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Weekend wasn't bad. Friday night Reg and I went to the Showbox to see Editors. We saw them on their last tour, but it was at the Chop Suey, and we decided that we'd have to see them again if they actually made it big enough to outgrow the Chop. And they have, and they did. [ profile] asabass and [ profile] sarahbliss were also impressed with the show. I was also impressed that the encore songs were "Munich", "Fingers in the Factories," and "Papillion", cos usually you put those out near the beginning. (We actually walked in during their second song.) Afterwards we grabbed some sushi and things at Dragonfish.

Saturday was tame, hung out some with Sarah and went to Electric Tea Garden. The usual suspects were there, it was a pretty killer night. I have been out of the scene so I only recognized Jeromy Nail's name, and he's still pretty good, and still pretty cute. I danced from 11:30pm till 3am, at which point I took a 30 minute break or so, then resumed dancing. But my knee was starting to give out, so I ended the night doing a retarded lean-on-other-foot-only dance. Ah well.

I woke up around noon on Sunday, read some HST, then decided I needed to copy my Australian Buffy and Angel DVDs to a US format. Instead I spent $15 to get software that turned off the region-encoding on my DVD player. Well worth it, and I spent the rest of the day watching Season 2 Buffy, which I still think is the best season. Maybe 7 is better but 2 just feels all warm and cozy. Except when people are evil, I guess. Even that is familiar, though.

Work is getting marginally better, but now I have to worry about getting shit done before my Canadian trip (we leave Saturday).
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[ profile] velvet and [ profile] quent and I went to We Love Vinyl Friday night at TCoB. It was totally awesome but there weren't many people. Door count was apparently around a hundred, which sounds about right. Dunno why they didn't blow this up more, but what can you do. It was a weird club night/rave night without being open past 2am. I've never been there before so I didn't get what was up with that. Also the concrete floor was hellacious on your dancing feet, but I will still probably go back next Friday for the Innerflight thing.

The rest of the weekend I spent watching Buffy. Till I ran out of DVDs. O Netflix. I was then going to watch some of my own Buffy DVDs, but uh, mine are Region 2, and my latest DVD player won't play them. It's weird, the first one I bought lasted till 2000-2004, next one I bought lasted maybe 1.5 years, but they both were region-free. This one is not. You used to be able to pay people a small fee to fix that, though.

Anyway I do own S3 but the DVDs had no cases and therefore got shuffled about and I couldn't find them. Well, Reg found the first two, but that only gets us up to "Lover's Walk." Pfah, I say. Still what could I do. I watched the first disc and was like "Jesus, they really got better didn't they." I mean you gotta watch the early seasons to make sense of the later seasons, but urggggh it's so cheesy back then. The darker eps are still good, but there are tragically few darker episodes per season. Anyway, that's why I prefer Angel as a series. Well, also because I like the characters better.
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it seems Family Guy is cutting back on the fake-flashbacks and increasing the just-plain-gross factor. Which I tend to prefer. So that's good.

Reg got a few Season 8 Simpsons episodes, including the one with John Waters as a toy collector. Season 8 is about when I stopped scheduling my life around Simpsons, so I have only seen about the first half.

As the weather was absolutely horrible and Reg is kind of ill, I spent the weekend in a bit of a Buffy and Angel haze. I finished season 3 of the former and got to season 2 of the latter. I am marvelling anew at how goddamn good season 2 is. It was the season I started actually watching it (and Buffy with 5) and it was so much more compelling than anything I'd ever seen before. I'd say since, but I've seen season 4. Anyway watching it all at once, rather than one week at a time, feels far superior. You get to feel the descent into madness and all that. Funny how each season a main character "goes dark." Or at least, you know, beige.
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The Killers' April 24th show is already sold out. Sometimes I hate this town.

Last night was pretty low-key, I watched a couple eps of Buffy with Reg and then surfed a little web till he felt like going to get [ profile] sarahbliss's dresser. This was a huge comedy, as Reg wasn't up for driving and my car's trunk is like a really hot virgin's ass- small entrance, lots of room inside. Anyway we thought about taking apart the dresser, then suddenly it just... started to come apart. By suddenly i of course mean, after it was dropped. So it came apart and fit in the car and we drove home.

First we stopped at the grocery store where we overspent on organic dairy, but I think it'll be worth it. It's not really that much more expensive, and so far the organic produce has been worth it for sure. I am not a huge milk fan but Reg is, so he will let me know, I'm sure. For dinner we had frozen chicken nuggets that were actually kind of gross, but ranch dressing helped.

I'm starting to want to write again, and as soon as my back stops killing me when I get on my 'puter at home, I think I will. It's probably just the monitor being too low, anyway.
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I forgot how many drinks I bought the other night, so I didn't really have the moola to buy any presents. Not that I'm buying presents for anyone but Reg and Steve, but you know. Reg and I have "been together" about a year, and I didn't get him shit last year, so I'm trying to make things rock'n'roll now.

I still wandered around various stores downtown looking for the shit I wanted, though, so Friday I can just zoom in and out really quickly. However I hadn't had an afternoon snack, so I finally collapsed at the Taco Del Mar at Westlake and got the Super Nachos. Which were damn super, I have to say. MMM growl good.

I then, for some unknown reason, had parts of the Buffy Musical stuck in my head. And as I taped the first half of that season, I hooked up my VCR as soon as I got home. But it wasn't working, so I swapped the AV cords to the front ports of my tv and then it worked. Strange. I wasn't really watching the first couple of episodes, since they were sort of slow and dull, instead I:
• made more mix CD copies
• converted Madvillainy and Resist to MP3 Pro format (half the size for the Lyra)
• talked to my mother - er, rather, listened to her talk
• transfered CDs from old vinyl nasty book to soft-lined pages
• re-read all of my Strangers in Paradise TBPs

Reg came home briefly. I offered to make him steak while he showered, but he respectfully declined. So, he showered and shaved and then pretty much went back to his paper.

I found a Soma and took it before the musical started. It was late and I was all jazzed (no pun intended), but I lost most of my energy at last and fell asleep before midnight. Although my bedtime is usually before eleven, so I was a little cranky when Reg got home.

Actually, I wasn't cranky then, but two hours later, when the Soma wore off and he (claims that he) kissed me, I woke up fully, hot and dry-mouthed, and got really cranky. I still couldn't fall asleep, though, and Reg claimed that all the uppers were preventing him from sleeping. So I attempted to exhaust him. Pretty easy.

man, this weekend looks like it's booked already. Tonight just might be fun too.

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Dec. 14th, 2004 02:07 pm
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Oh, yeah, I also hate these fucking things.

I mean what the hell? A red leafed plant that feels like nasty organic velvet?

Did anyone else ever wonder why no one, in seven years of Buffy, ever drew the obvious conclusion that Rupert and Buff were having an illicit affair?

Remember when Ben Gibbard was skinny?

I was looking over the info for Hamlet and I felt really weird that the last time I saw it was in college, on Laserdisc at the library.
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this cracked me up.

i've slowed down lots and lots with the Angel watching, mainly because 1) at my previous rate of consumption, I would have been finished like, now 2) it takes time to "acquire" episodes, and 3) I wasn't getting any exercise. Monday I totally walked a bunch and then yesterday, well, I didn't do anything but I cooked, which involves standing up*, and today I'm going skiing. Tomorrow I suspect I'm just going to lay around and moan, though. And, go to the grocery store.

I started on Dharma Bums last night, and already it's going much much faster than that other book, about a hundred pages already, and it's making me actually want to go camping. Well, I can wait for Coachella I guess.

* when the most standing you've done for a week is to go to the bathroom, this is exercise.
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item one. Backlash. Still reading it, sort of. It's awfully depressing, though. I mean the 80s are gone forever but gah. Although I'm perversely delighted reading about the neocon women who are shocked and surprised that the environment they helped create is *gasp* unfriendly to women! Kind of like the gay Republicans, I guess. Anyway I've put it on hold till my life improves.

item two Angel. I just watched "I Will Remember You", which is the episode in which Angel turns human and then he and Buffy are happy till they realize they can't, of course, and anyway it's so awfully sad, not depressing though. Difference. And I'm sappified enough that I almost didn't puke during the scenes of the two of them eating ice cream in bed.

item three Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom. Listening to this album again today and I just died. So fucking gorgeous. I almost want to do that. Well, of course I have no ability whatsoever but, I could try, right?


Feb. 12th, 2004 11:52 am
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Hmph. I feel like a giant mucus factory, and I think I've infected my boyfriend. Pretty likely, as he doesn't have the sense to stay away from me when I tell him I'm sick. Not that I mind, you understand. But we're a sorry pair.

I took the attractiveness test, and found out that I'm attracted to "movie star" looking guys who are thin, white, and at least 5'7". But that's just 'cos they didn't have too many jewish-looking dudes modeling for the test. Anyway they were like "Be less picky, there's a lot of competition" and I was like "No, I have my teen idol, whatever." I think also I'm more picky when I'm in a relationship, too. Also, every guy they had was smiling too much. I mean fakely, fake smiles turn me off.

I've been watching season two of Angel, only a couple episodes a day but eeeh! so much fun. I'm not in the least attracted to David Boreanaz but I kinda miss the show. Not that it's been cancelled, I just haven't been watching it since I moved to Seattle proper. I may just have to get Season 3.


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