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Click the Space Needle for my Bumbershoot pics.

• I am never going to break my toe and go dancing again.
The Jezabels were cool for a time-killer, Aussies who have a keyboard in their rock.
Yelawolf was probably one of the highest, um, performers I've ever seen. He forgot he was in Seattle for a couple songs actually. But he was still on point, and his DJ scratch guy was actually awesome. I recorded his Beastie Boys "cover" but I'm not sure the audio is any good. He told the crowd to mosh and surf during his last song, but people who weren't even born before 1993 are not very good at this. Well, that may be harsh, but these kids were definitely not.
• There was a huge gap full of no one we were very interested in, and that coupled with a definite lack of hard liquor meant we left for a bit. Hit up Oskar's, which is my new favorite restaurant.
• We finally wandered back and looked at the Rock Poster sale. I let this guy convince me to buy one of his limited edition Morrissey screenprints, so if you happen to see them at the show, don't look for #13.
Ian Hunter & the Rant Band (yes, "Once Bitten Twice Shy" songwriter) was pretty awesome, as was finally not being the oldest people there and all. Not the youngest either. It was definitely a surreal moment when the song I pretty much default to for karaoke was being played LIVE BY THE ACTUAL SONGWRITER.

However, I have to take issue with people who say the best music was all before 1975, or more accurately I guess, people who still pay money to see the Rolling Stones. One of the things I like about live music, even with people who have been performing since the '80s now, is it's not very much like listening to a record. I mean even the Pet Shop Boys put on a SHOW. And with actual music-instrument-players, they don't just repeat the same songs they've been playing for twenty years in the exact same way. And ok, I haven't seen anything but that last concert video, so perhaps Keith Richards and Ian Hunter only do this because they do happen to be so damn old, but I find it disappointing. Jam, guys! ROCK THE FUCK OUT!

("Only one song with a flanger?")

• Before the encore we headed to Key Arena, which was a shame, because Big Sean was still "playing". We got some seats that weren't really that terrible and put on our sunglasses, since this guy was apparently trying to blind the audience. And ok I know a lot of people my age and above have a hard time listening to any kind of hip hop, but this guy, man, he pretty much is the reason for that. Perhaps his earlier songs had more of an aura of social consciousness and we just missed them, but I kind of doubt it. It was like, if someone took DJ Assault's lyrics as a starting point for a freestyle, instead of just something to wrap around phat beats. (And the beats were not even phat.)

And, hahah, this doesn't even surprise me:
Big Sean was arrested on August 4, 2011 for sexual assault at a concert in Lewiston, New York.[18] On October 26, 2011, Big Sean pleaded guilty to second degree unlawful imprisonment, and was fined $750. The charges of third-degree sexual abuse were dropped.

Anyway, the assault to ALL MY SENSES finally stopped. Not a single person left the floor, unfortunately, so we just tried to get a closer seat. Fairly easily, at least. I was like "Now I know we're the only people over 30 here" till I saw the couple behind us, had to be over 50, with their 10-yo son. Now, Mac Miller is definitely not as offensive (in either sense) as Big Sean or Eminem or Snoop, but he sure does talk about picking up chicks, smoking pot, and uses "fuck" as a modifier. Well, whatever, Guns'n'Roses' first album wasn't much worse, although I only listened to that because my brother was 14 and EXPLICIT LYRICS wasn't fully enforced back then.

• They had this silly thing going on the TV screens (Key Arena is so large that there are two "TV screens" one on either side of the stage) where if you tweeted with the #bumbershoot tag they "might" put it up. A lot of the tweets that made it up there were people saying "OMG I'M ON THE BIG SCREEN" or "ON THE FLOOR FOR @MACMILLER!" Some of them were older people mocking the teenagers and their lack of stamina. Hahahah.

• I haven't actually watched any of Mac Miller's videos since he graduated high school, but he looks like not-a-teenager now. Buff and covered in white-rapper tattoos. He was also obviously high, but not nearly as obnoxiously as Yelawolf. He told a story about a "bust fund" girl he met a couple nights ago at a local club - I just made this term up and submitted it to urban dictionary, but you all have known girls who got everything they owned bought by dumb guys, right? Anyway this chick didn't even have a JOB, but she was also pretty wasted. So he then rapped two songs that could have been written for her, and Reg and I were impressed. Even if it was just about a type of girl, a party girl/girl who likes expensive shit, it was clearly a couple of newer songs that showed his growth as an artist. I mean, his early stuff is kinda silly, about his Nikes and his hat, or whatever, but his flow is so clearly THERE that I'm pretty sure he's going to be doing this for a very long time. Well, as long as he doesn't get a drug addiction.

• We then went to the afterhours party, and it kind of sucked. DJ Mia was great - she played newer remixes of slightly older songs - but the next two DJs were from Vegas, and it showed. First of all, call me "old fashioned" but DJs are supposed to play songs, not 90 second snippets. And if you're gonna try to do the Girl Talk thing, you do still need to do transitions. Otherwise you're just playing one song after another. I can do that, ok. And if you ever play "Call Me Maybe" and actually unironically sing along, you are a total douchebag.

If we knew these guys were going to both be doing that shit, we could have left early enough to catch the bus back home, but as it was, we had to take a cab. Also, Reg tripped and fell, so we were both kind of crippled, which I'm sure contributed to the negative energy. BUT NOT AS MUCH AS SHITTY VEGAS POOL DJS. Seriously, being voted "Best Pool DJ" is not exactly what I would consider relevant credentials.

So, next weekend, big hike (probably not this weekend), and then in two more weeks, Decibel Festival, where we get to listen to world-class DJs in Seattle-class venues!
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I wanna go. It's been a while since I've been to a music event with no glowstix.
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Hey jane
Lord let it rain on me
Heading for the top
Walkin with jesus
Oh baby
Electric mainline
Soul on fire
I am what i am
Ladies &gentlemen we are floating in space
Stay with me
She kissed me and it felt like a hit
Come together
Encore: So Long You Pretty Thing


Total time was just under 150 minutes. The Rickshaw had a nice setup for shows except for 2 things: airflow and more than two speakers. I guess that's fine for singer/songwriters, but normally I need earplugs during a concert.


But whatever, the dehydration headache that lasted 36 hours afterwards was worth it. Reg said he'd never seen Spaceman so active. The nice thing about seeing a show outside of Seattle is people dance and clap and scream. The crowd yelled and clapped the whole pre-encore duration, and Spaceman actually clapped with us after the 20 minute "Cop Shoot Cop."


Pics and more Vancouver impressions next.

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I'm feeling annoyed that the holiday weekend is before rather than after Payday this go-round. Reg and I are road-tripping to Vancouver 'cos I've never been there, and Spiritualized is skipping Seattle for some reason. But we have a single in a hostel, a parking garage that's underground and locked at night, and the USD is finally beating the CAD.

The problem at the moment is that Reg's car had a lot of issues, so his parents paid for replacing his brakes and tires rather than getting him a new computer, which I took care of. I benefit from all this too of course, but it's a bit annoying when you're taking a road trip and have to budget really carefully instead of just having a good time.

As I mentioned before, I lost some weight. I'm now hovering around my actual driver's license listed weight, hahahahah. Last time I was this size was when I was still working out right when I met Reg. I quit the gym b/c I got a job nowhere near the gym, but Reg and I were um, working out, and stuff, and I didn't start gaining weight for a while, but a committed relationship eventually does that. But we moved to Bellevue and in January and February ate almost nothing but smoothies and walked at least a mile every day, and so I actually had to buy new jeans and underwear. I fortunately had one pair that I optimistically got off eBay ($30 for Diesel? Hell yes) and bought another pair of jeans from Express. And then I had an underwear coupon, $40 for $80 worth. Granted I coulda gotten similar shit from Target, but come on. Reg got me a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday - along with some other cute clothes - and I spent that on underwear too.

I know, I know, useless without pics. Maybe if you're nice to me I'll send you some.

Finally I got shirts on sale at the Gap. The current trend apparently is for 80s oversized so it almost doesn't cover the shoulder, talk about loving a battlefield man. Size small is almost too big. $21 for two tees was ok. I walked to Bellevue Square with the new Spiritualized album in my ears. It's better than the last one, well, less depressing shall we say? Jason Pierce doesn't seem to be tinkering quite as much with his product as he did in his 20s, but he's still a damn good songwriter. Ladies and Gentlemen is, I feel, still his masterpiece. (Peaked at 30, like so many others, but his peak is like, Mt. Everest ok.) (and now I feel like I made a dick joke, ogod.)

So in summary, kind of broke but have enough money to enjoy Saturday night seeing Spiritualized and Sunday in Vancouver.
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Weekend wasn't bad. Friday night Reg and I went to the Showbox to see Editors. We saw them on their last tour, but it was at the Chop Suey, and we decided that we'd have to see them again if they actually made it big enough to outgrow the Chop. And they have, and they did. [ profile] asabass and [ profile] sarahbliss were also impressed with the show. I was also impressed that the encore songs were "Munich", "Fingers in the Factories," and "Papillion", cos usually you put those out near the beginning. (We actually walked in during their second song.) Afterwards we grabbed some sushi and things at Dragonfish.

Saturday was tame, hung out some with Sarah and went to Electric Tea Garden. The usual suspects were there, it was a pretty killer night. I have been out of the scene so I only recognized Jeromy Nail's name, and he's still pretty good, and still pretty cute. I danced from 11:30pm till 3am, at which point I took a 30 minute break or so, then resumed dancing. But my knee was starting to give out, so I ended the night doing a retarded lean-on-other-foot-only dance. Ah well.

I woke up around noon on Sunday, read some HST, then decided I needed to copy my Australian Buffy and Angel DVDs to a US format. Instead I spent $15 to get software that turned off the region-encoding on my DVD player. Well worth it, and I spent the rest of the day watching Season 2 Buffy, which I still think is the best season. Maybe 7 is better but 2 just feels all warm and cozy. Except when people are evil, I guess. Even that is familiar, though.

Work is getting marginally better, but now I have to worry about getting shit done before my Canadian trip (we leave Saturday).
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Went to see the Gaslight Anthem last night. I'm not usually a fan of all-ages shows, but I gotta say at least teenagers dance instead of standing still and nodding. The band was totally awesome, but the sound was just a touch off, so I couldn't understand the lyrics for songs I hadn't heard before. Although mostly they played the songs off the new album, which are seriously awesome nouveau-Springsteen.

Today I had an interview for a QA contract with AT&T. An hour later my recruiter called saying they loved me. I think it's because, for one of my test cases on a vegetable peeler, I suggested "there's more than one way to skin a cat." Anyway I'm pretty happy about getting the job.
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Friday [ profile] quent and [ profile] velvet and I went to the Sunset Tavern to see Kinski. Before that, Reg and I spent the day sort of enjoying the sunshine - he bought me a nice sunhat so I could feel less headache-prone, and we caught the tail end of [ profile] suxdonut's bbq as well. Kinski's new album is sort of weird, from what we caught of it. Lots more singing and ordinary/typical song progressions, but then some Joy Division-y tracks too. (I proclaimed that I loved Shoegaze Division.)

Saturday the weather wasn't as nice, and Reg felt awful, so we didn't do very much at all. There was talk of going to see Wolverine but I didn't think I could take the fanboys. Sunday was nicer, so we walked to the Farmer's Market and bought cheese and fruit and veggies, and Reg got some metrosexual face shit at Blackbird, and we decided to go for a drive. I picked Lake Washington, and mapped out the northern half. So we drove from Sand Point to Yarrow Point, really quite pleasant and I think I may return to the east side the next time the weather is nice.

I spent a lot of time reading Tales of MU, which I'd read consistently last year till my last job picked up speed, so I started from the top and re-read the entire thing. It hadn't moved much since then, really. (It's a web serial that takes place in a D&D sort of modern-day world, and the main character is a sheltered girl who comes out as a submissive lesbian who gets off on being spanked. Also, she is half-demon.)

After that I started reading Slash, Slash's bio. I got about halfway through. Since it's from his pov, it's not as broad as the Zeppelin book, and some stuff he doesn't know anything about, but a lot of it is in-depth, particularly his substance abuse issues. I hadn't realized, either, how young they all were when GnR got started. In essence they got a big advance and then were told to not do anything like tour or record for a year, during which they kinda went crazy, as any 19-yo would do in the same position.

The weather has not been very nice this week but I decided that just means I should try out my rain pants and whatnot.
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How I got into Spiritualized:
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So in short I'd been excited for 11 months about the new tour, and excited for 4 months about this show specifically, with really high hopes, to put it mildly. I listened to the first 3 albums (we try to pretend the next two didn't happen) and some Spacemen 3 stuff and then the new album Sunday afternoon, prefunking etc.

Left just in time to get great Standing Spots near the stage, 10 minutes before scheduled on-time, the band was of course fashionably late, but whatever. He opened up with a Hendrix-style "Amazing Grace" with the guitar pedals and wah-wah and everything, and I was like FUCK YEAH. After a few songs I moved even closer, so I could see the sweat dripping off his forehead, and get a good look at his shiney shoes. I did watch the other performers, they were On as well. The bassist, oh my god. There's nothing like standing on the floor in the center of a concert and feeling the bass rattle your ribcage.

Beyond the fucking amazing shredding going on onstage, there were some really amusing characters pushed up front with me. There was one really skinny tall guy - well, several, but this one kept talking to me. Some weird couple in front of me that stood stock still the whole time, except when I came into their range of comfort, at which point the girl would give me stare of death. So Seattle. And there was one guy who has Martin Gore hair styled into a mohawk - and one drunk as hell hesher-type who cracked me the fuck up, and we moshed together.

They played like three Spacemen songs - most of the audience totally didn't know them - and while there were five or so new ones, the rest were classics. Good mix, I wonder if he went back because he felt like being in that place, or if he wanted to re-engage the audience after such a long break. Either way, whatever, it fulfilled all my very high expectations. The music he does is about "the spaces between" and that really came across last night.
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It's been fucking dreadful weather all week, so Reg & I are heading east to soak up some sun and sweat heartily and get bitten by mosquitos. Yay!

We saw the Black Angels last night. They put on a great show as always. We tried to get some quick fish'n'chips but failed miserably. At least [ profile] nerdhaus shared in our plight. So we missed most of the Warlocks, but that was ok because I had been listening to Spacemen 3 mp3s on my way to Seattle and couldn't tell the difference. Bought BA t-shirts, headed home via Winchell's, where we had yet more unhealthy greasy food.

Packing tonight and leaving early tomorrow evening/afternoon.

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Saw Interpol for the 4th time.

1st time: 2002 with [ profile] jimbojones
2nd time: 2003 with [ profile] asabass and [ profile] hotcrab
3rd time: 2005 with [ profile] velvet

I still like them, and seeing them live, but I'm glad they played Newest Album* first, then most of Antics, then TotBL.

* OLtA

oh cool

Jan. 8th, 2007 06:00 pm
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Halou live in Seattle:

When: Saturday, January 13 , 2006 / doors 9pm
Where: El Corazon – 109 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle, WA 98109 – 206.381.3094–

Mexican Institute Of Sound
Miss Solar System

New Music
Come see Halou in their first live performance of 2007 and helpcelebrate the release of the new 'Albatross EP', available now oniTunes! There will be a limited number of CD copies of the new EPavailable to purchase at the show as well.
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they played my two favorite songs one after the other. IT WAS LIKE MY ITUNES BUT WAY BETTER.

There were a couple of dudes - more like four - who were so fucking excited that they jumped up and down a lot and eventually made up a pseudo-mosh pit. Reg kept protecting me from them. He's so chivalrous.

We cut out a wee bit early to go to [ profile] jizosh's birthday thing at Merchants, which was cool. Saw many lj users. One guy told us about a major plan (sometime in the next five years) to have a warehouse party where they just release a lot of nitrous oxide into the space.

Then we went to Bago's for a while. Got up this morning and watched Team America. I hadn't seen it before b/c the Blockbuster by us didn't have the unrated version for rent, so what's the point? Although having seen [ profile] mxtx's unrated copy, I kinda wish we hadn't. OH WELL. It was only slightly cringeworthy, and the rest was just funny.

The Matt Damon mocking made me want to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back again. Reg is heading to video store.
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So apparently the Pet Shop Boys are playing "all their best hits" on this tour. Is anyone planning on going? I'd prefer not to go with Reg, as he is not a gay man. GA floor is 21+ and 62.50 not counting fees, but 3rd mezz is only 32.50. Anyway I can front for the balcony but duh need money back, otherwise you can get your own GA floor ticket. I mean I wouldn't mind the floor, but I wouldn't mind saving money either.

thee show

Sep. 10th, 2006 02:39 pm
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I managed to get a reasonably decent picture of Courtney Taylor Friday night. [ profile] girlstyle was talking about how she used to have a crush on him, and now he's old and kind of nasty, but I'm saying for her benefit that he still works out and while he resembles an aged Jon Bon Jovi from the neck up, he looks pretty good from the neck down.

I'm not so into seeing slow dreamy acts live, and was hoping for more pop numbers, but they seemed to turn even "Not if you were the last junkie on earth" into a shoegaze song. Anton Newcombe, on the other hand, while resembling a not-quite-dead George Harrison, jazzed shit up. At first I couldn't tell that it was him, but he started being a jackass and I was reassured. Not as much of a jackass as one might have hoped, but still weird. He tried to quote an Onion headline but fucked it up so badly I can't even figure out what he was talking about. Also, like all white musicians, he wants to be black.

Anyway he was far more mellow than I thought he would be, and he seems to have learned to sing in the past ten years, so I rather enjoyed Brian Jonestown Massacre more than the Dandy Warhols. But I am old and tire easily when I drink and dance and sweat.
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Got Showbox tix for Peaches/Eagles of Death Metal, and the Dandy Warhols.

edit: the rumor for the opening act of the Dandy Warhols will interest anyone who has seen Dig.
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I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness put on a great show. I didn't realize you could make 2 or three guitars sound like that, but I guess with 20 distortion pedals and occasional keyboard, anything is possible. Maaan. I'm wearing the new shirt today.
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I'm actually not a huge Mogwai fan. I mean, I like everything I've ever heard by them, but I'm rarely in the mood to play that genre of music and such. Besides, Reg does play enough for me. But seriously, woah, the show was totally awesome like sex. Exactly like sex except with more colored lights, and emotional orgasms instead of physical ones. I would have cried if I hadn't been so dehydrated. I will go so far to say that I would rather see Mogwai again than Sigur Ros. Cos I like rocking out, man.
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had a bit of a headache at work yesterday, but copious amounts of water and advil killed it good. yay. when I got home I had a salad, baby spinach+olive oil+balsamic vinager, and grown-up grilled cheese. That is leftover crepes with expensive local farmer's cheese. Mmm. Then I finished dying my hair, and showered, and then we went to the Showbox. Hanging out there and in the Green Room made me really feel like I was back in 2002, and I was lacking only [ profile] hotcrab to laugh at the hipsters with me.

We got there in time to hear Morning After Girl's last two songs, and they creeped me out. They looked and sounded kind of like BRMC did back then. But then their last song was the three guys singing in harmony, and it was more like The Turtles or something. And then Elefant, with their lead singer lookin' like Jared Leto crossed with Donovan, played some rockin' numbers. Very nice. I was nonplussed when one of BRMC's guys came out in stage with hair and outfit like early Johnny Cash, and he proceeded to sing songs off the newest album. In fact I fled to the Green Room till the rest of the band came out to rock out. I had two cape cods and felt fine. We got home before midnight, and I slept strangely, with dreams of Natalie Portman/V and BRMC mixed together.
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I just got BRMC + Elefant tickets for tonight, and Mogwai tickets for May.
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At Neumo's last night I tried to tell the bartender how to make a Raspberry Laural. Of course I didn't call it that. But he was a bit too light on the liquor and heavy on the sweet'n'sour mix.

We were there to see Kinski. The first band was completely horrible, unless you like the sound of (insert every classic rock band) thrown into a blender and spat out. They were good at it, but totally wrong for Seattle and all. Oneida was pretty decent, but a little too LOUD. I mean, screaming. I dunno. First half of the set was good though.

And then Kinski. That was utterly sublime. Except I drank a bit much and couldn't stand for a while. But that didn't matter. I just let the music sweep over me.


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