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Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend
One of the earliest "drug memoirs." Fictionalized account of Crowley's life, retold in a magnificent Edwardian splendor of verbiage.
A.L. Kennedy, Paradise
A Scottish woman's story of her attempts to quit drinking. Hilarious if painful.

Dashiel Hammet, The Thin Man
Er, another book about an alcoholic. Classic story about a dectectin' couple who investigate a dysfunctional family's patriarch.

Eddie Little, Another Day in Paradise
This one is about junkie safecrackers, and is based on Eddie Little's adolescence. Brutal and poignant.

Rob Thomas, Rats Saw God
I did like a few books that didn't involve drinking or drugs. This one's about a young man's high school clique, his first love, and how it all falls apart. By the creator of Veronica Mars.

Alfred Bester, The Stars My Destination
A morality play about a highly immoral man who nearly dies, and tries to find out who is responsible. His quest takes him throughout the solar system and beyond.

Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita
Cynical Russian fantasy about the devil coming to Moscow to meet the a woman and her lover, the author of a realistic novel about Jesus.

Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
Probably the "worst" of these, but one of my favorite vampire tales ever. A young girl follows her father in the hunt for Dracula, all over 60s Europe.

Tim Powers, Declare
One of the most creative explanations for Communist Russia ever.


Dec. 14th, 2005 05:48 pm
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Dear Kids,

Don't Do Drugs.

The Darkness.
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The phrase was coined to describe the "prolonged, purposeless, and stereotyped behaviour in chronic amphetamine users," according to this scientific paper.

In other news, STRESS IS BEST and I LOVE MY JOB.

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• getting to go at all; great thanks go out to Reg's parents. A week off work in Seattle would have been cool, but in a tropical paradise it was sublime.

• the Grand Mayan; I wish I could have taken a photo of the main entrance area, but it was far too ridiculous. Seven huge stone-looking statues going up fifteen feet high in a semi-circle, with some ambient tone-less music going to make it feel primal. Marble countertops everywhere. Reg and I got the nice big suite with the view of the beach. A kitchenette and 1.25 baths. Well, technically there was also a big tub in the bedroom. Anyway. Fucking nice hotel, and it had about half a mile square of pools as well. The highlights of that were the big "mayan temple" that had a nice slide going down to a wave pool, and a "moat" (canal) going around the whole thing that had a wave pool effect going every afternoon.

• the cheapness. Not so much in the Nuevo Vallerta area, but the instant we got in to Puerto Vallerta proper, everything was insanely inexpensive. Not that I really had any money, and reg kept losing his "allowance", but it allowed us to have, say, $16 cartons of cigarettes and $70 nice dinners (including wine). and red bull for only a dollar! I also got a $35 Diesel dress that Reg wouldn't allow me to wear b/c i was too sexy in it, or something like that.

• the food! Oh lordie, I must have gained 10 pounds the past two weeks. Except for the coffee, everything was a million times better there, even the Coke. They use sugar instead of Corn Syrup, you see. Candy was better, need I even say the chips and salsa were better. The duckling was better. Hmmm.

• farmacia. Not as wonderful as I'd been led to believe, but still decent. Ultram, antibiotics, prednisone and Soma. What more could you ask for without a doctor's prescription?

We also went parasailing and horseback riding. The former was better than I thought it would be, although having to ride around on the little boat afterwards made me violently seasick. Thank god I refused the sailing trip. Horseback riding was fun, although I was so incredibly sore afterwards that it wasn't even funny. Plus I got serious shy bladder syndrome halfway through.

Anyway. Pictures tonight.

oh, ok

Mar. 18th, 2005 08:31 am
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The day I went in to get my tooth fixed I didn't have but one Diet Coke, no coffee/tea or whatever, and then I woke up with a headache on the other side of my face. I was all "wtf" and went to work, still not drinking any caffeinated beverages b/c of the temperature sensitivity fear, and it just got worse and worse till I thought I was going to vomit. So I went home early and Reg gave me a Dr. Pepper and some advil and that seemed to actually help. This morning I woke up with the head still hurting a bit, jaw not even worth complaining over, and coffee has helped tremendously. So, I guess it's official: I'm addicted to caffeine.
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  • I bought the Nat Sherman Black and Golds They are nice but a little bit bland. Maybe I will have to bring back the pipe after all.
  • I am the kind of person who thinks Klingon death metal is funny for about two seconds.
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I am not a "smoker" which is to say, i have had as many as three cigarettes in a row to one every two months. My brand of choice is Djarum Blacks, but if I was to try something that wasn't a clove, what should I try? Dunhills? Stick to a pipe?
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Reg finally gave me my V-day present, a gift box of Dolce & Gabanna perfumed creams and gel and stuff. I smell really nice now. In return I made him a roast with yorkshire puddings and wow I did well my son. Of course I ate so much fat that I got a little ill after dinner.

I hurt my back somehow, I suspect from bad posture and bad sleep-ture. I then dreamed someone was chasing me, either to kill me or turn me in to people who would kill me. He looked like the guy who killed Swayze in Ghost, actually, prospect-place-willy. He chased me through a safeway all the way to someone's huge gorgeous malibu-style beachhouse.

Anyway I forced Reg to try to massage my back for a bit, but he has no upper body stamina and so I had to fantasize about that ugly nurse in Zoolander totally deep-tissue-massaging me. I took an ACC and it's helping a little.

I finally copied all my mp3s that I'd been cultivating for the past six months from blogville, and am trying to Soulseek the entire albums. It's a long and thankless task, but I'm getting some goddamned great music out of it.
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I think the best part of the Cocaine book is when Dominic Streatfield calls up Milton Friedman to ask him about cocaine economics, and Friedman, like everyone else basically, says the problem is that the USA's demand is so high that it drives the price up and therefore makes it highly profitable.

Finished that last night, as well as the Strangers In Paradise that I bought. And then, wow, I went to bed. I'm so exciting. I think this is going to continue b/c I'm stressed out and tired. Unless there's a compelling reason to go out this weekend, I'm not going to.
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So, apparently my brilliant plan of taking too much cold medicine and staying up all night then sleeping 10 hours yesterday worked. I have almost no cold symptoms anymore.

Of course this is the first day all week that I am not hopped up on uppers beyond two diet cokes, so I just want to go home and sleep. I can't even think of any more cool things to buy if I get a new job. Apart from home cable internet and a trip to thailand for xmas 2005. And tight pants for Reg.

edit: Reg is buying infected mushroom tickets right now. Hawtt. Also i decided to buy a crepe machine. to make crepes with.
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I still do not like the taste of cigarettes, esp. the next morning after you've brushed your teeth and you can still taste it in the back of your throat. Oh man, so hot. Nawt.

I was just going to go to the Supercuts in the udist but there was an hour wait. Can you believe that shit? There's a Hairmasters across the street, though, and they're $15 for a cut with no shampoo, which is fine with me. It's run by the Asian Lady Mafia, but these are more like the first backup band in Hedwig, and the lady who did me had a glorious perm that made her look Hispanic from the back. I want hair like Selma Hayeck. Or possibly Nicole Kidman. I will never get over wanting curly hair.

Anyway after acquiring this hot cut we hit the Buffalo Exchange for cheap tasty clothes. Reg did his xmas shopping while I just bought shit for myself. I got a slutty lowcut t-shirt, a green argyle Benetton sweater, and Silver lowcut jeans. I think I'm good with the clothes for a good while now, ja? I still want a black wool sweater like the one I lost at Randy's old place, though.

Wasn't very hungry so we just ordered 9 creampuffs at the pho place, then went home to model our new clothes to each other for a while, rocked out and headed to Karaoke. It ended up being a decent crowd, not too huge not too small, and I sang "Go Your Own Way," "A Question of Time," and "Hold the Line." Unfortunately when you don't eat much dinner and drink two really strong drinks, bad things happen, and I feel like complete ass right now. acid reflux sucks.
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I forgot how many drinks I bought the other night, so I didn't really have the moola to buy any presents. Not that I'm buying presents for anyone but Reg and Steve, but you know. Reg and I have "been together" about a year, and I didn't get him shit last year, so I'm trying to make things rock'n'roll now.

I still wandered around various stores downtown looking for the shit I wanted, though, so Friday I can just zoom in and out really quickly. However I hadn't had an afternoon snack, so I finally collapsed at the Taco Del Mar at Westlake and got the Super Nachos. Which were damn super, I have to say. MMM growl good.

I then, for some unknown reason, had parts of the Buffy Musical stuck in my head. And as I taped the first half of that season, I hooked up my VCR as soon as I got home. But it wasn't working, so I swapped the AV cords to the front ports of my tv and then it worked. Strange. I wasn't really watching the first couple of episodes, since they were sort of slow and dull, instead I:
• made more mix CD copies
• converted Madvillainy and Resist to MP3 Pro format (half the size for the Lyra)
• talked to my mother - er, rather, listened to her talk
• transfered CDs from old vinyl nasty book to soft-lined pages
• re-read all of my Strangers in Paradise TBPs

Reg came home briefly. I offered to make him steak while he showered, but he respectfully declined. So, he showered and shaved and then pretty much went back to his paper.

I found a Soma and took it before the musical started. It was late and I was all jazzed (no pun intended), but I lost most of my energy at last and fell asleep before midnight. Although my bedtime is usually before eleven, so I was a little cranky when Reg got home.

Actually, I wasn't cranky then, but two hours later, when the Soma wore off and he (claims that he) kissed me, I woke up fully, hot and dry-mouthed, and got really cranky. I still couldn't fall asleep, though, and Reg claimed that all the uppers were preventing him from sleeping. So I attempted to exhaust him. Pretty easy.

man, this weekend looks like it's booked already. Tonight just might be fun too.
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the scoop on the date-rape drug

edit: really really interesting post about women in music (or lack thereof)
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My dad has this thing about listening to the same album over and over again. I used to not be able to do that, what with my attention span and all, and I'd get so very annoyed that I'd want to smash the car windows (as we were usually in the car when I was forced to listen with him, otherwise I could leave). One of these was Past Masters 2, and inevitably he would talk about the 60s and drugs or something.

Especially when "The Inner Light" came on. Damn, would he go on and on about his LSD trips.
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after reading most of this last night, i totally wanna go to kmart and make tea out of dried opium poppies.

it was all rather disturbing, actually, and I'm not sure why. i'm just easily disturbed. for some reason the soviet spy shit bothered me a lot. i guess because glasnost was right around when I started noticing stuff, and then we started seeing how Russia couldn't possibly be a threat and all. but hey guess what! it was totally, big time. "there are still a ton of secret transmitters that have been booby-trapped in existence."
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When tweaked out on cold medication, do not read nutso conspiracy fantasy.


Nov. 1st, 2002 08:39 pm
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I put up some pics.
Some highlights... )


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