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I realize that banks have only started making you use your ATM card with teller transactions, but they have always required ID, have they not? Why then is it so freaking hard for people in line to realize this?
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don't fuck with me this morning.

some guy did and I called him an asshole.

and then, you know, he called me a bitch and I started crying.

I was just sitting calmly at the bus stop reading the paper, but without the iPod. If only I hadn't forgotten it, he might not have asked me if I went to school.

Actually he was like "Are you in school? Do you go to college? Are you a student?" No shit. I figured he was a retard at first, so I said no, I worked. He asked then if I had a degree. When I said yes, he asked if it was from UW.

At which point I said, "Can you just let me read the paper?"

And he said "Oh, because I'm a man you don't want to talk to me? I bet if I were a woman you'd talk to me."

I told him that in the mornings I just wanted to be left alone. But he kept insisting that it was because he wasn't a woman, that was why I wouldn't talk to him.

So, then, yeah. I did have presence of mind to storm off before starting to sniffle, at least. And then I caught a different bus to work.
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I get really really mad about people who get pregnant or STDs that are so, so, easily avoidable. I mean, I guess I'm more afraid of getting pregnant than of STDs, but I'm sufficiently afraid that I can count on one hand the number of men I've not used condoms with. So sure, I feel bad for people when I hear about it, but at the same time there's always the undercurrent of HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID? Especially because, hello! AIDS is still pretty much a death sentence. There's all kinds of ways to reduce your risk factor for STDs, but this one is still the most effective. No one LIKES condoms, but I bet you like them better then sores on your genitals.
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I read this column before I got on the bus this morning. Scroll to the second letter. OMFG what. Her response to him was ok, but I'd really like to know where he pulled the 80% figure out. I mean, did he observe that 80% of women had black boyfriends, or that 80% of women that he hit on told him they only date black men?

thinking of hitting the Low show tonight.
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So I always, always, always hear, "Why aren't you in any of your vacation photos?" The simple answer is that it's not easy to take pictures of yourself, and other people don't really do what you want them to. But there's another reason, which is that pictures of things with people in them tend to suck.

Let's examine a picture like this:

behind Schoenbrunn in Vienna

Now, you can see me, sort of, and you can see the fountain, sort of. Or is it just a big statue? I have no idea, and can't tell. No fault with the photographer really, this is just a really unaesthetic style.

compare with this:

behind Schoenbrunn in Vienna

Still not a great picture, as I had it in too small of a format, but at least you can see everything.

Of course the kind of photos I like are the super ghey ones:

Reflection of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.
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Scientology Sing Along!
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How come no one was able to predict the Tsunami that hit Indonesia? You would have expected Sylvia Browne to have a dramatic moment in the streets where she clasps both hands over her head and screams visions of mutilated corpses washing up on Indonesian shores. But we didn't. That happened to no one.

And the more I think about it, the more I realize that the simple reason that these kinds of things never happen, is because that would mean that there is some kind of divine, intelligent, ordered structure to the world. If one person could have foreseen this tragedy, and warned others about it, it would mean that somewhere, someone had planned for it to happen beforehand. It would mean that life isn't random, that things happen for a reason...

We FEEL things. If we're feeling down, and sad, and helpless in the world, we'll look for things. Maybe we'll see a pretty butterfly twitter past us. Well, that's IT then!! It's a sign! What are the odds that a pretty butterfly would suddenly decide to fly past us at this exact moment?!? That must be a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy. What else could it be??

-- [ profile] wurmwyd
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Saddest thing ever?
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Reg and I never got any calls yesterday about the cable guy, so he finally called and was given the complete runaround. Two people couldn't find the order, one person found it and assured him that they were sending someone, and the final supervisor said that someone had come out Wed and left a note when no one was there. Which was a baldfaced lie, or the address was wrong, because there was no note. The woman was like "Sure there was. You have a white door, right?" UH, NO our apartment building actually has a blue door but hell. Anyway they're coming Sunday with a $20 credit to our account.
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um what?

Jan. 7th, 2005 10:40 am
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"There's simply an irreconcilable contradiction between feminism and femininity, two largely incompatible strategies women have adopted over the years to try to level the playing field with men...Heterosexuality always was the Achilles heel of feminism because the asymmetries involved usually took the form of adequacy for one sex, inadequacy for the other."

where to begin?
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thought of the day:

just because something makes you "uncomfortable" does not make it "immoral"


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