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This is the user formerly known as herbaliser, still available on Tumblr, but I'm in the process of getting rid of my Livejournal. Because I'm not crazy about the Russian location of the servers, see.


Dec. 9th, 2004 12:22 pm
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So this is a neat idea for a meme. You post something that you think makes you unique, and see how many people agree, making you not-so-unique.

* I am the only person in the world who has not played any kind of video game since turning 20. (I can count on one hand the number I've played before that.)

* I am the only person in the world who likes pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate pudding.

* I am the only person in the world who first became interested in Morrissey via Maladjusted.

* I believe that U2's Achtung Baby is the best rock album ever, but Pop is better musically.

* I've never seen either ET or The Goonies.

Feel free to post your own!
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Most people are irretrievably moronic.

Even if you think you're funny, you probably aren't.

Breeding licenses are a good idea.

There is no god, and I'm taking your orange soda.

Violence is sometimes the answer.

This life is all there is. Make the most of it, and do not deprive anyone else of theirs unless yours is in danger.

Even though "it is written," that doesn't make it absolute. Dogma of any kind is bad.

Don't be closeminded. Try everything once, then make an informed judgement about how it sucks.
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carrying on the meme...

(1) Can I see your ID?

Yes, even though I'm older than you.

(2) Did you know you look like you're about eight years old?

Mostly I hear 22 (from guys in bars), although 16 is another favorite guess. But thank you very much for playing.

(3) Where are you from?

Just like CCR, I was "born in the bayou." Grew up outside of Abbeville, LA.

(4) From Louisiana? But you don't have an accent!

No, sorry. And it doesn't come out when I get drunk, either. If I talk to my mother on the phone I can sort of fake it, but I'm actually much better at faking Southern accents. I never even heard a Southern accent (in person) till I was 16.

As to why I don't have an accent, it's basically because my mother's mother thought they made you sound like an idiot, so she more or less beat it out of her daughters.

(5) Did you see [that movie] last year?


(6) Can I make fun of your school's sports team?

If you're trying to make me get defensive, you probably shouldn't. I care less about sports than any other human on the planet.

(7) Are you and Steve dating?

"No, we're just good friends." I'm not dating my other housemate either. It's just an anti-Three's Company without Don Knotts.

(8) Did you see that Seinfeld/Simpsons/Friends where...

Yes, and I can quote the relevant lines too.

(9) Are you really that cynical?

I'm actually much worse.

(10) Can I buy you a drink?

Feel free, but I still won't sleep with you.


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