Feb. 25th, 2013 03:49 pm
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Pictures of my and the group, the four of us on the bottom left carpooled together. It was fun as like duh why wouldn't it be?

The driver of the carpool was actually close to my own horrible skill level, as he'd been going twice a week or more since December. DANG. So we went back and forth, from Holiday to Express to 360 back to Express then up and down Express, then up and down 360. Never taking any blacks of course, which means to get from Express to 360 area, we had to float over new snow that was about 2ft high. If you're skiing, you have to go REALLY FAST to get over that sort of soft powder.

Anyway, good times. Got numbers so if I want to, I can go skiing without Reg again. But I really want to go to Stevens this weekend, so ... yeah.

doo dah

Feb. 15th, 2013 06:20 pm
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Finished Mad Men S4. I definitely agree with some other people who say it's really only worth watching for the aesthetics. The aesthetics are really awesome, though.

Wednesday night I had plans but dropped them for girlfriend-emergency. When a friend gets dumped, you give them booze and benzos, right? And tell them stories about how embarrassing your own exes acted, and all that rot.

A few years ago (before I got into fanfic) I was writing a story about boys and girls in Seattle, and one of the girls was a half-black, half-Jewish liberal poly stereotype. Anyway the book stalled b/c I kept going to backstories on everyone's college years, including the liberal girl, who lived in a house with other poly people and they all slept with each other and everyone was happy with the situation, except her female FWB who wanted more than a couple dates a month.


Ahem. Last night we went skiing, night skiing at Snoqualmie Pass. First skiing of 2013, next apparently we're going to Stevens. Heh. It was bloody awesome. The only bad part was when Reg accidentally took me on a lift that only had black paths down. I tried my best, but about halfway down I fell, and every time I tried to get up, I just slid down. (It was around 29F so very slushie.) So I figured I'd just slide the whole way down. Reg was impressed at how well I was able to control my sliding, but it was just like normal skiing: you point them and you go THAT way.

Also been trying to see if I can get into the Less Wrong community. I love the site, have for years, but most of the people who post there just seem completely humorless and unintentionally misogynistic. Not all of them, just most. So maybe I should try to steer more people to read the sequences on how to hack your brain, at least, so people realize that just because you act like you believe something, doesn't mean you really believe it.


Dec. 26th, 2012 02:06 pm
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So I've had like 3 root canals that I need to pay for, so everyone is giving me money for xmas so I can do this. Basically my insurance ran out on the 2nd one and I couldn't not get the root canal. I mean I suppose I could have just had the teeth pulled but they were frontish teeth, not molars. I already feel like a gap-toothed hillbilly.

So yeah, a couple shirts and candy and random stuff - Reg paid for my new tattoo for part of an Xmas present, and also he got me a sweet necklace. And some new gloves since I dropped one at Mission Ridge.

Plus we were going to go to Crystal Mountain for the 25th, and gloves would be awesome. It started snowing on the drive up - it's much closer than I realized, but that's partly because there was no traffic. We went to Rainier area a few times over the summer, and the traffic was always terrible on a nice day, but this time nada. So we got there before noon, traded in the corporate passes for gondola passes.

I am not an awesome skier, and I have mainly NOT skied while it snows. It was not quite what people call "Washington Concrete", but it was close. A bit too warm and too much fluffy shit that you just basically snowplow into. I mean, I normally am good at falling on my ass when I ski, but on that last bit of the bunny slope, I was going really really fast and hit a drift and faceplanted like whoa. So that wetted out my jacket, and filled my goggles with snow, and I had a really hard time just getting up. The weather finally calmed down around 2:30pm, but by then my muscles were feeling the burn of trying to keep control in the deep snow. I am totally sticking to groomed runs if I take up cross-country, I swear.

When we got home Reg wanted to watch Schindler's List. I'd actually successfully avoided it for years, I mean, I knew the basic plot, but Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are pretty goddamn awesome in it. I told Reg they should make a sequel, set in 1950s Saudi Arabia oil plants. Well, ok, maybe not, but the premise appeals to that black hearted cynic inside me. Afterwards naturally we watched Die Hard.

And I know that almost no one in Seattle reads this, but I'm planning to go to Leavenworth to improve my skiing.
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2012-11-25 14.51.02 Originally uploaded by lauralhb.

All pics here.

It was a great day! Reg actually slept on the way up, and was still tired when we got there, so I got my ticket (cheap b/c 25% was still closed off due to early conditions) and did a couple runs before meeting up with him to do the very top. It was totally sunny, but the mountain is only groomed on the north face so it was pretty cold in the shade.Still, I skied from 11:30 to 3:30, not bad. My legs hurt only when I stand up or walk uphill now.

and snow

Feb. 16th, 2010 05:54 pm
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Yesterday we watched the Men's Downhill till it was a foregone conclusion (about at #32) then walked all over the village. I got myself a stylish non-wintery hat, and lots of chocolate. We couldn't decide where to eat, so we stopped at Longhorn's, Whistler's answer to Senor Frogs. It was loud and silly and the service was shit, but the portions were huge and the waitresses were hot enough. We also stopped in a few art galleries; I need to ask [ profile] tyrven what the painter's name we liked was, but he's the only modern painter I've seen in years that's moved me.

Today was skiing. We woke up to snow, the first time since we've been here, and it was lovely. It calmed down by the time we got up to near the top, and the sun came out for a bit. It went away by noon, when we stopped near the Blackcomb Rendezvous for lunch. But by 1:30pm it was back, and we had some lovely runs. Except at the peak, where it was foggy as Hades. And then around 3:30pm, near the bottom. The odd thing about Whistler-Blackcomb is that it's so very huge, the runs take 30 min even if you're fast. And I am not. I guess we went downhill about 3 times, but the last run was all the way to Whistler Village, with the fog and slushy runs. The only time I fell was on the slush.

Anyway. We got back and I showered, and soon we are heading to dinner. Mongolian Grill, I think. Tomorrow we will sit around moaning about how sore we are, then I fly home.

in order

Nov. 24th, 2006 07:38 pm
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1) so i kind of drove out to bellevue for naught, but the recruiter seemed to like me ok. I'll hear monday.

2) my unemployment application got approved for $300/week (for 20 weeks). Which is about what I took home at my job-before-this. I'm kind of happy.

3) thanksgiving at [ profile] ashlin519's was pretty boss. We got hella drunk on nothin' but wine (and beer but me and reg aren't so beery) and Reg started spouting awesome conspiracy theories of WW2 shit + Illuminatus! trilogy shit. I was hoping he was fucking around. Oh yeah the food and friends were great. We made new karaoke friends, I hope. PICS HERE.

4) we had to drive to Issaquah to pick up the SUV for skiing at midnight. I got to bed at 1am and the alarm was set for 6 (then rapidly set for 6:20). We got moving with Heather and Michael about 7:15, McD's at breakfast - my first meal there in probably 7 years. I do love their biscuits. Perfectly dry yet greasy enough.

5) Skiing at Stevens was kind of miserable. The snow was thick and visibility was low, the only non-crowded lift was the slooooow one, and Reg took a nasty spill head-first onto some ice. But we got there before ten and didn't leave till 3. I am a lot better than I was last year! I am happy with my progress, although of course I need to KEEP GETTING BETTER and work on fries not pizza. Also hockey stops.

6) As for myself I had some entertaining falls, once in a big snow drift (got stuck in another later) and a few standard hill ones, and then on my last run RIGHT BEFORE GETTING ON THE LIFT. But I was fine and got on, and then once we got to the top, Paul and Shannon wiped out on top of each other. It's all good.

7) I made some scratch hot cocoa on the stove and added amaretto to mine and Heather's when we returned. The traffic for once was not horrible on 2.
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skiing in wenatchee

my weekend

Mar. 12th, 2006 03:26 pm
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We are definitely going back before the season ends.
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I really wonder what kind of parent takes their toddler who can't yet talk to a ski resort. He was screaming his bloody head off as the altitude changed and his ears didn't pop. Reg and I got to the point where the more he screamed the more we laughed, though. I told Reg we really needed an abortion for Valentine's Day. "Oh, did you hear me say that to Casey?" I got the couple next to us to whisper "Throw it in the river" after chanting it out loud.

I mean, I don't like kids, but I don't want to hurt them. Because then they're loud.

ski update

Jan. 27th, 2006 06:08 pm
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The weather is going to be super snowy so Reg's dad won't lend us the SUV. We're going to take the shuttle to Stevens tomorrow. In preperation I bought a real ski jacket, goretex; proper wicking socks; and my own thermal underwear. Reg's jr. high thermals had no give to the waist, and I am a woman. Also, we got walkie talkies at Radio Shack. I haven't used walkie talkies in about 15 years. They sure have come a long way.

So, I've spent a lot of money at Second Ascent. Besides the above I bought a hat and inner layer shirt turtleneck. Although I'm sure this still all came to under $200. Because it's so cold at Stevens I'm not going to wear thin goretex pants like I did the previous time, but the bib I bought waaay back in NC for my first time. It's been about 24 in Stevens today so I assume tomorrow will be similar.


Jan. 25th, 2006 10:56 am
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If we go skiing this weekend, I'm gonna get these.
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Friday was chill, after happy hour with [ profile] candid, [ profile] velvet, [ profile] almosttruth, [ profile] yiyi, [ profile] sidspencer and [ profile] stonecollector, the latter two came over and we watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Kate and I agreed that it needed to be a musical. Then we had an eerie moment when Reg's sis came by to drop off the SUV, because not only does she go by Katie, she and Kate look like their moms are twins or something. A few more people showed up later but we had to kick them out so we could sleep.

Weather was bad Saturday, and we were worried that rain would not turn into snow in the mountains, but it finally did. In the meantime I spent over $100 at Fred Meyer, oy. But I got a pizza stone and a towel shelf for our bathroom, so I think it's probably worth it. We had sammiches and got ready to go to Snoqualmie, left about 3:30. It rained till we hit THE SNOW LINE at which point we cheered. But Reg forgot to pack my boots, so I had to rent a pair and they didn't fit right. I still am not sure what size I should have gotten there. Anyway, Reg was very nice to me and helped me remember how to parallel ski. Which is nothing like the similarly-named parking activity.

Reg and I are extremely out of shape, so pain came a lot quicker than I thought. But we went on the longest run they had, and I fell about four times, and my legs got achey, and it was sleeting with snow. So we didn't last very long.

Came home and watched Serenity, which I would have enjoyed more if Joss Whedon hadn't written the dialogue. I mean, it was a good action flick and all, just I think I hate the dorky. I pretty much passed out after that, and have spent the morning making pizzas.


Mar. 11th, 2004 11:00 am
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so I am in pain from skiing, as was to be expected, but the second I got home and got out of my car, I stepped on my left foot "wrong" and "hyperextended" my ankle, or something. I have to keep it bent or else it hurts like crazy. Well, maybe bent is the wrong word, the top of my foot needs to be extended parallel to my leg. Whatever. It isn't as bad as yesterday - i can actually put a bit of weight on it - but it's still bad.
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this cracked me up.

i've slowed down lots and lots with the Angel watching, mainly because 1) at my previous rate of consumption, I would have been finished like, now 2) it takes time to "acquire" episodes, and 3) I wasn't getting any exercise. Monday I totally walked a bunch and then yesterday, well, I didn't do anything but I cooked, which involves standing up*, and today I'm going skiing. Tomorrow I suspect I'm just going to lay around and moan, though. And, go to the grocery store.

I started on Dharma Bums last night, and already it's going much much faster than that other book, about a hundred pages already, and it's making me actually want to go camping. Well, I can wait for Coachella I guess.

* when the most standing you've done for a week is to go to the bathroom, this is exercise.


Jan. 7th, 2004 02:06 pm
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I tried out my skis yesterday, just cross-country around the block, and wow, do my arms and calves hurt today. Forgot about that. Well, anyway I just dropped my skis off to get the bindings tightened, will have them back on Saturday and then, possibly sunday, skiing!
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only me...

Jan. 10th, 2002 10:37 am
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Only I could go on a week-long cross country skiing vacation and gain ten pounds. Although that's not true - Nick admitted that he'd gained ten pounds as well, despite doing more skiing than I.

So we're trying to diet, which basically amounts to me eating the way I always eat and him eating less at dinner.
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Actually that was pork roast. I don't know why no one eats pork. Actually I suppose it's for religious reasons, but I never actually knew anyone who was so devout that they didn't eat pork. If they were at all devout, they just didn't eat any meat...

Anyway we only went on one big loop this morning, and that was bloody well good enough for me. Afterwards was lunch, then a nap, then dinner, then jacuzzi. Really the only way to go, I tell you. I also bought some postcards for the Gang of Four (you know who you are) and spent some time writing them. Hopefully I'll mail them tomorrow.

did I mention how much hellish pain I was in? I can barely stand up. not to mention the mental tension going on with Nick and his parents. Oh man...


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