really tense and suspenseful and nerve-wracking, but in a really gorgeous dark suicidal way. Kind of like the opposite of Terence Malick films.


Jan. 14th, 2007 03:52 am
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we invited people over last night and watched Snakes on a Plane. I missed it during the theatrical run but got really stoned and found it utterly hilarious. Every little thing was just so perfectly horrible, from the misleading beginning to the guy from High Fidelity remembering the snake guy in the desert and so on. Anyway they could have made it worse in the over-the-top department, but they went pretty damn far. I give it THE SHOCKER.

Reg and I also watched The Illusionist, which I kept comparing to The Prestige for obvious reasons, but there's another movie that comes to mind, which I won't mention here cos it is kind of a spoiler like woah. We watched it again with writer/director commentary, too.

This morning I woke up before Reg, as usual, and watched The Man With the Golden Arm. Frank Sinatra plays a junkie in 1955. I've never seen him act before, and he's not bad I guess. The movie is silly in that 1955 way, with the women all over the top and everyone being a total character actor, but it wasn't bad. I mean, it's the first movie that made me really think about injecting drugs. Ha.

And finally Reg and I watched Bandidas, which is a standard Zorro film except with two chicks robbing banks to help the poor in Mexico. And the two chicks are Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, so um, don't miss it, yo.

Walking around in Seattle on a weekend with bad weather is weird. I was initially thinking how I really missed out not growing up in a colder climate, but then I noticed that there were no kids anywhere. Well, I saw two at a playground, but that was it. And my neighborhood is probably one of the most child-heavy in Seattle, so I guess it's either xmas xboxes keeping kids indoors, or their paranoid parents. Either way, bah.

After I complained about carpal tunnel, my recruiter got me a wireless mouse/keyboard set. That coupled with the wireless router and card, and Targus laptop stand, has made me rather happy. I installed the Nero DVD codec, and this made Reg rather happy, because now I can watch The Office and not monopolize our TV. Good times.
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Watched Scarface, which is in the class of "see it once", and Another Day in Paradise which I might want to see again. But I'll buy the book first.

I kept claiming to be sick but I kept not getting to sleep till late. Thursday we went over to [ profile] girlstyle's to console her with the vodka she left at our place Friday, and I realized my work laptop doesn't have a wireless card. But I bet I can expense it. Anyway we met her BFF Mitchell and I think we got on. He lives in NYC now so he said bad things about Seattle but I forgave him. And Ang and us made a pact to escort each other to the McLeod party and the Youngstown party.

Last night we watched Beat Takeshi's Zatôichi with a few people. One of Reg & Pat's friends from way back when is in town for the New Year and whatnot so I got to meet another person WHO KNEW HIM WHEN. Asa and Fritz showed up as well while the movie was paused, but we resumed it later, and then watched a few Mr. Show episodes to chill out.

Right now I'm working on my 2006 mix CD, so I had to power up my laptop for the work music ratings in iTunes. And while I was sitting in the couch near Reg's computer, I saw the big stack of photos that his parents had made him scan in, from age 2-3 or so. His sister had just been born clearly. I tried to look for the guy I loved - he looks almost nothing like he did 20 years ago - and I finally found the same smirk in one photo. And the slightly tilted blue eyes make him look a little tired, then and now. And here I thought it was because of his hard life.

Oh and I just discovered using folders to organize iTunes playlists. Hot Damn.
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Bad idea: watching Psycho then Black Dahlia

good idea: Wolfmother and We Are Scientists

(reg is watching Jackass 2 and they had "Joker and the Thief" in one of the intro things.)

tv helps

Dec. 12th, 2006 06:36 pm
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my cold got a shit ton worse just in time for the weekend. well granted staying up late playing munchkin and drinking didn't help much but saturday I ran a fever. so i've been in bed since then. finished angel season 5 and re-watched Veronica Mars 1 and began Six Feet Under 3. also, re-read the Transmet run. we have had people over between bouts of unconsciousness at least. watched Memento both backwards and forwards, and House of Yes, which Reg had never seen and is a lot better than I remember. edit: also we saw the weirdest japanese movie called Samurai Fiction which everyone should watch if they want to be happy.

at the moment I have a pimple inside my nose, which is SO GREAT when you have to press it to blow. i packed it with ice and that made me feel less like i was in hell.
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holy shit the deleted scenes in Clerks 2 should not have been cut out.
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I filed for unemployment, created a new Monster account (since my old one had a defunct email) and sent my updated resume to a couple of jobs. I don't actually want a job quite yet, and I'm also wary about this time of year anyway. Although it looks like that old curse may be lifted, we'll see. I've also sent my updated resume to my Corestaff recruiter. She's the Amazon person and I can't work there for 90 days but she said she'd forward it on.

Yesterday I watched The Hotel New Hampshire and Love Etc. The former is based on Irving's novel - compressed into just under two hours with very broad strokes. The latter I think is also based on a novel but it was sort of lame. Guy falls in love with his best friend's new wife and she's all "No, no" at first and then without much warning "yes, yes." I dunno, the French are weird.

And now to the Bond matinee.

i think

Nov. 17th, 2006 01:02 pm
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the best thing about seeing Borat last night was laughing loudly at the parts that made most Seattleites quietly cringing.
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First, The Professionals. This is about a rich white cattle baron hiring a bunch of kinda-thugs to retrieve his "kidnapped" wife. Claudia Cardinale makes a good movie great, cos she's hot and shit. And Jack Palance is just creepy. As usual.

The next day we watched a bunch of Simpson season 8, and had breakfast at Hale's with Heather and Michael.

And later The Magnificent Seven, which is a remake of the Samurai movie. Agriculture is noble or some such nonsense. Plus, the one girl was not as cute.

I made a giant focaccio loaf during that movie, and then we watched Fox Cartoon Night. The American Dad episode did not suck too badly. It was about the Log Cabin Republicans, and Stan's attempt to be one of them. After Family Guy I re-read all of the Y: The Last Man graphic novels we own and fell asleep.

Making chicken tonight. And probably lentil soup.

two movies

Oct. 24th, 2006 10:19 am
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Reg rented The Notorious Betty Page and we watched it Sunday, along with J&SBSB and Team America. I think I'd rate those in reverse order. NBP was ok, it was just kind of like a documentary with no VO. "It's just a bunch of stuff that happens." But there's plenty of cheesecake so who can complain too much. Ah, for those halcyon days of real boobs and jiggly bums.

Last night we saw The Prestige, Chris Nolan's new movie with Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Pillow-lips. (I don't think much of her acting chops, but as they seem to cast her appropriately it's usually not a big deal.) It was totally fantastic. Some might not appreciate Nolan's non-linear format to storytelling but I like it, and the story worked with it. Definitely worth seeing, though perhaps not for $10.
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they played my two favorite songs one after the other. IT WAS LIKE MY ITUNES BUT WAY BETTER.

There were a couple of dudes - more like four - who were so fucking excited that they jumped up and down a lot and eventually made up a pseudo-mosh pit. Reg kept protecting me from them. He's so chivalrous.

We cut out a wee bit early to go to [ profile] jizosh's birthday thing at Merchants, which was cool. Saw many lj users. One guy told us about a major plan (sometime in the next five years) to have a warehouse party where they just release a lot of nitrous oxide into the space.

Then we went to Bago's for a while. Got up this morning and watched Team America. I hadn't seen it before b/c the Blockbuster by us didn't have the unrated version for rent, so what's the point? Although having seen [ profile] mxtx's unrated copy, I kinda wish we hadn't. OH WELL. It was only slightly cringeworthy, and the rest was just funny.

The Matt Damon mocking made me want to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back again. Reg is heading to video store.
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Dear Half my Friends List:

You should watch The Lost Weekend.

Or do what Reg did and watch a bit and cringe at the rest.


Oct. 8th, 2006 10:36 pm
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* happy birthday to Will and Hannah!

* the article about the pornographer Star Wars Nerd/pedophile is fascinating. I mean lurid. Yeah.

* weekend pics here.

* did nothing all weekend. well, read books and watched Arsenic and Old Lace and Caberet, drank, BBQ'd, walked.


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