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2017-07-15 08:36 am


Camping trip photos.

This wasn't the first time Reg and Alice and I went camping together - the first time was to the Yakima River canyon south of Ellensberg. But it was the first time I can recall that we had a full moon. Unfortunately, this time of year there was only one opening to the shore of Dusty Lake, and it was full of hornets. As was our camp site. So it was more of an out-of-town weekend where we happened to sleep out of doors - lots of driving to Crescent Bay on the Columbia River, and a bit of swimming there - than a full on camping trip. Which was ok. I didn't get sunburned!
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2017-07-07 09:09 pm

I'm serious btw

Is anyone 6 degrees from Ben Affleck?
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2017-01-27 01:56 am


I don't like how my meds made me sleepy and miss January.
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2017-01-01 01:38 pm

I went to the witch doctor and then he shrunk my brain

So I have been pretty depressed this year. And unemployed. And ran out of UI.

It all feeds into each other. And then I hadn't gotten out of bed for three months...
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2017-01-01 10:41 am
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Is this thing on?

This is the user formerly known as herbaliser, still available on Tumblr, but I'm in the process of getting rid of my Livejournal. Because I'm not crazy about the Russian location of the servers, see.
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2013-08-19 04:30 pm


Summer Meltdown - music festival in Darrington

backpacking near Cathedral Rock - 8 miles total

And I have a bike, too. It's a 1995 Raleigh, but it's in really good condition.

Last weekend Reg and I picked 4 pounds of blueberries at the U-Pick in Bellevue, then we totally lost our shit at Hempfest (literally, my wallet and Reg's bag of "medicine"). I found my wallet at least. Reg found another kind soul to give him medicine.

We're starting up Munchkin nights every Tuesday (or at least something every Tuesday) so Reg doesn't go crazy from me not being around, or something like that.

Reg and I are supposed to go to Colville this weekend but I really have other stuff I'd like to get done, like lead a friend on a vision quest. (Oh yeah, I bought a Djembe at Hempfest.) Also, Slutwalk.
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2013-07-30 05:02 pm
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So I found one of these on eBay for under $200. I mean I don't know, maybe I got ripped off, but bikes seem to hold their value a lot more than cars, since it's easier to keep them in good condition. It's leaving AZ right now and I'm all excited. Gotta get a helmet I guess. Other than that I'm not going to go overboard in gear - my furthest ride will be my work commute at 5 miles or so.

(I was loaned one for a Saturday trek and have been obsessed since. Well, I was considering getting a skateboard, but I think this will be a safer choice. There's a reason "like riding a bike" is a metaphor for so many things.)

Reg and I are going camping with friends this weekend, then taking a few days to do an actual backpack (not exactly sure where yet, but probably around Leavenworth). I'm hoping the bike arrives before then, or is there when we get back. That would be sweet.
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2013-07-12 01:27 pm
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oh yes, this is what I did tuesday

We watched the Michael Fassbender vehicle Shame. It's amazing. He's basically a sex/porn addict, although his sex is exclusively with prostitutes or one-nighters. Usually the latter don't even make it to his place. Anyway, he's finally forced to try to deal with a woman as a real person - his sister - and he doesn't do so well. Really amazing film. I mean, not as good as Stoker but still great.
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2013-06-28 04:24 pm

NSPP Camping 6/22


NSPP Camping 6/22, a set on Flickr.

Pics from our recent camping trip with those weird nerds.

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2013-06-18 03:06 pm
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uhhh.... so that happened.

Reg's brief account.

There was a huge misunderstanding after I called Reg up and asked if he thought we should get married for tax reasons, he said he'd have to think about it, and I heard NO and cried and sniffled the whole rest of the work day, and I didn't want to go home, and I finally did, and he told me I was silly, and there's no other person he could possibly imagine marrying, and he thought I didn't care but he felt we were already married. And if it really mattered we could go to the courthouse this week, but I don't think that's necessary. So um, you should REALLY come to Decibel Festival, is all I will say right now.

(There are no rings: Reg might get me a computer, I might get him a tattoo.)
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2013-06-11 09:34 pm

goodwill, 1.39

goodwill, 1.39 Originally uploaded by lauralhb.

Old Navy? Size 2? Say it ain't so.

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2013-06-06 01:18 pm
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laws of seduction

I accidentally bought The Concise Art of Seduction a few months ago, now I finally ordered The (unabridged) Art of Seduction for my Kindle, and I'm halfway through it. The historic and literary references are fantastic and the other bits aren't bad. I'm sure most people would be offended at the very idea of "seduction" but the French court of Louis XV sounds awesome to me. And the very notion of making an affair unreal and theatrical sounds fascinating ; it's giving me ideas on spicing up my own personal relationships. At this point in my life I can't actually see myself doing anything to attract more people, but I would consider it.


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2013-06-06 01:08 pm
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2013-06-01 09:25 pm

today's word is delighted

Gorgeous Saturday morning, breakfast with my two favorite boys, then lovely afternoon yelling at idiots and tourists. Okay so that part wasn't as awesome, but lying on the lawn at the sculpture park was. Then helping Keely out (I did the dishes)  in exchange for pizza. Reg and I will probably cuddle and watch a movie shortly, and I just bought a 7up. Everything seems about perfect right now.

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2013-05-28 12:59 pm
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apart from that, mrs. lincoln...

Pics from camping.

It was utterly serene and calm. We read Sherlock Holmes mysteries - him with his lumpy paperback, me with my sleek Kindle - roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores, and got sunburnt. Monday morning we woke up and it was gray, and the battery of the car wouldn't start. Fortunately we had a spare in the trunk, hahah.

I wish I took pictures of the truck that got cut up from running into a boat propeller, but I did get a pic of the lady who spun out on the merge from 90 to I-5N.
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2013-05-08 10:00 am

new friends

new friends Originally uploaded by lauralhb.


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2013-04-01 04:47 pm


Final. Originally uploaded by lauralhb.

So um, I got a hair cut. And then I totally changed the rest of the color from purple to red. I also wanted to get an ear piercing but I didn't have time. Oh well.