Dec. 26th, 2012 02:06 pm
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So I've had like 3 root canals that I need to pay for, so everyone is giving me money for xmas so I can do this. Basically my insurance ran out on the 2nd one and I couldn't not get the root canal. I mean I suppose I could have just had the teeth pulled but they were frontish teeth, not molars. I already feel like a gap-toothed hillbilly.

So yeah, a couple shirts and candy and random stuff - Reg paid for my new tattoo for part of an Xmas present, and also he got me a sweet necklace. And some new gloves since I dropped one at Mission Ridge.

Plus we were going to go to Crystal Mountain for the 25th, and gloves would be awesome. It started snowing on the drive up - it's much closer than I realized, but that's partly because there was no traffic. We went to Rainier area a few times over the summer, and the traffic was always terrible on a nice day, but this time nada. So we got there before noon, traded in the corporate passes for gondola passes.

I am not an awesome skier, and I have mainly NOT skied while it snows. It was not quite what people call "Washington Concrete", but it was close. A bit too warm and too much fluffy shit that you just basically snowplow into. I mean, I normally am good at falling on my ass when I ski, but on that last bit of the bunny slope, I was going really really fast and hit a drift and faceplanted like whoa. So that wetted out my jacket, and filled my goggles with snow, and I had a really hard time just getting up. The weather finally calmed down around 2:30pm, but by then my muscles were feeling the burn of trying to keep control in the deep snow. I am totally sticking to groomed runs if I take up cross-country, I swear.

When we got home Reg wanted to watch Schindler's List. I'd actually successfully avoided it for years, I mean, I knew the basic plot, but Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are pretty goddamn awesome in it. I told Reg they should make a sequel, set in 1950s Saudi Arabia oil plants. Well, ok, maybe not, but the premise appeals to that black hearted cynic inside me. Afterwards naturally we watched Die Hard.

And I know that almost no one in Seattle reads this, but I'm planning to go to Leavenworth to improve my skiing.
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• For Xmas I got a bathrobe, a large-muffin muffin tin for cupcakes, chocolate, and a new wallet. Also, a trip to a cabin in Twisp. Pix of that later. I got Reg Inception and a laser that shoots a green and red light show, and it can be synced to music.

• Twisp was nice, we did jack shit mostly (and some things that won't be discussed in a public entry, or at all heh) but it was beautiful. Surrounded by mountains and snow. The only drawback was that the owners (private rental) were on a cruise, deleted my email with the dates, and double booked us. So we had to go back earlier than we'd hoped. Oh well.

• NYE, we went to [ profile] tyrven's party, as usual. It was rather low-key. Most everyone left at 1 to go to ZHouse, but we were feeling old, so we went home.

• Had a dental appointment at 7am and got two decayed-to-hell teeth yanked (back molars) and two others drilled and filled. I'm sure there's a dental porn titled that. Anyway they said to stay off my feet today, so I'm home.
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(12:52:49 AM) bunglebliss: did you have a good holiday? whatcha do?
(1:44:07 PM) lauralbaby: we went to reg's parents
(1:44:10 PM) lauralbaby: then to jeremy's
(1:44:13 PM) lauralbaby: but i'm kinda sick
(1:44:26 PM) lauralbaby: so i wanted to go home and sleep.

Here's one of my Baby Jesus haikus that I didn't get to read:

No crib for a bed
That hay will cause diaper rash
Jews are so cheap!

Other than that I attempted to read more of Brief Interviews but I was too sick, so I read 6 Pratchett books instead.

the plan

Nov. 30th, 2008 10:17 am
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You know how when you drink, and then you eat, you feel less drunk?

Also, when you are drunk, you want to eat?

Repeat both about five times and you have my Saturday night. I seriously can't believe I managed to not puke.

Besides having to leave around 11, I had a good time. It was amazing to see all those cats I hadn't seen in literally years. And the food was obviously great. Every time I thought I was done, a new tasty treat would come up and I'd have to give it a go. I am still sad about the lack of stuffing, but I am going to just make my own damn stuffing today for the leftovers we have. Everything else was so amazing I probably couldn't have choked any stuffing down anyway.

Thanks to everyone who brought and made food!
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I seriously don't know if I can ever eat again. I had turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, two kinds of stuffing, two kinds of cranberry sauce, cornbread, dinner roll, and gravy. Oh also banana cream pie. We brought Simon to the [Scottish Last Name] residence and he was a big hit, as I thought he'd be. Afterwards we picked up [ profile] dearnana and brought her over to hang out. Watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels which she hadn't yet seen. We got Simon to watch an episode of Snuffbox too, but then they took off.
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The weekend began when I left work early. Due to a horrible traffic jam, I still got home the same time, but boy did I read a lot of 1632. Anyway. Got home, changed, pumped up, called people, put on makeup, straightened my hair, and then we headed to Goldie's for karaoke for Quent's birthday.

After singing "Revolution" and "Don't Stop Believin'", I could tell I wasn't going to get another chance to sing. So Reg and I started asking people if they wanted to come over. Quent, H, and Casey agreed, and so we entertained them till about 4am. I so haven't stayed up that late in months. (I grow old, I grow old.)

And so much for that. The next day we had lunch at Boom with Ashley, then headed over to Jeremy's to talk him into seeing Gonzo. Which he did, and no one else did, because all of you are assholes. It was a good time, and I think I'm feeling exorcised with respect to being so damn obsessed with HST.

We walked back afterwards and there was one person besides Katie there, Chris I believe. More people soon arrived, and the smell of pie baking and meat grilling began to permeate the area. It got pretty crowded just around sunset. In fact that's when people started taking crazy amounts of photos, because it's the second year in a row that twilight/night wasn't cloudy or rainy or excessively cold.

Jeremy's balcony is almost perfect in its locale, and it wasn't difficult to see both the Seattle Center and Gasworks fireworks (Elliot Bay and Lake Union respectively.) The really creepy thing was that we could even see the edge of Gasworks Park, which was completely packed tightly with crowds of assholes and douchebags. So we watched the 'works and said "oooh" and "ahhh" completely without irony, and that was pretty much it. Reg and I didn't stay much longer, but it took us forever to get home. Our route home was one of the roads the aforementioned douchebags used to get onto the freeway from the park, so getting from I-5 past Greenlake took probably an hour.

The next day I made pasta! From scratch! And also gorgonzola cream sauce to go with it. Not too shabby. I tried again today and did far better. And with broccoli and chicken to go with it, it was a real meal. Good thing too, since I hadn't really had a proper one today. Before that we went to Second Ascent, where Reg got a new tarp and line, and I got new pants and a Green Trails map for this weekend. I already ordered the tent and am rather looking forward to trying it out.

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Reg's grandmother finally took that turn downhill, so he's going back there pretty soon. Well, after she dies. So I decided I ought to give him the xmas present I had already bought - Deadwood Season 2. The box is pretty and looks pretty sitting next to Deadwood 1.
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Besides the darling necklace, Reg got me a new set of black leather photo albums and the Simpsons OPERATION game. As soon as we get 4 AAA batteries, I'm scheduling a game.

I got him Frank Miller's 300 (set in Sparta/Greece) in hardcover, Sin City extended edition, and a really nice dark striped French cuff shirt from the BR.

Reg's parents got me a ton of candy (including Cat Butt Gum), a nice zip-up black DKNY ribbed turtleneck sweater, a KitchenAid food processor, some books and a couple of assorted things for the kitchen. His sister framed a few of her prints for us.
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Basically xmas combines most of the things I hate* into a one-month protracted period.

Family? check
Inane earworms? check
Charity and the spirit of giving? check
"holiday cheer", aka Happiness? check**
Religion? check
people crowding the stores? check
getting stuff you don't like and pretending to? check
glamorizing the wettest, coldest months of the year? check
babies and children? check

*I don't hate getting presents, and I don't hate food.

**Happiness is ok sometimes, but I punch people who tell me to smile. Well, just in my head. OK, in my head I throw them to the pavement head-first so their skulls crack open.
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Also I got Reg a $5 little tree from Walgreens. He wanted to put candles on a tree but this one's a bit small. I guess we can give it a viking funeral, tho.
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Random Laural Fact: I never had pumpkin pie till I was 20. This is probably why I don't like it.
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the music
the shoppers
the insistence that you spend it with family
buying presents
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Man, remember when Christmas was illegal? That was awesome.
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Got off work early, napped for a couple hours after mega-lunch at Rascha's, then Reg got here and I forced him to watch TWO episodes of Friends and one of Sex and the City. He was worried I'd force him to do something else, apparently, so he consented. We got ready and headed out around 9pm to Consolidated Works' Heaven and Hell Ball.

It was freakin' packed. I mean, not overly crowded since it's such a huge venue, but the lines for the one unisex bathroom were terrible. And the line for the full bar, as well. Splitting heaven/hell bars up, with heaven only serving clear drinks (and wine) wasn't such a brilliant idea.

We got our picture taken for the "pass" that they gave you when you got in the door (you could be good or evil) and wandered around a little. Hit the bar then the bathroom, then went to "hell" to hear Carrie Akre. We didn't want to miss the Long Winters, though, so after she sang "Invitation" (which kicked ass) we wandered to "heaven" to hear them. I barely recognized Sean Nelson in a tux without his glasses.

Best cutest swear to god part of the evening, when Jon Auer came up on stage and proposed to his redheaded cutie in front of everyone. "He looks like Tenacious D!" I exclaimed, if Jack and Kyle had a kid.


MERRY NEW YEAR. The Decemberists rang in the new year by counting it down and spraying champagne all over the front row. Just got a little bit on my chest (was wearing the Corset) and asked Reg to lick it off for me. He complied like a good boy. (Just previous to this, he went to the bar to get some drinks, and mentioned some girls trying to hit on him. I asked if it was ok if I killed them.)

Stuck around for a while, chilled out on bean bags at the end of a slide (which backfired when Reg volunteered to catch people, one of which had stilleto heels and hit his hand, ouchie) till we were ready to head out. Went over to [ profile] xamichee's to catch the end of his party action. People actually showed up after us, too. Keen. Stayed out past 3am.

Woke up around 1:30 or so. Ordered pizza and forced Reg to watch Fireworks. Then he forced me to go to Best Buy with him, where I picked up Zoolander and he picked up the box set of Monty Python. We watched the first two discs before I felt like Passing Out. So yeah, funny thing there, I gave him two Ativan (equivalent of two Valium) at like 11:30pm, and at 9am he was still asleep. Well, it's funnier if you know him.


Dec. 31st, 2003 11:28 am
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Made it to work ok, this is indeed happy PNW snow that doesn't melt and refreeze on your car. And there's some dudes outside our 2nd story window here with goddamn BLOWTORCHES. Swear to god, they are redoing the "tarpaper" shit that is part sand and part crap, the stuff poor people have instead of shingles you know. It's on the balcony here and apparently must be melted down.

Oh, and it smells terrible, but I have only to deal with it another 20 minutes or so, and then I'm gone to lunch and home. Wheet! And then a few hours later Reg and I are going to Conworks and then I suspect whatever afterparty is going down. I think naps may be in order before this, however.

red lights

Dec. 30th, 2003 10:52 am
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I remember my last two dreams from last night. First was like, um, characters from Pirates on Mars, trapped by the emperor, but Anne Bancroft was the Empress and well, she made an offer Sparrow couldn't refuse. I woke up before anything fun happened alas. The next one was a bit more complicated, x-men characters looking for another kid mutant I think, but the kid had already been recruited by the govt to be a secret agent? I remember very clearly getting to his house, and his elderly mother letting us in and giving us muffins, and talking about how he keeps getting sent back from foster care. That might work well as a short story, in the PKD sense, where you can't tell if the kid is bad or crazy or gifted. Man I wish I hadn't lost my copy of Martian Time-Slip.

It's been dead cold since the day after Christmas or so. Freezing and all that. Something which I haven't seen since the week after Halloween. I don't like it much; it snowed early Saturday morning and melted and refroze on my car, which I didn't drive this weekend, so Monday morning there was a shitload of frosty crap on my car. Took forever to clean off, but at least the remainder melted quick. Today it's cloudy in the standard Seattle manner, which means you can see the mountains all around you and they look utterly fantastic.


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