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Aug. 17th, 2012 12:57 am
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See that pointy bit up there? I think that's 2008, least that's what the scale made me assume. There are many reasons not to vote for Obama*, but driving up America's debt isn't one of them, actually.**

* There have been very few policy changes since 2001 in general. Some, like abortion being legal, are good; others, like the Patriot Act, are not so good. But I'd vote for Dubya before a professed Mormon. At least I know he's done drugs!

** Not that the President actually has that much of anything to do with increasing the deficit or revenue (the latter of which hasn't really gone up).

On a slightly different note, I'll quote Bill Hicks, even though it has nothing to do with the GDP, but everything to do with America:

"They say we're losing the War on Drugs. You know what that means? The drug users are winning! And we're all fucked up on drugs!"
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Pat Buchanan loved Obama's speech.

I just wanted to share that with the world, cos I can't get over it.
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Duke Rape Case a Travesty

basically, despite lack of substantial evidence, the DA went ahead to win the black vote.
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this is kind of funny shit, especially the fact that Telemarketers are seen as less ethical than Congressmen.
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How are the Cha Cha regulars going to know who to shun now?
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So I sort of attempted to kind of read Dude Where's My Country? last night, but it was highly depressing. I mean, yeah, some of it is outright made up, but all the 9-11/Afghanistan shit was just.. I mean, I knew it, but it's kind of different to have read articles over the past 4 years, and have them all together in a compendium. I'm cynical enough not to be shocked that the government and corporations are colluding, but idealistic enough to not want to see examples. Anyway, I read some Terry Pratchett afterwards and relaxed enough to fall asleep.

The dialysis bits were pretty funny though.

[disclaimer: i have not and probably won't see F911]
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Hippies are people who think the law or "the man" oppresses them, and then are shocked and appalled to find out that this is indeed the case. (eg when they get arrested for being in a large group breaking laws)
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"If we formally gave up enforcing rules on immigration then over a few decade period the United States would grow to have a population of about 1.8 billion people. One has to be a lunatic to want such an outcome. Therefore it is not implausible that Bush and the neocons want exactly that. Why? They have faith in the most foolish ideas and consider embracing such ideas a virtue."

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There's not been as much rhyme or reason on my democracy poll, except the more cynical people seem to think it's a bad idea and vice versa. But it's not that tight a correlation. Perhaps I phrased it badly, but I think if you vote for people to run the government, they should just run it and not ask the people every time a new issue comes up. The only time direct democracy comes close to working, as Asa said, is in a really small group of people. In Parliament of Whores, PJ O'Rourke goes to a town meeting in his small New England base of operations, and it's utter chaos. Probably fewer people than Congress, too.

Last night we watched the first part of Guns, Germs, and Steel. It's pretty similar to the book so far, except that they have some new archaelogists showing the earliest granaries and villages around the Mesopotamia area. Has anyone read that anti-agriculture rant? It's kind of weird since in the book he postulates that agriculture led to free time which led to CIVILIZATION. Maybe he's lost his mind.

Hey, no-fault laws increased divorce. WHAT A SHOCKER!


Jul. 11th, 2005 03:04 pm
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[Poll #530408]

edit: direct democracy== not having a representative democracy

so, wait

Jun. 24th, 2005 10:37 am
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Yesterday the HoR voted in favor of an anti-flag burning amendment, the SCOTUS decided against the 5th amendment, and new anti-porn legislation went into effect.

I think I killed my brain with Scrabble. It was actually about 2 hours before we gave up. Hardcore man. I also baked a cake, and finally got my teapot. Boy, that was annoying. If an ebay seller only accepts BidPay, kids, don't DO IT. It's a nice little teapot though.
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people who try to talk about economics as if it were a zero-sum game are very, very, very annoying.

one thing

May. 12th, 2005 11:21 am
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One of the neatest things about LJ is you can get exposed to such a broad spectrum of beliefs. It's more interesting when two open-minded people argue than when two close-minded people argue, because there's only one way the latter argument can go. "Well I'm right. Because I am." etc etc. I consider myself Open Minded because I don't really have strong beliefs about anything. Or rather, my opinions are opinonated, but they are not very important to me and my way of living, and if enough evidence came up, I'd change them. I also believe a lot of contradictory things quite comfortably and happily.
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There's a scene in Stalag 17 where the men in the prison camp play a record of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." I asked Reg why such a cheery song had such a depressing tune behind it. He said it was from the Civil War. But really, it's from long before that. The lyrics were totally spin-doctored.

woo hoo?

May. 7th, 2005 12:04 pm
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"The real median earnings of women age 15 and older who worked full time, year-round increased for the fifth consecutive year, rising to $29,215 -- a 3.5 percent increase between 2000 and 2001," said Weinberg. Men with similar work experience did not experience a statistical change in earnings ($38,275). As a result, the female-to-male earnings ratio reached an all-time high of 0.76. The previous high was 0.74, first recorded in 1996.

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hahaha nice

[ profile] ernunnos is arguing with people that if parents kill their children they should be sterilized. I think that's fair. What we really need of course is some kind of genetic switch flipped when people are born, and you have to be really clever to figure it out. Or at least, you know, able to tie your shoes. And once it's flipped back you can procreate, but not till then. Darwin would approve.

Thinking about starting the South Beach Diet again. I fell away from it really hard after Reg and I moved in together, but I was still thin then so I didn't care. But now, well, I'm not deluded about my weight, but I can tell when my pants don't fit. And he's having similar problems, so it won't be hard to convince him.

We started watching La Dolce Vita last night, new re-release version. Lots of movies on queue at home and also, Constantine. We're going to be rather boring this weekend so Reg can graduate.


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