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"spit smells funny"

moses parting the I-5 corridor

a woman swerving on the freeway "b/c she was using a douchebag"

lake shasta

bago calling out random interjections to our conversations

guitar hero: if I hear "surrender" 3 more times...

"Syrian, eh? You know that means he's a terrorist, right?"

"This is the guy who made the turds for Team America!"


asian massage anyone?

pics and stuff

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edit: oh and I forgot about the crepes! jesus! CREPES! MARCHNG BAND THEN CREPES!
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after all the excitement only Steve and Ry managed to get to Seattle last night. But I will soon be seeing Fara and Joe and Ana, after they all shower. Consecutively.
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After the three horrible girlfriends he had in Seattle, I'm glad he found someone awesome.
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is it fun? so fun. to go out with steve and gab with friends and have a good time. instead of. staying in and hitting refresh over and over.
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As I'm morally opposed to non-dairy creamer in powder form, I bought Milkman's "Kiss of Cream" powdered milk to put in my coffee. It's not bad at all. I am in need of coffee as I went drinking with Steve last night. Also I will have salad for lunch as we had pizza and other greasy foods at Axis.

I'm nearly finished the Wilde bio; he's in jail right now. It's so sad. I think the worst part is that his actions didn't in any way lead to any sort of law reform. In some ways you can't help drawing parallels to the Jacko situation, except of course Wilde had a bunch of rent boys testifying against him. And he went to jail for two years. Not that I think twelve-year-old boys should be legal of course, but the way Wilde was savaged had more to do with his attitude than his private affairs. "When the Artist missteps, the Public foams at the mouth for blood."

more things I keep wanting to buy:

a raincoat with a hood

• the Motorola A630
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The Bravery sound surprisingly similar to Franz Ferdinand.

[ profile] hotcrab is in town. This is good.

Weekend Food Report

Friday: "Irish Swiss", bagel chips and apples.
Tastiness: 9
Fillingness: 6

Saturday breakfast: Pancakes, bacon, coffee, cheese curds
Tastiness: 8
Fillingness: 9

Saturday dinner: 5 Point burger, hashbrowns, caesar salad
Tastiness: 8
Fillingness: 11

Sunday breakfast: brunch crepes in Fremont
Tastiness: 10
Fillingness: 10
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happy birthday Steve!

Reg and I saw The Motorcycle Diaries last night. It was good except a little bit heavy-handed with the proles and all. But what can you do really. South America is an amazingly shitty place for the have-nots.


Apr. 28th, 2005 09:32 am
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The most boneheaded thing last night was me losing the novel I was in the middle of. Although "middle" is relative since it's over a thousand pages. You'd think something like that would be hard to misplace, but I'm hear to tell you, it's not.

Anyway. I read another Sin City gn that Reg picked up, he's got all but #4 now, which is I guess because of the movie tie-in bullshit. Not that I'm complaining too loudly, but you know. Also read "Murder Mysteries" by Gaiman, or something. I think I missed something, though. But I always feel like that when I read his stuff.

(I just have to say that I feel like I sprained my thigh. Like a hamstring pull but in the back of the thigh. What fresh hell is this?)

Speaking of fresh hell, I will get to see Steve one last time before he leaves for Cali, when he returns my DVDs. No, I don't want to talk about it. He came by last night and we hung out, had tacos and churros and then watched the first episode of Deadwood again with him. He seemed pretty beat though, so he left after that. I took a soma and went to sleep with this gimpy leg.

More things happened but you don't want to know.
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Had dinner with Steve at the Snappy Dragon, since none of you other losers could be bothered to show up. I talked him into getting the duck, and it wasn't quite Peking Duck, but it was a shitload of food, and it was actually quite succulent.

I actually took out my contacts last night, yet my eyes are still bothering me. This is quite annoying; I had a ton of trouble reading about Ghengis Khan, and I even forgot my damn hat because of it. I suspect I got some lotion in my eye that I can't see out of. Oh yeah, I'm using eye lotion now that i'm an old lady. Reg is now five years younger than me. Till his birthday.

I've been indulging in my bad habit of reading people's livejournals from start to finish. At least it's new people this time. But Monday night I spent so long on the computer that I developed CTS symptoms, and even though it was acting up last night I still kept going. I finally stopped before 11pm and went to bed and it feels a ton better today.

A couple days ago someone told me that the book I was reading was really good, and I was tempted to do that with this dude reading Under the Banner of Heaven yesterday. Well, also, he was a hottie, so I didn't. Also I saw someone reading the Sedaris book I was just given. It always freaks me out when I see people reading books I like on the bus.

Tonight we watch ORGAZMO, anyone interested? That would mean, of course, that you have to actually STOP PLAYING WOW and LEAVE YOUR OWN PLACE and COME TO BALLARD, so I can understand if no one is.
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I love the way Brits say "brocco-LIE". It's so cute.

I spent most of last night talking to [ profile] xkissikx and [ profile] scarlett723 on AIM before we had to go out. Convinced her to come to the People's Pub. Heather, not alyssa. Anyway. It was me and Reg and Steve and Cristin and Heather and Jeremy and Quent. It was too loud to talk a ton, but that didn't stop some people. It was nice. And then a couple ppl came back for some ATHF. I went to bed b/c my fucking jaw aches.

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Finished watching The Big Sleep last night. I enjoyed it a lot, although mainly because of Bacall and Bogie's onscreen magic moments. Which is funny b/c the version I watched edited out people explaining things in favor of those moments. So I totally didn't understand anything that happened, except a lot of guys got shot because of the younger sister being crazy and dope-addicted.  And don't say "read the book," because I've tried twice. It's like The Fellowship of the Ring. Well, ok, in a different way, but neither of these books can integrate into my brain. Something about these old British men, maybe.

Afterwards we were a little hyped up and agreed to meet Steve for drinks at 611 Supreme, which is a really cute little French bistro kind of place with crepes and sugar cubes instead of packets and a very amiable bartender. Mourad came out, that was cool, hadn't seen him in a million years, since the one time he came to karaoke and left immediately when we didn't have any drugs. Reg was hungry, though, so we left "early" (before midnight) to hit up the Wendy's. I almost convinced him to drive around more to listen to my CD, but not really. We fell asleep pretty quick, he didn't even take his clothes off.
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"So there's this thing I was thinking about, I was getting really into my mind, and - did you know if you pulled out the RAID key it fucks up the entire controller?"

"Hey, can I see your boobs? [...] HA HA I SAW YOUR BOOBS."

"Dude, you move to San Francisco, you get Maer. You can't have Sid too."

"Deprioritize? What the hell are you talking about."

* meaning it's wed. and I still remember them.

blue skies

Mar. 6th, 2005 09:11 pm
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I haven't had sex since Wednesday. OMFG.

This weekend was pretty decent, just a lot of hanging out at our apartment, which needs a cool nickname on the order of Cult of the Red Door. I guess since I'm the only founding member to remain in Seattle I can steal it, and in fact did steal it for phoenix fest last year.

Friday night it was [ profile] sidspencer, [ profile] girlstyle, [ profile] quent, and then following, [ profile] hotcrab,[ profile] baroof, [ profile] fritz_da_kat, and [ profile] doyouhaveaflag. There was just generally goofiness, indian leg wrestling and people measuring their heads and shit. Nice and good and fun and chill and calming. That sort of thing is my bag, baby. Also, I'd made bread, and everyone fuckin' raved about it.

Next day was a comedy of errors culminating in not going out at all, but fetching a bunch of people over for a while. Eventually it was just us and Steve and Patrick watching Simpsons till 6am. I woke up at like 8:30 and took some advil and went back to sleep, woke up at 11:30 in just some horrible head/back pain, which has subsided to a certain degree, but not nearly enough. I was in a haze with the muscle relaxers I took to take care of it, but we made it out to Cedar's anyway. Not really planning on staying up much longer here though.
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Friday we had "party ADD" - hung out with jay and meeghan then over to Quent's for a while, then to EN where everyone was actually hanging out, and then Dylan invited the whole bar to his apartment. Well, not all of it, but you know. It was kind of wacky.

Next day I was awoken by the Roommate Announcement, and then we called up Steve to see if he wanted to go to dinner. We ended up at Le Pichet at 9pm, where I had funky cheese and Calvados and slightly strange cured meats and a really good salad.

Afterwards we just kind of stayed at Steve's watching On Demand Adult Swim, and Spinal Tap. Asa came by briefly. When we left, there had been a fire alarm, so the elevators weren't working. Walking down 14 floors is never fun. Anyway. We got up the next day around 3:30 or so and went down to Beth's, where the food is good and the coffee is terrible. And the service is on par with the French place. But at least you can smoke indoors, which isn't my bag but works for Reg.

And then we drove up to Best Buy, which we figured would be a nightmare but wasn't really so terrible. Sunday 5pm before Xmas, but we got in and out very quickly, as we had a mission. Aqua Teen Hunger Force vols. 2 & 3. Which we then proceeded to watch lots and lots of. Not quite all. But all of vol. 2 (except the ones we'd seen at Steve's the previous night) and the Cloning and the Clowning on vol. 3.
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Last night Steve was in the shower, as he is wont to do before going out. I was happy about this for several reasons, but unhappy for several reasons. Because, you see, our house has two bathrooms, but only enough hot water for one shower at a time. (Not to mention the dishwasher can't be run and needed to be, but that's not relevant.) And I was sorely in need of a shower, my hair was a greasy mess. So we've politely agreed that only one person can shower at a time, so we can both have hot water. However. Steve tends to take hour-long showers or so. Why? I have no freakin' idea.

[Poll #233183]

So I was patiently waiting for him to finish when Reg called me to let me know he was on his way over. "Uh oh," I gulped, and ran upstairs. Where my other roommate, Randy, was walking about naked in order to take his shower. Dizzamn. I was foiled again. But he's a reasonable man who takes showers of reasonable length, so I was actually all gussied up before Reg arrived.

After a few detours, we headed out to ReBar where Sid's band was playing. Also Infomatik (we missed the first band, whatev) whom we'd just seen Sunday but damn. "What would happen if Interpol fucked the Faint?" Saw lots of people I knew and am so tired of, well not really, but damn. Also, slutty nurses. They gave away vibrators to people who got up on stage and told jokes. I spent a good amount of time thinking of the perfect joke, but unfortunately it materialized after the contest was over.*

And later Sid rocked out so hard he kept pulling out the mike cord. I kept yelling for him to take off his pants, but all we got was one shoe. And a broken drumstick but that was from the drummer. He also offered to take Reg home, but I was all like "MINE". We headed to Contour afterwards with [ profile] quent. Last Heliotrope or something. Steve was all "WE NEED A NIGHT BACK" and so we decided that after his tonsil shit was taken care of, we would do it.

* )
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I woke up on January First and went right back to sleep while Steve watched football. I woke up to intermittently check email and LJ, but I had a combination of terrible hangover, little sleep, and cold coming on full-force. I slept through the Rose Bowl, Summer School and Zebrahead. Finally forced myself up through hazy paranoia and asked Steve if he wanted to go pick up his car (which was left in Pioneer Square due to excessive drunkenness and Fear of DWI). He did, at some point, but first the state of pantslessness had to be assuaged.

("Put some goddamn pants on, Steve.")

On the way out we futzed with the radio and came upon "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Ah Seattle, where it's always 1994. Although the next song was "Flagpole Sitta," which is a couple years later - but then "Closer" by NIN came on. After dropping Steve off, they played "She" by Green Day, and my brain was about to explode nostalgia when an actual new tune came on (Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows). I was going to download it but we already had it on the house share, amazingly enough.

And then I watched Powerpuff Girls, talked to Tyson online, ate celery and carrots and dip, then went to bed. Slept for ages but then had to actually get up to pick up other housemate from the airport... I didn't know if I'd make it, but I did. I also didn't know if I'd be able to eat lunch, but I was. Some of it, anyway. Saved the rest for today. Slept some more... got up and showered, went to dinner with Steve and his buddy Dan (who flies up about every 6 weeks to work onsite). We then bought the aforementioned cold meds and then the Cult reprazented at Aristocrats. Very nice, although a little bit hardcore drum'n'bass for my tastes. I wonder how people can spin that, anyway?

Miraculously I managed to sleep through the cloud of pseudoephedrine - suppose the liquor helped a touch - until five in the morning. After which point I still managed to sleep but only about an hour at a time, so it didn't really feel like it. However! When I did finally arise, I looked at my eyerims in the mirror. PINK NOT RED, for the first time in ages. Sweet. But I think I'm about ready to take another nap.
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I actually ended up going out every night last week.
Oh yeah? where? )
This is detrimental because it makes me run out of money AND not want to look for work. I need to try to take it a little easier. At least I didn't spend too much money yesterday - skipped Crystal Method and various other options. But last night I just needed to get Steve drunk...
And now, a bit of prose. )
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I love the DJ (John in the Morning) who plays such nice music for me on my drive to work. Yesterday it was a little punky, today it was a little more mellow. Perfect for my soft tender pickled head.

Although last night Steve and I acknowledged that we aren't nearly the alcoholics that his friends were. And I admitted that $4 martinis were purely insidious inventions. (I also bought a ticket to the Minty event at the Contour next week. It's good to plan ahead.)


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