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Went to Beacon Hill Pub last night. God that place is a madhouse. Even at the best of times the people there are, shall we say, interesting, but last night there were so many characters, from the skinny no-front-toothed dude singing "Lady In Red", the black guy singing "Better Man" as well as Hootie & the Blowfish, the elementary school teachers getting smashed out their skulls, but the Pacific Islander guy, Henri, bigger than [ profile] asabass who sang "The Phantom of the Opera" sticks out the most in my mind. I sort of lost my voice in the middle of "Love Is a Battlefield" but almost regained it in time for "Out Of Touch."

Today we slept in then went to Trader Joe's to pick up some snacks and cheese and prosciutto. I love the Iberico cheese they sell there, and the TJ brand snacks that are fancy but cheap. Tonight promises to be quiet; maybe I'll catch up with Dexter or that Vampire show with Anna Paquin. Also, I'm trying to recompile my Linux kernel but there's so many new options that weren't around when I last did this that my head is spinning.
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We Sang!

I did "I Saw Her Standing There", "Don't Stop Believin'", "I Wanna Be Sedated".

edit: Reg wants hits on his pics too.
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Beacon Pub karaoke was pretty fun, except there were so goddamned many people singing that despite arriving at 9:30 or so and leaving around 1:30, most of us only got to sing two songs. I did "Mysterious Ways" and "Once Bitten Twice Shy." Reg did "All I Want Is You" and "True Faith." Um I didn't drink a ton so I remember almost every song our crowd did, unless I didn't really know the song... [ profile] quent did "No One Knows" and "Virtual Insanity", [ profile] dearnana did "Gangsta's Paradise", some Fiona Apple number, and took Asa's missing turn for "Boyz in the Hood". [ profile] asabass did "What's so funny about peace love and understanding?" and I forget. [ profile] uncelestial did "Ain't Nothin' But A G Thing" and "You Keep Me Hangin' On." [ profile] baroof did "Sweet Chil' O' Mine" pitch perfect as he is wont to do.

Before that Reg, Katie the Gimp, [ profile] suxdonut, [ profile] clay88, [ profile] drinkyclownhuh and I all had sushi at Aoki. It felt like we got too much food, and some people got booze, and we even got dessert - Will showed up and ate the leftovers - and the bill was only $121. I felt pretty happy about this, even though the kids didn't want to come with us to karaoke. Oh well. All in all it was a really nice Friday night, except when I drank too much Red Bull and yelled at Reg for getting lost. Cos really how can you not get lost in Beacon Hill?
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The weekend began when I left work early. Due to a horrible traffic jam, I still got home the same time, but boy did I read a lot of 1632. Anyway. Got home, changed, pumped up, called people, put on makeup, straightened my hair, and then we headed to Goldie's for karaoke for Quent's birthday.

After singing "Revolution" and "Don't Stop Believin'", I could tell I wasn't going to get another chance to sing. So Reg and I started asking people if they wanted to come over. Quent, H, and Casey agreed, and so we entertained them till about 4am. I so haven't stayed up that late in months. (I grow old, I grow old.)

And so much for that. The next day we had lunch at Boom with Ashley, then headed over to Jeremy's to talk him into seeing Gonzo. Which he did, and no one else did, because all of you are assholes. It was a good time, and I think I'm feeling exorcised with respect to being so damn obsessed with HST.

We walked back afterwards and there was one person besides Katie there, Chris I believe. More people soon arrived, and the smell of pie baking and meat grilling began to permeate the area. It got pretty crowded just around sunset. In fact that's when people started taking crazy amounts of photos, because it's the second year in a row that twilight/night wasn't cloudy or rainy or excessively cold.

Jeremy's balcony is almost perfect in its locale, and it wasn't difficult to see both the Seattle Center and Gasworks fireworks (Elliot Bay and Lake Union respectively.) The really creepy thing was that we could even see the edge of Gasworks Park, which was completely packed tightly with crowds of assholes and douchebags. So we watched the 'works and said "oooh" and "ahhh" completely without irony, and that was pretty much it. Reg and I didn't stay much longer, but it took us forever to get home. Our route home was one of the roads the aforementioned douchebags used to get onto the freeway from the park, so getting from I-5 past Greenlake took probably an hour.

The next day I made pasta! From scratch! And also gorgonzola cream sauce to go with it. Not too shabby. I tried again today and did far better. And with broccoli and chicken to go with it, it was a real meal. Good thing too, since I hadn't really had a proper one today. Before that we went to Second Ascent, where Reg got a new tarp and line, and I got new pants and a Green Trails map for this weekend. I already ordered the tent and am rather looking forward to trying it out.

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photoset here

i believe I sang Don't Stop Believing and Livin' on a Prayer. I have a sore throat man. anyway it was good to see those jerks kids I hadn't seen in a while.

i have made a "california" mix, songs about the state or L.A. or whatever. The songs are like,
"California Love"
"California Bummer"
"Drinking in L.A."
"Slower california"
"California Sun"
"Why'd you want to live here"

It does not have "californication" because, well, I'm a little sick of that song. Anyway I've wanted to do this mix for years so I'm happy. If you're on iLike it's the "cali" mix.
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I sang "Love is a battlefield", "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", "Do You Wanna", and "One Night In Bangkok." Sketchy guys kept wandering to our table to hit on Asa's coworker+friend who joined us, and I was terrified one would do so with me, but Reg kept dancing with me when I sang.

Cool place. Except for the amazing number of posters warning against illegal drug use. Pics of them and one of the aforementioned girls here. But it's in Ballard so I'm sure we'll show up next week.
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Finally got more than 6 hours of sleep, although I did have to go to bed before 11pm.

But I went out at 6pm so that isn't so bad. This partying early thing kind of rules. Plus I sang ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. Although it was sped up a bit much.

The bad: I twisted my ankle in such a manner that it doesn't hurt, but the right side of my right foot REALLY does.
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"Working for the Weekend", "Don't Stop Believing", "Kiss Me Deadly"

It was the most impressive Journey Karaoke ever.

And then I got so smashed I don't even want to talk about it.
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One person puked at the bar, one guy tried to hit on every female there, one guy sang two Journey songs "and made them his own," as [ profile] candid said. Oh, and there was a Korean Elvis who sang only Elvis. Also, a sexy black man named Melvin. Nothing else of note actually seemed to happen, except for [ profile] quent smiling more than he has since Sigur Ros.

I sang "I Saw Her Standing There," "Once Bitten Twice Shy", and "It's a Sin." If it weren't for the Pet Shop Boys track I would have really slammed the selection, but as it is I think I will not return except on Wednesdays.
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Last night at karaoke I sang 2 Ramones songs (sedated and sheena), "Somebody Told Me", "Devil Inside", "Special", and "Joey" with Reg. That last kicked serious ass because I did the high parts and Reg sang counterpoint quite excellently. I definitely will sing it in the future. I take back most of the nasty things I said about Concrete Blonde.
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Did karaoke for the first time in freaking forever. My voice is so much worse now than it used to be. I barely got through 3 songs. Fortuntely one of them was Ice Ice Baby. "Don't Stop Believing" is really what killed me, I guess. So I had to close with "Love is a battlefield" for ease.

Wed. night karaoke is really my preferred night, so I suppose I will be returning to Goldie's on Airport Way. Besides, they show Playboy videos between songs.
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I made a mistake about the time: karaoke started at 9:30 not 9, and the host was a bit late, but otherwise things were bomb. Because of Depeche Mode no one got there (apart from our group) till like 11, and so I sang "Susudio" and "One Fine Day" before that, and "Livin' on a Prayer" after that, much to the delight of the postgoths. A++ would karaoke again. And will!
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Karaoke at Ozzie's was acceptable. It's close, but the drinks are pricey. Bring a flask. Ahem. No, don't. Anyway, the selection is pretty good, one of those big ass books, which they seem not to have a ton of, but some of the songs are a little off-key. I did "Ziggy Stardust", "Your Woman," and "Just What I Needed" with Ang and Reg, and "Bizarre Love Triangle" with Reg.

Considering it was the first time we'd left the house since The Bloodying, it wasn't too bad. Might make it a semi-regular karaoke event.
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I still do not like the taste of cigarettes, esp. the next morning after you've brushed your teeth and you can still taste it in the back of your throat. Oh man, so hot. Nawt.

I was just going to go to the Supercuts in the udist but there was an hour wait. Can you believe that shit? There's a Hairmasters across the street, though, and they're $15 for a cut with no shampoo, which is fine with me. It's run by the Asian Lady Mafia, but these are more like the first backup band in Hedwig, and the lady who did me had a glorious perm that made her look Hispanic from the back. I want hair like Selma Hayeck. Or possibly Nicole Kidman. I will never get over wanting curly hair.

Anyway after acquiring this hot cut we hit the Buffalo Exchange for cheap tasty clothes. Reg did his xmas shopping while I just bought shit for myself. I got a slutty lowcut t-shirt, a green argyle Benetton sweater, and Silver lowcut jeans. I think I'm good with the clothes for a good while now, ja? I still want a black wool sweater like the one I lost at Randy's old place, though.

Wasn't very hungry so we just ordered 9 creampuffs at the pho place, then went home to model our new clothes to each other for a while, rocked out and headed to Karaoke. It ended up being a decent crowd, not too huge not too small, and I sang "Go Your Own Way," "A Question of Time," and "Hold the Line." Unfortunately when you don't eat much dinner and drink two really strong drinks, bad things happen, and I feel like complete ass right now. acid reflux sucks.
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oh man. we're doing the TG sale ads now, and I'm just droooooling over those lovely roast turkeys. Lord how I'm looking forward to thanksgiving this year. Oh man. In fact, I wish there was a thanksgiving/gluttony holiday once a month. Maybe I'll start one. I dunno.

I smoked a clove last night at karaoke and didn't brush my teeth afterwards. I can still taste it. Gah. It was lame in that none of the krew was there, and they kicked us all out at 10:30 anyway, because of upstair neighbor complaints. Oh well. I sang "My Favorite Game" and "Dust in the Wind." Reg and I have this problem where we sing as well as we possibly can, so I don't know if anyone appreciated the Kansas number.

Afterwards we met up with Steve at 5 Points, which is my new favorite place in the world because of unlimited hash browns. Of course as a result I am dieting today. But, god. Hash browns. oh, also, it beats the hurricane because it is a bar and therefore there are no high school students, only alcoholics.
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I got totally assraped at the dentist yesterday. Well, not really, just that my wisdom tooth is going -----> instead of you know, vertical like nice normal next-door teeth. Which I hadn't really grasped before. Anyway I got drugs but not very many.

I also got a parking ticket from a parking company which I'm totally not going to pay; I'm just never going to park in that lot again. I got it because I went to a store next door in addition to the store I parked at. The homeless guys out front told me. "Nice."

Anyway we went to EN for karaoke last night and I did "Sad Songs Say So Much", which I haven't actually heard in 4 years probably so I did ok. And also Reg and I duet-ed "DAMMIT JANET." Which rocked and made me want to do the time warp. Again.

no hope

Jun. 8th, 2004 08:11 am
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Yesterday was Monday.
Nothing more really needs to be said, I suppose.

I wanted nothing more to do than to go to bed early but instead, karaoke. Sang "Susudio" and "Disarm", two ditties I've never actually done before. Got very little sleep, anyway, and a sweet offer of the boy to drive me to work was tempered by the fact that he was not really in a condition to drive. But, we're all safe and sound now, I think. Tonight we sleep apart.

Do you remember the first time you ever heard "Happiness is a Warm Gun" ?

I do.

I'd just gotten the White Album, sophomore year of college, very very exciting, and you know, it's kind of hit or miss, and I wasn't really impressed till I heard that song. I don't know exactly what it was - maybe it was just weird enough to delight me rather than alienate me - but I fell madly in love. And every time I hear it, I still feel a little bit of that glow.


Mar. 30th, 2004 11:16 am
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We got to the New Toy FLuck Cafe early, so we could have dinner. I was hungry enough to be very impressed with the food. As sucky as West Seattle is in general, the restaurants are cheap and good. And omfg the drinks, the drinks, dear god so cheap.

But I was so damn tired that I had to consume my body weight in caffeine in order to stay awake long enough for my two songs. Nonetheless it was worth it to see Theresa again, she's apparently hosting three nights a week there now. It started out quite quiet but by the time I left (11:30pm) it was fairly crowded. (Ugh, I need to get a later-starting job or something.) Theresa gave me shit about my piercing, but maybe this will inspire her to get her tongue. She seemed like she wanted to.

So. I sang "Vacation" and "Lovefool" pretty well, considering I guess. I got semi-hit on by one of the drunken louts at the middle counter, but it seems like he was hitting on everyone so whatever. I only had one drink so I'm not dehydrated like crazy now, just really really tired. Probably gonna get to bed early as hell, and sleep 12 hours or something.


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