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Body fat calculator. I don't actually know what my precise measurements are, alas. My neck seems to be about 13" around, according to this legal size pad-paper I wrapped around it. I dunno. I used to be able to wear Reg's pants and now I can't, so that's good enough for now. (I gained a lot of weight last year due to making lemon cream cheese pies and eating them all by myself.) And I can wear the sweet striped pants I bought on Modcloth (where a 13 is the same as an 8, because apparently Juniors have no hips).

Enough of that. I traded in a fuckton of points/rewards/dividend dollas at REI on Friday to get this sweet eVent jacket for like $45 or so. It was exciting, and FORTUNATELY it rained half the weekend so I could test it out. I mean literally half, like you'd go a block and it wouldn't be raining. It was pretty annoying. But yeah, I got the blue one cos the black was - well, I plan to wear this thing skiing, where visibility is more important than looking cool. And the green one was too puke-tastic. Reg insists that blue looks good on me, even this bright electric blue. Some blues wash me out too much, I think, but Reg is the fashion guru, not me.

Right at this minute I think, Reg is taking the application tests for watchmaker's school. His dad and his grandfather and great-grandfather were watchmakers, and he decided recently this was what he too wanted to be when he grew up. (His dad was initially going to become a nurse or doctor, which is how he met his wife, who still is a nurse.) Secretly he wants to be an English or history professor, but this is probably a little more practical. Still, the school only accepts 12 applicants per year, so he was pretty nervous the past week about this. I wished him luck many times and hope he gets it. We shall see.
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Friday [ profile] quent and [ profile] velvet and I went to the Sunset Tavern to see Kinski. Before that, Reg and I spent the day sort of enjoying the sunshine - he bought me a nice sunhat so I could feel less headache-prone, and we caught the tail end of [ profile] suxdonut's bbq as well. Kinski's new album is sort of weird, from what we caught of it. Lots more singing and ordinary/typical song progressions, but then some Joy Division-y tracks too. (I proclaimed that I loved Shoegaze Division.)

Saturday the weather wasn't as nice, and Reg felt awful, so we didn't do very much at all. There was talk of going to see Wolverine but I didn't think I could take the fanboys. Sunday was nicer, so we walked to the Farmer's Market and bought cheese and fruit and veggies, and Reg got some metrosexual face shit at Blackbird, and we decided to go for a drive. I picked Lake Washington, and mapped out the northern half. So we drove from Sand Point to Yarrow Point, really quite pleasant and I think I may return to the east side the next time the weather is nice.

I spent a lot of time reading Tales of MU, which I'd read consistently last year till my last job picked up speed, so I started from the top and re-read the entire thing. It hadn't moved much since then, really. (It's a web serial that takes place in a D&D sort of modern-day world, and the main character is a sheltered girl who comes out as a submissive lesbian who gets off on being spanked. Also, she is half-demon.)

After that I started reading Slash, Slash's bio. I got about halfway through. Since it's from his pov, it's not as broad as the Zeppelin book, and some stuff he doesn't know anything about, but a lot of it is in-depth, particularly his substance abuse issues. I hadn't realized, either, how young they all were when GnR got started. In essence they got a big advance and then were told to not do anything like tour or record for a year, during which they kinda went crazy, as any 19-yo would do in the same position.

The weather has not been very nice this week but I decided that just means I should try out my rain pants and whatnot.

poor boys

Dec. 19th, 2005 11:10 am
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"There are no 'small and short' stores," Courtemanche noted as he brushed his hand across a row of 38-inch waist dress pants on a recent afternoon. "This is now the average. . . . It's kind of sad. A 34 is considered small."

Reading my Esquire I learned about "the six-inch drop", which means that most suits are designed for chests being 6 inches bigger than the waist. They acknowledged that this is not as common as designers would like, and gave some advice. I asked Reg what his sizes were. "Thirty-eight and thirty-two." HE IS A TOTAL KEN DOLL.


Nov. 25th, 2005 07:22 pm
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So how did you meet?

Karaoke. Mutual friends. I caught him on the rebound, he caught me dating someone else who was too casual to last. Ta-da!

How long have you been going out?

I told him he could be my boyfriend on Jan 1st 2004. Our first date was just before TG 2003. So 2 years, more or less.

You guys are oddly enough quite functional compared to everyone else in our sketchy lives.

That's not a question. But thanks. I think.
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Dear LJ,

Wished you were there..

Laural & Reg
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oh sure it's silly but you should vote for [ profile] velvet in the 8 hunks of hannakkah.

why? cos he is super hot
examples )
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I was sitting here peacefully at my computer renaming photos when all of a sudden reg says "YO! POISONOUS LIZARDS!" in his sleep.

We watched The Gold Rush yesterday. I've never seen it. It was like a proto-Bugs Bunny cartoon. I mean, funny and weird and very fun to watch.


Jun. 2nd, 2005 12:56 pm
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Reg's lawyer just gave him the settlement check for the accident last year.


OK it's not that much, under $5K but hell!

edit: Anyone wants to meet up in Belltown after work for drinks, let me know! CELEBRATE!
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We camped about 10 miles north of Winthrop, WA, drove around a lot, and got caught in crazy traffic thanks to a major fatality on the other side of the highway. Anyway I am fucking filthy and need to go shower.

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Reg's computer has pissed itself again, so he's upset, and when he's upset, I get upset. And when I get upset, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset.

I think I may just have to swap its guts with my old machine. I have been avoiding helping him with his computer because, well, I hate fixing computers, but this shit has been going on for a year.

edit: after discussing symptoms with [ profile] jimbojones we're guessing it's faulty memory, so I'm gonna run a memcheck to see if so.


May. 9th, 2005 09:06 am
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Despite 30 years of living in Seattle, my boyfriend's mother has never had Pho, so she decided that would be her m-day dinner. Well, whatever. Reg and I are afficianandos so we explained everything to her, from the french coffee to the reason the place she picked was inauthentic. Also, bubble tea. Anyway it was nice, and afterwards we went to the B&N downtown so I could get my mom's present (I suck, but I am also poor) and then organic goods at the Ballard Market. I bought Brown Cow yogurt, which is made from all kinds of yummy stuff like maple syrup and full-fat milk with no hormones. Also, chocolate.

I watched the rest of Angels in America finally. It's six hours long, see, and Reg found it too overwrought to watch, so I kindly waited till he was otherwise occupied. It's hard to explain, really, just about a bunch of gay men with AIDS being able to see visions and ghosts, and their friends and other people they touch. Metaphorically. Read [ profile] drsaddam's journal for more info.

Also finished Aztec and Middlesex. Both very good, although the latter is much better, one of those can't-put-down books. Former about an old Indian in 1540 or so, telling the Spanish about his life, over 1000 pages. Latter about a hermaphrodite and her/his geneology. Both of these books involved sister-fucking, but I would still recommend them.

oh yeah

Apr. 18th, 2005 12:03 pm
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Dogs Die in Hot Cars and Phoenix at the Croc tonight. I be there.

edit: shit, reg is feeling sickly. never mind then.
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• computer more or less dead as shit
• car accident that wasn't too bad but revived a few of his back issues
• sick as a dog, went to the ER to get some meds, observed back spasms
• fever brought down by advil at least
• car has been totaled out
• pharmacist refused to refill his brain meds since it was only 2 weeks later

Not sure if we're going out at all this weekend as a result. And we leave Sunday morning. Really morning, like 4am. Yowza.

28 skiddoo

Mar. 26th, 2005 12:07 pm
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Reg went on a spree while I was lying in bed with the heating pad and got me Mulholland Drive, Amadeus Director's Cut, and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. He's so sweet!! For himself he got Deadwood and Donnie Darko Director's Cut. We watched that one last night. I'd watched it on Christmas but that was the original version. I like the director's cut better, even if it is trying to say that Donnie isn't a nutcase.

I attempted to make Russian cigarettes (the pastry not the tobacco product and it was half a disaster. But I got six good ones. That, and whipped cream and strawberries, are going to be my breakfast. Well, also bacon and coffee.
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I am not a materialistic person. When I had a decent job, I spent most of my money on dining out and airfare. I buy most of my books and clothing used, or on sale. I do have a gadget fetish but it's usually only a once-a-year purchase thing. Or gift, even. I guess maybe if I had a job that paid a living wage things would be different, but in general I'm satisfied with having very few possessions, and even when I go thrifting I only get one or two things.

My boyfriend is the opposite. If I'd gone to high school with him, I'm sure I would have despised him and his label-whore ilk. Now granted, I prefer this extreme to the other extreme, but I don't understand extremes in general, which is a whole other monologue. He has more clothes than I do and more, um, bathroom products than I do, at least he doesn't have more makeup than I do. (He's gone off makeup a little, actually, since we aren't going to the goth clubs as much. Or at all.) These traits are still slightly aggravating and let's admit it, tempting. I mean, I'll sit outside when he goes to BR, but sometimes you gotta give in. But still shopping for more than an hour will make my head hurt.

by the way

Mar. 21st, 2005 03:38 pm
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reg's computer got haxx0red so he will not be online for a while. phone him or use the SMS messaging if you need to talk to him (be sure to sign your name, as otherwise he will not know who it is).
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Firefox has an extension that lets you control your mp3 player of choice from the browser. Sweet.

Yesterday I felt really weird, seasick without even moving. Some kind of inner ear infection? Backwash from the tooth problems? Saturday I was utterly miserable from the tooth and yesterday I was just miserable. Riding in the car made it worse; something about rainy days and being in a stuffy car always has made me feel ill.
I managed to pull myself together for the Lake Forest Park Rummage Sale, though. We drove out to Sandpoint and wished for a big truck so we could buy some of that fun shit. We just got a shit ton of books, shoes, and a nice side table with a shelf under it. Well, it wasn't all that fancy, but for $4 it's pretty decent. Beats the free side table we'd been using, anyway.

Oh, does anyone need a free side table?

So after that we went to the UVillage, got smoothies and then hit up B&N. I'd given Reg a $10 gift card but I guess he didn't use it since we'd bought so many books already. I was feeling a little dizzy still so I just sat at the cookbooks. I read a few recipes in about four books, one of them being a Lebanese cookbook, and it made me want lamb really bad. I promised Reg I'd cook him lamb stew for dinner.

We then drove up to the Comics Dungeon on 45th. They were out of the Sin City Volume One, unsurprisingly, but much to Reg's chagrin. I got a couple of Strangers In Paradise, and another graphic novel that I can't recall the name of at the moment. It looked good though, set in the 20s with a kooky cop team-up of a pimp and a ... chick. Yeah.

Anyway, went home and reg's computer died. Windows startup shows, then the screen goes black. I'm at a loss; I put it in Safe Mode so he could backup his files. Not sure what he did later when I went to bed from the return of the dizziness. Of course before that I read my comics and poor, poor francine. Also watched some Dead Like Me and of course made the stew.

I woke up a few times to pee and cough. Maybe I'm just getting sick. That would be better than needing a root canal.


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