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Friday was chill, after happy hour with [ profile] candid, [ profile] velvet, [ profile] almosttruth, [ profile] yiyi, [ profile] sidspencer and [ profile] stonecollector, the latter two came over and we watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Kate and I agreed that it needed to be a musical. Then we had an eerie moment when Reg's sis came by to drop off the SUV, because not only does she go by Katie, she and Kate look like their moms are twins or something. A few more people showed up later but we had to kick them out so we could sleep.

Weather was bad Saturday, and we were worried that rain would not turn into snow in the mountains, but it finally did. In the meantime I spent over $100 at Fred Meyer, oy. But I got a pizza stone and a towel shelf for our bathroom, so I think it's probably worth it. We had sammiches and got ready to go to Snoqualmie, left about 3:30. It rained till we hit THE SNOW LINE at which point we cheered. But Reg forgot to pack my boots, so I had to rent a pair and they didn't fit right. I still am not sure what size I should have gotten there. Anyway, Reg was very nice to me and helped me remember how to parallel ski. Which is nothing like the similarly-named parking activity.

Reg and I are extremely out of shape, so pain came a lot quicker than I thought. But we went on the longest run they had, and I fell about four times, and my legs got achey, and it was sleeting with snow. So we didn't last very long.

Came home and watched Serenity, which I would have enjoyed more if Joss Whedon hadn't written the dialogue. I mean, it was a good action flick and all, just I think I hate the dorky. I pretty much passed out after that, and have spent the morning making pizzas.

Date: 2006-01-09 01:49 am (UTC)
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and it needed a few more scenes with jewel staite with grease on her face


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