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Every time I end a job I bring in this ancient hard drive which still works like a dream, and I copy the music I download onto it. I then never listen to it, since it's just acres and acres of "singles". But now I'm not downloading 4+ mp3s a day and just sorting through this stuff from my last job. Anyway it's totally weird to me how much stuff I rated 4-5 stars that I now am rating 1-2 stars. I really really can barely stand jangley guitars anymore. If you don't have 7 instruments - or 7 pedals on each guitar - I ain't gon' listen.

Hilariously enough, I just realized yesterday that the only pop song I noted last year - I mostly listen to KEXP, The End, or JackFM while driving once a week, but once in a while I put on C89.5* - was "Poker Face," by Lady Gaga. I had basically been hiding under my covers from Lady Gaga all of 2009, but I totally listened to about 6 versions on YouTube yesterday. OK the hype is all true.

* For nonlocals, KEXP= indie rock, The End= grunge and Muse, JackFM= your used-to-be-hip older brother's MP3 collection
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Four Tet has a new album out, There Is Love In You, and it is good. More melodic than his previous.

Here's a link to the Radio One Essential Mix he played recently.
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We Are Scientists - Inaction

Call on the fates, this'll take a second
While I fall on my face, like everyone else
And we can talk all we want, but all I can say is that
"I'm sorry, and I'm sorry, but I'm never gonna do it again"

Counting all my relevant friends
Well this keeps coming up again and again
If everybody knows how it's gonna end
Why doesn't someone stop me?
Because I'm sick of waking up on your floor
For the 6th or 7th night in a row
I'm lying next to you in all of my clothes
Someone stop me!

It's hard to rely on the rhythm section
When they're all packing up
And they're heading for the exit
Yeah we're all about the same
A bunch of slaves to fashion
Who are tall, dark and scared
And just praying for some action

How am I supposed to know what makes this happen?

That and "Feel So Sad (Peel Session)" were the two songs I kept playing over and over this morning, but I figured the one above was cheerier.
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Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994, and Princess Diana was killed in 1997. Between these two events, Oasis released 3 albums, two that were rather good. Little-known bands Blur and Pulp also released some good shit, and some lesser-known British bands made some money when their music was featured on some obscure Scottish indie film known as Trainspotting.

Enough with the understatement. I rented Live Forever last night, it's basically summed up by the above paragraph. It could have had a lot more info in it, but I enjoyed it as a soundtrack to 1995-96. Plus for some reason I always forget how good-looking Damon Albarn was, to the point that when I first saw the video for "Girls and Boys" I thought they were a pop-boy-band. I still like about five Blur songs, although I've never been able to listen to their albums all the way through. And amazingly enough, Liam is still a complete tosser who should never be allowed out in public unless it's to sing. And Noel has the right amount of swagger. And Jarvis still has huge hands.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:44 pm
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today's seasonal albums:

Keep Your Eyes Ahead*, the Helio Sequence [2008]
  • Portland-based rock band takes it down a notch after their lead singer recovers from throat injuries.

Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters, The Twilight Sad [2007]
  • They're Scottish. But unlike Mogwai, they sing. Like Mogwai, they are awesome.

* (except for the last track, which I hate)
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When I started getting into music, I focused on the stuff my brother liked. He was born in '73, and was a nerdy dude, so he was into Def Leppard initially. We both liked Weird Al primarily because he "mocked" MJ and Madonna. And we liked Huey Lewis mostly because of Back to the Future. Separately I kind of liked Genesis, but that was as far as pop music went for me. My peers were into Tiffany, right. Ew.

But then, but then, Guns'n'Roses came out when I was 11, and nothing was the same again. GNR and then Metallica and then, and then, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Oooooh. Initially I didn't care for most of the Grunge scene, and I was still seriously into Bon Jovi - mainly sure, I was into the hair bands that had cute guys, and I preferred Eddie to Kurt.

Anyway, moving on, I was also getting into the Cure and Depeche Mode - especially after Violator, then Songs and Wish. I also caught glimpses of Rave, but only a few, till I graduated high school. Popular music started to fade away from Weezer and back towards Gin Blossoms. There were a few glimpses of coolness, but I mostly stopped listening to guitar stuff from '97-'01. I mentioned this to Reg - oh sure, there was the Radiohead Cult, but I am always wary of cults. Anyway Reg, who was born in '81 in Seattle, had a slightly more parallel music evolution to me, but still too "molded in 3rd Eye Blind." (I like their first record a lot, but you know.) And he agreed that most music of that era was total shit, unless you like Dave Matthews Band or whatever.

[Flashback for a minute - I was in jr. high, incredibly unpopular, and the only girls who hang out with me are either 100lbs overweight, or black*. The former likes metal, the latter likes shit I honestly can't take. R AND B, yall. Color Me Badd appears on 90210. This is what I was recoiling from. Yeah yeah yeah, CMB was just a white band capitalizing on the trend. The trend was very much there, people. I preferred gangsta rap to that shit, like woah. (My brother was into Sir Mix-A-Lot before "Baby Got Back.") The way I grew up, the time and place, you only heard of cool music by a) staying up and watching 120 Minutes, or b) knowing people who moved from big cities. Oil was big enough that there were lots of these people, at least.]

Anyway, I like electronic music a lot, but I was relieved as all hell when 2001 brought back some rock'n'roll.

*I was so dumb I didn't realize that I was being ostracized by the popular kids. Racism was too subtle for me back then.
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Air stagnation advisory in effect until 10 PM PDT Saturday... Highs in the upper 80s to mid 90s.

I was looking around for camping areas where it wouldn't be as bad, but the problem is the RAIN IS RETURNING after 10pm saturday. Which is nice for bringing down temps, but balls when you're camping. East of the mountains it won't rain, of course, but 100☼ temps are not something I ever want to have to deal with again.

In other news, I was listening to the Depeche Mode song "Agent Orange" this morning and it made me happy. Well, not happy. It dials straight through my soul and syncs up because of its resonant emotional frequency. (If you haven't heard the song, imagine early ultra-gothy Cure done all minimalistic and synthy and no vocals. And then just listen to it, ok, so you can understand me.)

(Contrast: Spacemen 3's first album, and live sets, do make me happy, because it's a place I want to be, rather than a place I'm all too familiar with.)
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We saw Into the Wild last night, which had the misfortune of being released the same year as Juno. It's pretty good, which was expected from Sean Penn, but to my shock and surprise, the folksy soundtrack didn't make me want to claw my eyes out. Because when hard rockers sing soft songs, it sounds pretty damn good. I knew this, but I didn't expect to enjoy Eddie Vedder doing it. You would have thought that would have gotten the attention of the Oscar fucks, but I guess not.

disclaimer: although I watched the Oscars, I muted every single musical number. Because otherwise my eardrums would have imploded. Still glad Disney lost.

(The movie is about a young man who goes to live on the land in the Alaskan wilderness near Mt. McKinley, the two years preceding this journey, and the months leading to his death.)
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try harder, ok.

I mean, OK, Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin, but jesus, there's so much more awesomeness around for people to listen to while laying around with headphones on, just in the past 20 years. Even if you only consider the rock-genres. U2, Radiohead, The White Stripes, Mogwai, come on, give me a break.
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taken from [ profile] xol0tl:

The idea is you look up the year you were born in wikipedia and under music find the albums that were released that year. Then list the albums that you would, or do listen to now...

So, I present to you, the cool albums of 1977:
Read more... )
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but on the way home I listened to the same song 3 TIMES in a row.

01 dimension

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And boy, the new Arcade Fire album is really good.

(Available on Soulseek.)
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* Greek Paganism: I'm in the middle of Courtesans and Fishcakes, which is a little too esoteric to get interested in, but it got me to start The Homeric Gods, which is a lot more accessible. Although a bit difficult to grasp, the author basically is successful in explaining the way that the Greeks saw religion, not as some weird otherworldly spiritual experience, but as the spirit of nature. Thus, well, the paganism we're all sort of familiar with is based on the Greeks.

The explanation starts with the Illiad, in which heros perform mighty feats, but NOT impossible ones, with the help of gods and goddesses. That is to say, there are no "miracles" in the judeo-christian sense, just people whose natural abilities are somewhat enhanced by their deities. The Greek religion therefore was utterly rational in that sense. I mean, it's silly to us today to think that figuring out a problem was due to Athena or whatever, but it still works beautifully as a metaphor.

* Common Knowledge: Mr. XKCD posted the blue eye logic puzzle yesterday, and while he also provides the solution*, he doesn't really explain the reasoning that well. Which is fine, you know, but I kept tripping over the logic in my head. I even got [ profile] candid to try to explain it to me, and he pointed me to the Wikipedia article on Common Knowledge (as a game theory term). I'll refrain from any other discussion till I get to the comments, but I think I got it now. I even emailed it to my ex Nick to see what he could make of it, since before Joel he was probably the smartest person I knew.

* Wall of Sound: There's a festival in Virginia with a bunch of loud bands of that genre. (Although it says only "indie/shoegaze/New wave".) I am wondering if there is a market for that kind of thing here. I mean we have Kinski, right? I'd love to have something like that locally, and reading about dB fest's origins makes me really wonder.

edit: oh the solution is here.
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reg forced me to read Killing Yourself to Live. despite myself I enjoyed it, although I'm rather glad I'm not that GenX. plus his music taste is slightly questionable, although I must say the bit about everyone going through the LED ZEPPELIN IS THE ONLY BAND EVER stage was spot on.
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laural answers the question: WHAT 80S REVIVAL ACTS SHOULD I LISTEN TO?

IF YOU LIKE Depeche Mode YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE She Wants Revenge



Now, take the musical tastes survey!
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oh my god it's so nice to have my MP3s back.
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two US stops with their SWORN ENEMIES

in 2006

Jul. 18th, 2006 10:50 am
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Jarvis Cocker writes in his blog. Notable for the number of times he uses the term "cunt" and "cuntish."


May. 16th, 2006 10:27 am
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one week till mogwai

9 days till I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness


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