Aug. 19th, 2013 04:30 pm
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Summer Meltdown - music festival in Darrington

backpacking near Cathedral Rock - 8 miles total

And I have a bike, too. It's a 1995 Raleigh, but it's in really good condition.

Last weekend Reg and I picked 4 pounds of blueberries at the U-Pick in Bellevue, then we totally lost our shit at Hempfest (literally, my wallet and Reg's bag of "medicine"). I found my wallet at least. Reg found another kind soul to give him medicine.

We're starting up Munchkin nights every Tuesday (or at least something every Tuesday) so Reg doesn't go crazy from me not being around, or something like that.

Reg and I are supposed to go to Colville this weekend but I really have other stuff I'd like to get done, like lead a friend on a vision quest. (Oh yeah, I bought a Djembe at Hempfest.) Also, Slutwalk.
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Spray Park (my pics) is one of the highest altitude meadows (aka "parks") at Mount Rainier National Park, less than two hours drive from the Seattle Metro area. Because of this, the flowers tend to appear late-July to early-August, and some of the snowfields at the edge between Spray and Seattle Parks don't ever melt out. It's not officially on the Wonderland Trail, but some people hike it instead as it is far more picturesque. Our loop was from Mowich Lake going to Spray Park, then up to where the WT meets the Carbon River, then back up the WT along Carbon River and Ipsut Creek up to Ipsut Pass, and back to Mowich Lake again. We started at 4900', went up to 6400', then down down down to 3200', then the next day down to 2400', and then UP UP UP to 5100'. Phew.


It was sunny at first...

But the clouds moved in.

Same thing happened Sunday!

And then...

Oh well. If you do the WT in August and/or good weather at Mowich Lake, go via Spray Park. Otherwise just go north via Ipsut and burn out the miles.
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We were going to do Rampart Ridge at MRNP, but timing being what it was, settled for camping on a forest road on the way to the Summit Lake trailhead. It's about 2.5 miles each way, but the last .75 miles were entirely snow-covered. I was pretty sore the next day, and immediately bought gaiters.

Reg's pics here.

Mine here.
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It was going to rain at night so we figured sleeping in the car at the trailhead would be the best bet. We drove along 405 to the Woodinville exit, to Monroe to US2. Traffic was terrible on 405 but the rest was pretty much a breeze. We stopped at the 59er Diner in Coles Corner for dinner, then drove the last couple miles to the Lower Chiwaukum Creek trailhead. Settled in after folding the backseat down, alas Reg is too tall to really be comfy in there, but oh well.

We woke up when the car started to heat up, around 7, but after opening the trunk a touch we went back to sleep. I got up before 9am though, and watched as other hikers started arriving. Mostly day hikers but there were a few with loaded backpacks. The weather was better Saturday and got even better Sunday, but Reg had plans that night so we wanted to get back early.

Pics here. We didn't go terrifically far, what with the time constraint and all. But I marked our hike on my smartphone, and we walk a LOT faster than we used to. Granted it was an easy trail, but the weather was just above 60F and Reg was in a short-sleeve shirt and tennis shoes. We went about 2 miles up and then decided the clouds were descending too rapidly. But we gained 1387ft with an average speed of 2.45mph (that's including a 15 minute break), going 3.8 miles in 90 minutes. Well, downhill was fast, about 4.2mph. Next time should rock.
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IMG_0925 Originally uploaded by lauralhb.

It was nasty out Saturday morning, and by the time we got out Snoqualmie Pass was even worse. It cleared up near Roslyn, and in Cle Elum was dry. Of course, north through another mountain pass it was pouring again, and the rain didn't completely die down again till we hit Leavenworth.

The traffic in Leavenworth was TERRIBLE. Everything else had been fine, we made great time via 90-97, but two miles took like 15 minutes. And then, Icicle Creek Road to the trailhead road. The TH was busier than any I'd ever seen, as I don't normally go to "popular" trails. I adjusted my new ATF8 for the listed elevation, put on my hiking shoes, and I was ready to go.

Reg isn't as in good of shape as I am. I had attempted to carry 20lbs in my backpack last Wednesday, and went for a walk near a steep hill by our house. (I went straight uphill at a 12% grade for 45 minutes. It wasn't fun.) Whereas Reg had been laying around watching TV during that time. In his defense he'd had a headache. BUT yeah, I was going a bit faster than he was and a bit easier. It wasn't easy though. We climbed 1000ft up in about two miles. We went really slow though, took lots of breaks, and it took us 2.5 hours to get 2.5 miles. At which point we turned around, and it took us an hour to get back to the trailhead. We only took one nice long break going down. Needless to say we did not reach a lake.

So, I learned a few things. One was that I should have stopped and eaten at a slightly sooner point than when we turned around. Another was that mosquitoes will eat you alive if you stand still for more than a second to take a picture, let alone think about eating lunch. So we didn't eat, as I left the damn snack bars home, and I felt really worn out during the last mile downhill. Finally, this trail was a lot harder than any we'd tried before, and we were barely sore at all the next day, thanks to going really slow. We were wearing packs with clothes/food/water in them, and I could barely even tell. So, more lightweight== good news.

Our next trip will be Somewhere Dry. Little pools of water everywhere=bloodsuckers. Ugh. So, around Mt. Adams is what we're thinking.
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I have pretty much sworn off camping in paid campgrounds, except like maybe a few island state parks. Which - coincidentally enough - the last sort of place for to camp. Moran State Park the weekend after Labor day was more empty than I'd thought it would be. We were thinking of doing this one this weekend, as the highs are gonna be in the low 70s there, and low 60s everywhere else. But then we remembered the (re:subject). So we shall wait another week.


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