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for [ profile] goldfischegirl

1) Project Facial Hair: Women compete every week with new beard styles. Passions rise and tempers flare as the worst facial hair gets eliminated every week.

2) Top Friend: Unlike every other reality show, you DO come here to make friends, bitches!

3) The Librarian: Men compete to win the affections of a librarian with a cold exterior. One of the men ends up confessing that he was born a woman, and his honesty wins the day.

4) Who Wants To Form a Lynch Mob?: People compete to form the angriest, most successful lynch mob after some guy cuts them off in traffic.
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• Almost caught up with No Reservations, I must say I like this year's director (I think they got a new one, the shows have a slightly different quality and very different intros) better than last years. I guess Tuscany made them realize they needed a better guy. I dunno, it's cool though.

• Reg forced me to watch the first episode of Generation Kill, about some cleverdick foulmouthed Marines right at the start of Gulf War 2. It's pretty fascinating, hilarious, and frustrating. Based on the book, it follows a Recon group that has a Rolling Stone reporter attached to their crew (originally to write a story, but it got expanded) and all the fuckups present. Most of the fuckups are due to their commanders who want medals, so keep putting them In The Shit. Highly recommended. (I then watched the next 3 of my own volition.)

• We also watched Snuff Box, a BBC3 comedy that is loosely based around this British Guy and his American Coworker who are career hangmen. It's more sketch comedy with that loose plot thread, and it's totally transgressive and gross and evil and hilarious. Watched 4 episodes.

• Bought a new DVD player, at last, yay.


May. 27th, 2008 09:46 am
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We experienced Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, the "historic triangle." I also took a lot of pics out of the plane, b/c it was the first time in a while I'd flown during a sunny day out of SeaTac, and vice versa.

For me the real highlight was watching Bourdain and Top Chef. And then realizing that almost nothing else on TV is worth watching, and therefore cable is worthless for more than 48 hours a month. Oh, and the constant replays of everything.

up with you

Mar. 4th, 2007 06:14 pm
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After watching the first 16 episodes of Heroes, Reg made me read Rising Stars to see where they got the idea. It's by the guy who did Babylon 5 (which I've never seen due to an extreme prejudice against the people I knew in college who were crazy about it, but I liked his other comics) and it's a bit more focused. 3-issues of trade paperback (i guess it went to 27) and the heroes were all the same age, in utero around the time this comet hit their small town or something.

Anyway it was entertaining enough, and nice to see where Heroes kind of came from, although in all honesty I think it'll be way better. So far so good, I mean.
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Just watched episodes 1-7 of Heroes.

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My DVD player can play AVI files burned on CDroms [edit AND DVDS TOO]. My life has all new meaning.
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I watched the first dvd of Batman:the Animated Series last night. It's slightly cheesy but less so than the live-action show, and the 30s+90s aesthetic really kills me. We then watched the first 2 episodes of Weeds and chilled out with [ profile] rorotheclown. And then I showered, shaved, and packed. Shaving legs is a pain in the ass, man. I guess this will be the last time this year I'll have to do it though.
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How come people in pizza commercials look like they never ever eat pizza?

(Whereas people in internet-service commercials really look like they use the internet a lot.)
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So the women's slalom winner last night, chubby Swedish girl whose ancestors used to pick up cows and move them to different fields, was pretty amusing. If you missed it she did a penguin belly flop when they announced her gold medal, and then during the replay the fucking commentators mentioned her eating some of the snow. "It's the taste of victory." Which made me want to stab them in the gut, but what can you do.

Has anyone ever used melatonin and had it work? I mean, I have, but only if I actually go to bed within 30 minutes. Although at this point in my life I can almost always lie down and convince myself to fall asleep. But in the past taking it, there was a window which, if I missed it, meant I was not falling asleep anytime soon.

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Feb. 22nd, 2006 09:41 am
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I woke up with the line "My operator is my homeboy, my homeboy is my operator" in my head.

Thanks to [ profile] cpf's suggestion, we watched more Charlie Murphy vs. Rick James on the extras disc. That's some entertaining shit, and it casts Mr. James in a far better light. I almost believe him.

I started doing the stairclimb thing yesterday. I mean, I only went 15 minutes, but you gotta start somewhere. And I had trouble walking last night and today my legs just really ache.
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Because I am slow, I finally watched the Rick James episode of The Chappelle Show last night. That's some good shit. Although I'm more interested in the reactions of Charlie Murphy being humiliated as a beta male than anything.

World Wraps is apparently the only eatery here open today. Stupid fucking presidents.

a lark

Jan. 6th, 2006 03:15 pm
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rented the first BBC Jeeves & Wooster DVD and saw the first ep. last night. OMFG it's so good. Not only is it good, but the actors fit into their roles seamlessly. Shocking really. Hugh Laurie is a perfect Bertie, and Stephen Fry - well, he's inemitable. It's the little things - he never lets Jeeves cease preparing things when he's on camera. Sheer brilliance.
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First July Fourth in a while that I haven't been single/fighting with boyfriend. We went to Golden Gardens, the Sundazed area, and sucked in the sun. Of course my face is still all fucked up, so I borrowed a red kerchief from Reg and went out Shadow Style. The train robber and pirate jokes abounded. Saw way too many peeps to list out, and they all prevented me from reading. I think in spite of everything I got a little sunburnt on my nose. Crazy. I pretty much went to bed after the fireworks; reg had developed a headache so didn't want to go out anyway. So he just forced me to watch Family Guy with commentary.
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We noticed him because Reg bought The Job. Which is an acceptable television show. Kind of like The Office but for cops. and not a docu. Also American. Anyway Leary isn't as despicable as I thought he'd be, and there's only one season, so it's pleasant to watch.

out hud tomorrow?
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Anyway that guy distracted me from the whole point of life, which is that I finally saw Episode 3 and I really really liked it. I think it's better than Jedi, although Reg says "Not quite." The only thing that I really didn't like was all the fucking glass breaking. I mean, wtf kinda retard glass do they have a long time ago? But in general yeah, it was the first time you actually gave a fuck about the characters, and it was all very sad and poignant and pretty.

Although I totally want some palpatine/anakin slash now.

Afterwards we started on Disc 2 of Bullshit!. Watched the Sex episode, and the bottled water/feng shui one. After that I wanted to drink some Evian and have sex. I did neither, alas.
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We just watched a couple eps on the first disc of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. Pretty good so far, although I feel bad for the people they fool, in the Ali G way. I especially liked the secondhand smoke thing, 'cos that's one of my major annoyances. And it was nice to see confirmed that the two major studies don't actually conclude there's a significant risk from it.

But just to be fair, here's a relase saying there is. No numbers in this release, just percentages, so I dunno if they did the same trickery Penn referred to about the other reports.
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Firefox has an extension that lets you control your mp3 player of choice from the browser. Sweet.

Yesterday I felt really weird, seasick without even moving. Some kind of inner ear infection? Backwash from the tooth problems? Saturday I was utterly miserable from the tooth and yesterday I was just miserable. Riding in the car made it worse; something about rainy days and being in a stuffy car always has made me feel ill.
I managed to pull myself together for the Lake Forest Park Rummage Sale, though. We drove out to Sandpoint and wished for a big truck so we could buy some of that fun shit. We just got a shit ton of books, shoes, and a nice side table with a shelf under it. Well, it wasn't all that fancy, but for $4 it's pretty decent. Beats the free side table we'd been using, anyway.

Oh, does anyone need a free side table?

So after that we went to the UVillage, got smoothies and then hit up B&N. I'd given Reg a $10 gift card but I guess he didn't use it since we'd bought so many books already. I was feeling a little dizzy still so I just sat at the cookbooks. I read a few recipes in about four books, one of them being a Lebanese cookbook, and it made me want lamb really bad. I promised Reg I'd cook him lamb stew for dinner.

We then drove up to the Comics Dungeon on 45th. They were out of the Sin City Volume One, unsurprisingly, but much to Reg's chagrin. I got a couple of Strangers In Paradise, and another graphic novel that I can't recall the name of at the moment. It looked good though, set in the 20s with a kooky cop team-up of a pimp and a ... chick. Yeah.

Anyway, went home and reg's computer died. Windows startup shows, then the screen goes black. I'm at a loss; I put it in Safe Mode so he could backup his files. Not sure what he did later when I went to bed from the return of the dizziness. Of course before that I read my comics and poor, poor francine. Also watched some Dead Like Me and of course made the stew.

I woke up a few times to pee and cough. Maybe I'm just getting sick. That would be better than needing a root canal.
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So for some reason I was thinking of an episode of Full House where DJ met some NKOTB ripoff artist dude, Tommy Tutone or something stupid like that, anyway of course he got a crush on her. Because, that's what happens when celebrities meet real people. Right.

But it got me to thinking, because that kind of stuff obviously does happen now and again, where an actress marries her gardener, how does that work? I mean, for the non-celeb, do they then hang out with the famous friends and go to the oscar parties and shit? Or does the famous person just slum it? If the former, does the non-celeb feel all weird and anxious? Does the celeb get embarrassed about the non? Do the celeb friends mock the non behind his/her back?
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[ profile] suxdonut's quick summary of The Fountainhead

I am about halfway through Singularity Sky, and it's actually starting to get really interesting. But before I got there I started Asimov's Gold, his last collection of short stories and essays, and, well, wow. It's really good. I mean, I've been reading him for almost twenty years, and his older stuff doesn't stand out quite as well, still good, but the weak characterizations are glaring. But in these stories, not in the least. Hot Damn and all that rot. Of course I still think my writing is almost as good, which is something he addresses in one of the essays. Not my writing per se, but our generation of SF writers, being better than his generation.

The last episode of The Office was so sad. Poor, poor David Brent.

Reg is still watching Firefly. I'm not as into it as he is, but I'm liking it just fine. It's kind of ultraviolent though.
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Friday we had "party ADD" - hung out with jay and meeghan then over to Quent's for a while, then to EN where everyone was actually hanging out, and then Dylan invited the whole bar to his apartment. Well, not all of it, but you know. It was kind of wacky.

Next day I was awoken by the Roommate Announcement, and then we called up Steve to see if he wanted to go to dinner. We ended up at Le Pichet at 9pm, where I had funky cheese and Calvados and slightly strange cured meats and a really good salad.

Afterwards we just kind of stayed at Steve's watching On Demand Adult Swim, and Spinal Tap. Asa came by briefly. When we left, there had been a fire alarm, so the elevators weren't working. Walking down 14 floors is never fun. Anyway. We got up the next day around 3:30 or so and went down to Beth's, where the food is good and the coffee is terrible. And the service is on par with the French place. But at least you can smoke indoors, which isn't my bag but works for Reg.

And then we drove up to Best Buy, which we figured would be a nightmare but wasn't really so terrible. Sunday 5pm before Xmas, but we got in and out very quickly, as we had a mission. Aqua Teen Hunger Force vols. 2 & 3. Which we then proceeded to watch lots and lots of. Not quite all. But all of vol. 2 (except the ones we'd seen at Steve's the previous night) and the Cloning and the Clowning on vol. 3.


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