Nov. 25th, 2009 10:56 am
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[ profile] velvet and I are fucking off to Victoria tomorow.

Why? Because WE CAN.

in order

Nov. 24th, 2006 07:38 pm
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1) so i kind of drove out to bellevue for naught, but the recruiter seemed to like me ok. I'll hear monday.

2) my unemployment application got approved for $300/week (for 20 weeks). Which is about what I took home at my job-before-this. I'm kind of happy.

3) thanksgiving at [ profile] ashlin519's was pretty boss. We got hella drunk on nothin' but wine (and beer but me and reg aren't so beery) and Reg started spouting awesome conspiracy theories of WW2 shit + Illuminatus! trilogy shit. I was hoping he was fucking around. Oh yeah the food and friends were great. We made new karaoke friends, I hope. PICS HERE.

4) we had to drive to Issaquah to pick up the SUV for skiing at midnight. I got to bed at 1am and the alarm was set for 6 (then rapidly set for 6:20). We got moving with Heather and Michael about 7:15, McD's at breakfast - my first meal there in probably 7 years. I do love their biscuits. Perfectly dry yet greasy enough.

5) Skiing at Stevens was kind of miserable. The snow was thick and visibility was low, the only non-crowded lift was the slooooow one, and Reg took a nasty spill head-first onto some ice. But we got there before ten and didn't leave till 3. I am a lot better than I was last year! I am happy with my progress, although of course I need to KEEP GETTING BETTER and work on fries not pizza. Also hockey stops.

6) As for myself I had some entertaining falls, once in a big snow drift (got stuck in another later) and a few standard hill ones, and then on my last run RIGHT BEFORE GETTING ON THE LIFT. But I was fine and got on, and then once we got to the top, Paul and Shannon wiped out on top of each other. It's all good.

7) I made some scratch hot cocoa on the stove and added amaretto to mine and Heather's when we returned. The traffic for once was not horrible on 2.


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