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Weekend wasn't bad. Friday night Reg and I went to the Showbox to see Editors. We saw them on their last tour, but it was at the Chop Suey, and we decided that we'd have to see them again if they actually made it big enough to outgrow the Chop. And they have, and they did. [ profile] asabass and [ profile] sarahbliss were also impressed with the show. I was also impressed that the encore songs were "Munich", "Fingers in the Factories," and "Papillion", cos usually you put those out near the beginning. (We actually walked in during their second song.) Afterwards we grabbed some sushi and things at Dragonfish.

Saturday was tame, hung out some with Sarah and went to Electric Tea Garden. The usual suspects were there, it was a pretty killer night. I have been out of the scene so I only recognized Jeromy Nail's name, and he's still pretty good, and still pretty cute. I danced from 11:30pm till 3am, at which point I took a 30 minute break or so, then resumed dancing. But my knee was starting to give out, so I ended the night doing a retarded lean-on-other-foot-only dance. Ah well.

I woke up around noon on Sunday, read some HST, then decided I needed to copy my Australian Buffy and Angel DVDs to a US format. Instead I spent $15 to get software that turned off the region-encoding on my DVD player. Well worth it, and I spent the rest of the day watching Season 2 Buffy, which I still think is the best season. Maybe 7 is better but 2 just feels all warm and cozy. Except when people are evil, I guess. Even that is familiar, though.

Work is getting marginally better, but now I have to worry about getting shit done before my Canadian trip (we leave Saturday).
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[ profile] velvet and [ profile] quent and I went to We Love Vinyl Friday night at TCoB. It was totally awesome but there weren't many people. Door count was apparently around a hundred, which sounds about right. Dunno why they didn't blow this up more, but what can you do. It was a weird club night/rave night without being open past 2am. I've never been there before so I didn't get what was up with that. Also the concrete floor was hellacious on your dancing feet, but I will still probably go back next Friday for the Innerflight thing.

The rest of the weekend I spent watching Buffy. Till I ran out of DVDs. O Netflix. I was then going to watch some of my own Buffy DVDs, but uh, mine are Region 2, and my latest DVD player won't play them. It's weird, the first one I bought lasted till 2000-2004, next one I bought lasted maybe 1.5 years, but they both were region-free. This one is not. You used to be able to pay people a small fee to fix that, though.

Anyway I do own S3 but the DVDs had no cases and therefore got shuffled about and I couldn't find them. Well, Reg found the first two, but that only gets us up to "Lover's Walk." Pfah, I say. Still what could I do. I watched the first disc and was like "Jesus, they really got better didn't they." I mean you gotta watch the early seasons to make sense of the later seasons, but urggggh it's so cheesy back then. The darker eps are still good, but there are tragically few darker episodes per season. Anyway, that's why I prefer Angel as a series. Well, also because I like the characters better.

not too bad

Jun. 7th, 2007 06:37 am
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yesterday Reg and I met with [ profile] girlstyle after work for Dragonfish happy hour, that was NICE. I then suggested Dilettante, and thank god we split a dessert (although Ang cowardly bailed first) b/c WOAH that was some big ass tiramisu. Saw Paul, then [ profile] rorotheclown briefly, then later headed to the VIP room for [ profile] interimlover's going-away party, where we talked to [ profile] suxdonut and Paul. Lots of Paul really, which was nice. He's a rather good egg. We talked about fucked up movies and whatnot. But he and Shannon left early so we did likewise, as Reg is still stoning (ho ho ho).

alcohol units consumed: 2
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Post of the day.

It seems I have hit upon a decent combo of cold medication. Or maybe I just coughed up the fluid in my lungs? Alas I am still too sick to start a makeout party.

Anyway trivia was pleasant if way too fucking long. I mean seriously guys.

Reg is watching The Good Shepard but I am a little too hyped to relax.
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The lung butter seems to have gotten to the fake sore throat point. You know, where you hack it all up and then your throat doesn't really hurt. But there's just um, lots of it. Nice not to have the wire-scraping feeling going on down there though.

Despite this shit I have been going out. Wed was karaoke, Thursday night was McLeod (and then straight home) and last night we hung out with Kim a bit and briefly saw [ profile] langston and [ profile] patrick before heading home. We attempted to watch two movies and failed, so I suppose we'll try again later. Although I'm not sure if I can watch Spartacus.

give it up

Aug. 2nd, 2006 10:03 am
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I poached some chicken breasts, made Annie's mac&cheese, and then settled in to finish Enchantress From the Stars. Newberry winner from 1970 and hasn't aged badly at all.

By the time I finished it, Reg had showered and dressed, so I changed and we headed to Baltic. Invited Ang to join us. We hadn't seen her in a while so that was cool. Sol and [ profile] skiplogic joined us for a bit, and EVAC was pretty cool. Everyone started talking about their brushes with the law, except me, because I was a goodie-goodie. Except for that car theft but that was my roommate and she didn't press charges.

I seem to be developing a tolerance for alcohol or something, though. How annoying. Took me a while to sleep and then I dreamed about CAMPING by a LAKE. It was pretty.
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Saturday evening Dougie and Joe dropped by, and we took them to BalMar. They liked, but I had been drinking more mojitos and the third drink of the night kind of spoke to my stomach. It said "Stomach, let's produce a looot of acid. I mean, a loooot of acid." So I kind of had to run home after only half my drink and swig the Pepto. Of course an hour later I had another mojito, although only half of what I'd been making earlier.

Not much else happened, they left to go to some party and we went to EN, left, picked up Kim and Ashley and went back. And then back home. I read comics for a few hours then went to sleep. I convinced Reg that instead of getting a new liquor cabinet, we could simply use the fucking cabinet I got years ago that he was using to keep printer paper in. We re-arranged things and voila. Next day I woke up and made bacon, cut up an apple and some Beecher's cheese. Then we went for a walk. The plan was for me to buy Reg's late Valentine's present; originally I was going to get him ski boots, but he decided he'd rather have something from Blackbird.

But first we bought tea. I hadn't been in the tea house before. It's pretty nice, although there's no sofas or anything cozy like that. We bought 3 kinds of tea: white, green/jasmine, and oolong. I can't remember if I mentioned that he bought a teapot here for my Valentine's present. Although he gets a lot more use out of it than I do. And so then we treaded on to Blackbird, where we hadn't been since the remodeling. All you guys who have big chests, btw, the large and x-large sale racks have a lot of shirts and crap. He almost got a pair of pants but at the last minute we got this hoodie instead. I'm not a big fan of designer hoodies but I do like them if they have designs on them. This one had the crest of the designer or something.

Then we went to Second Ascent for a while, and then the Farmer's Market. Or vice versa. I got these "caveman" snack bars that look pretty good. If I hadn't spent 80 bucks at Fred Meyer the previous day I'm sure we would have dropped more cash, but as it was Reg got a Boar's Head hot dog and that was that. We sat at a cafe for a while then headed home. It was really nice temperature-wise but of course it started drizzling as we headed home, and a few minutes later it was pouring. So we just headed to Best Buy and Target to pick up a few things. Reg got Season One of Mr. Show, but we could only watch about 15 minutes of the first episode. It was so fucking horrible.
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Boudoir photo set.

hey peeps

Nov. 3rd, 2005 03:56 pm
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returning to the deep down friday is kind of tempting. Anyone?

um, wow.

Mar. 16th, 2005 07:43 pm
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So in ten days it looks like a shitload of stuff has come up. Is anyone still actually interested in hanging out with me on Sat the 26th, or am I going to have to have the celebration a day early? Tentative plans are seeing Mono at Sunset and XDream at [undisclosed], if the rockers want to do 1 and the ravers tech-heads want to do 2. I just want to know.

[Poll #456099]
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Finished watching The Big Sleep last night. I enjoyed it a lot, although mainly because of Bacall and Bogie's onscreen magic moments. Which is funny b/c the version I watched edited out people explaining things in favor of those moments. So I totally didn't understand anything that happened, except a lot of guys got shot because of the younger sister being crazy and dope-addicted.  And don't say "read the book," because I've tried twice. It's like The Fellowship of the Ring. Well, ok, in a different way, but neither of these books can integrate into my brain. Something about these old British men, maybe.

Afterwards we were a little hyped up and agreed to meet Steve for drinks at 611 Supreme, which is a really cute little French bistro kind of place with crepes and sugar cubes instead of packets and a very amiable bartender. Mourad came out, that was cool, hadn't seen him in a million years, since the one time he came to karaoke and left immediately when we didn't have any drugs. Reg was hungry, though, so we left "early" (before midnight) to hit up the Wendy's. I almost convinced him to drive around more to listen to my CD, but not really. We fell asleep pretty quick, he didn't even take his clothes off.
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Friday we had "party ADD" - hung out with jay and meeghan then over to Quent's for a while, then to EN where everyone was actually hanging out, and then Dylan invited the whole bar to his apartment. Well, not all of it, but you know. It was kind of wacky.

Next day I was awoken by the Roommate Announcement, and then we called up Steve to see if he wanted to go to dinner. We ended up at Le Pichet at 9pm, where I had funky cheese and Calvados and slightly strange cured meats and a really good salad.

Afterwards we just kind of stayed at Steve's watching On Demand Adult Swim, and Spinal Tap. Asa came by briefly. When we left, there had been a fire alarm, so the elevators weren't working. Walking down 14 floors is never fun. Anyway. We got up the next day around 3:30 or so and went down to Beth's, where the food is good and the coffee is terrible. And the service is on par with the French place. But at least you can smoke indoors, which isn't my bag but works for Reg.

And then we drove up to Best Buy, which we figured would be a nightmare but wasn't really so terrible. Sunday 5pm before Xmas, but we got in and out very quickly, as we had a mission. Aqua Teen Hunger Force vols. 2 & 3. Which we then proceeded to watch lots and lots of. Not quite all. But all of vol. 2 (except the ones we'd seen at Steve's the previous night) and the Cloning and the Clowning on vol. 3.
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So Saturday we dragged our sorry asses over to [ profile] pokemyeye's. For a while we just watched Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry music videos, but finally we called a few people, then got in free to the Burlesque Show at the Rendezvous. It was fairly silly, which is what you gotta expect of course. I'd gotten the impression that Burlesque in Seattle was equivalent to 200lb chicks taking off their clothes on stage with feather boas, but I was pleasantly surprised. I still don't get too much of a thrill from these stripteases, but I got to giggle a lot, and it was fun. Not as tacky or uncomfortable as Rick's, also.

I still need to do something about my drinking problem. In the Airplane sense, I mean - I tend to get indigestion if I have more than one drink. I have a feeling that it's because I combine other things along with the alcohol, and I'll just have to start giving myself drug enemas so it doesn't irritate my stomach. But then that's even less sociably acceptable, and really I only drink/drug seriously for social purposes. So, I suppose just having a single drink will have to do for now.


Jan. 12th, 2004 11:01 am
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I re-read To Say Nothing of the Dog again this weekend. The paradox inherent bothers me more and more, each time I read it. Has anyone else read it? Connie Willis is fantastic, unfortunately her works require so much research that she's only written like four novels. And lots of short stories, granted.

That was about it. Saturday I did Naked Sushi with some peeps at Bonzai, and attempted to help a friend score by inviting the remainder to my place, but it didn't quite work so well. Still had a good time; kicked out the visitors at 6am. And then, you know, didn't wake up till 4pm. Watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels on IFC, then barely had enough time to get ready to go to the Crocodile and eat dinner.

Infomatik was great but they played a supershort set, since they had started late. But they had CDs at last, yay. Reg got one and the keyboard player recognized him from Sid's show at the Sunset. Woo, we are rockstar groupie-matics for suze. He also got the Kuma CD, sight unseen, just b/c he liked the buttons.

I had no idea what to expect with Kuma, but it reminded me of why I dislike seeing goth acts live. They were good, don't get me wrong, they rocked out, but they took themselves so seriously I couldn't stop laughing. Well, anyway, I copied the CD too, there was some serious raw emotion that made me totally want to make out.

IMA Robot was like, off the hook and shit. Lead singer clearly high or something, kept tripping over shit. I found he had a slight resemblence to Stuart Townsend, but not in the handsome way. and yes, steve perry haircut. But great show. Must remember to acquire album.

Ah yeah.


Dec. 31st, 2003 11:28 am
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Made it to work ok, this is indeed happy PNW snow that doesn't melt and refreeze on your car. And there's some dudes outside our 2nd story window here with goddamn BLOWTORCHES. Swear to god, they are redoing the "tarpaper" shit that is part sand and part crap, the stuff poor people have instead of shingles you know. It's on the balcony here and apparently must be melted down.

Oh, and it smells terrible, but I have only to deal with it another 20 minutes or so, and then I'm gone to lunch and home. Wheet! And then a few hours later Reg and I are going to Conworks and then I suspect whatever afterparty is going down. I think naps may be in order before this, however.
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I actually ended up going out every night last week.
Oh yeah? where? )
This is detrimental because it makes me run out of money AND not want to look for work. I need to try to take it a little easier. At least I didn't spend too much money yesterday - skipped Crystal Method and various other options. But last night I just needed to get Steve drunk...
And now, a bit of prose. )
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I love the DJ (John in the Morning) who plays such nice music for me on my drive to work. Yesterday it was a little punky, today it was a little more mellow. Perfect for my soft tender pickled head.

Although last night Steve and I acknowledged that we aren't nearly the alcoholics that his friends were. And I admitted that $4 martinis were purely insidious inventions. (I also bought a ticket to the Minty event at the Contour next week. It's good to plan ahead.)


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