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Jan. 27th, 2006 06:08 pm
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The weather is going to be super snowy so Reg's dad won't lend us the SUV. We're going to take the shuttle to Stevens tomorrow. In preperation I bought a real ski jacket, goretex; proper wicking socks; and my own thermal underwear. Reg's jr. high thermals had no give to the waist, and I am a woman. Also, we got walkie talkies at Radio Shack. I haven't used walkie talkies in about 15 years. They sure have come a long way.

So, I've spent a lot of money at Second Ascent. Besides the above I bought a hat and inner layer shirt turtleneck. Although I'm sure this still all came to under $200. Because it's so cold at Stevens I'm not going to wear thin goretex pants like I did the previous time, but the bib I bought waaay back in NC for my first time. It's been about 24 in Stevens today so I assume tomorrow will be similar.


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