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So I have been pretty depressed this year. And unemployed. And ran out of UI.

It all feeds into each other. And then I hadn't gotten out of bed for three months...

I saw a Primary Care Physician in June or so, to try to get back on an SSRI. I picked Paxil for the hell of it, and then I made an appointment for therapy and shrinking (yay medicaid) by the end of July. For the record I really love my therapist, and am rather suspicious of my shrink.

So right now I'm mostly off the Paxil (taking half every other day to avoid withdrawal symptoms), but taking Buspar, Abilify, and Trileptal. However, I was also "prescribed" Vitamin D and Fish Oil supplements, which I stopped taking a couple months ago because, well, lazy, and also I thought my mood uplift was due to the "real" drugs. But I started getting pretty weepy again, so I thought it couldn't hurt to take them again. Just a week ago and I'm already starting to tell the difference. That is to say, I actually want to get out of bed again. And get a job, gasp.

Seriously, I was working on applying for jobs with my therapist for two months, and now I'm actually doing it. I even got back on Facebook, which I was nervous about because, well, there are people there! that talk to you! And one of the many people I added in 2013 was posting interesting things that I kept commenting on, and then we started chatting for a while. Till I freaked out about existing and all that, of course.
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