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Post of the day.

It seems I have hit upon a decent combo of cold medication. Or maybe I just coughed up the fluid in my lungs? Alas I am still too sick to start a makeout party.

Anyway trivia was pleasant if way too fucking long. I mean seriously guys.

Reg is watching The Good Shepard but I am a little too hyped to relax.
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it's not funny anymore, just because I'm tired of it

really I hope that, at best, dudes learn to read ads and not respond if they don't fit the requirements.

also, stop sending women penis pix pls thx.
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oh, I'm sure I told a lot of you, but [ profile] uberjeep is freakin' amazing.

"You can tell a schizophrenic’s room because the radio is always on at low volume to drown out the voices, there is often a fairly organic smell and they sleep with their boots on in case they have to run away quickly."

new proj

Jul. 7th, 2005 03:06 pm
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I've been inspired by tag cloud to do the same for LJ. I've got bi-level tags already so this is my new goal. Of course the fact that tags don't have any idea how many entries they are attached to won't help...
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firewall busted at work today. My brain seems to stop working when I am in front of a computer that can't touch LJ.

one thing

May. 12th, 2005 11:21 am
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One of the neatest things about LJ is you can get exposed to such a broad spectrum of beliefs. It's more interesting when two open-minded people argue than when two close-minded people argue, because there's only one way the latter argument can go. "Well I'm right. Because I am." etc etc. I consider myself Open Minded because I don't really have strong beliefs about anything. Or rather, my opinions are opinonated, but they are not very important to me and my way of living, and if enough evidence came up, I'd change them. I also believe a lot of contradictory things quite comfortably and happily.


Apr. 14th, 2005 03:23 pm
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People who drop me on LJ get to be asked in person why. Unless I never see you in person. Which might be preferable, anyway.
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I am back and somewhat tanny.

I'm not able to catch up on my friends list; comment here if you want me to read your last week's adventures.


Apr. 1st, 2005 03:15 pm
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Between the default photo and the lost penises and the dead five year olds

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Had dinner with Steve at the Snappy Dragon, since none of you other losers could be bothered to show up. I talked him into getting the duck, and it wasn't quite Peking Duck, but it was a shitload of food, and it was actually quite succulent.

I actually took out my contacts last night, yet my eyes are still bothering me. This is quite annoying; I had a ton of trouble reading about Ghengis Khan, and I even forgot my damn hat because of it. I suspect I got some lotion in my eye that I can't see out of. Oh yeah, I'm using eye lotion now that i'm an old lady. Reg is now five years younger than me. Till his birthday.

I've been indulging in my bad habit of reading people's livejournals from start to finish. At least it's new people this time. But Monday night I spent so long on the computer that I developed CTS symptoms, and even though it was acting up last night I still kept going. I finally stopped before 11pm and went to bed and it feels a ton better today.

A couple days ago someone told me that the book I was reading was really good, and I was tempted to do that with this dude reading Under the Banner of Heaven yesterday. Well, also, he was a hottie, so I didn't. Also I saw someone reading the Sedaris book I was just given. It always freaks me out when I see people reading books I like on the bus.

Tonight we watch ORGAZMO, anyone interested? That would mean, of course, that you have to actually STOP PLAYING WOW and LEAVE YOUR OWN PLACE and COME TO BALLARD, so I can understand if no one is.
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wow, all this time I couldn't even log in because, you know, I was formerly on Filet Mignon, and now I am on the SOYBEAN cluster. I mean, OUCH. I'm in some pain now, lady.

Quiet weekend over here... we had an early sort of dinner then came home and goofed off a while, entertained a few guests quickly while I did some photoshopping, although techinically I use the Gimp b/c old habits are still there. Anyway, then we picked up DM and went to Constantine, and who should we see but Fritz and Girl. Heh. We threw popcorn at asshats till the previews started, and they were all of silly movies which I'm desperately craving. Specifically SW3 and HHGttG. The movie itself was, well, incredibly silly and a little too horrific for my taste, but Keanu was Decent enough, and Tilda was as usual amazing. The director was balls crazy though.

Anyway I was falling asleep on the drive home. We woke up before noon Saturday and went to the Library Cafe, which is really cute and nice and cozy and has lots of old books for sale. And then I did some more gimp work, obviously. We went to the grocery store and I made stir-fry and then read lots of Pratchett. I had an odd dream partly about Vetinari, but it ended up just being a total Buffy dream mixed with The Village. Not that I've seen it but you know. Anyway it was all made up and I was mad, but Xander reassured me with his tongue and breast-massaging skillz. Which is strange as I didn't find his character hot at all in the recent years.

Made French Toast and sausage, today. I am so fucking domestic that you can't stand it.
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i finally decided to clean up my friends list, if you want to be added back pls comment.
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Saddest thing ever?


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