Oct. 22nd, 2012 12:57 pm
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Reg and I are trying to walk more, since it's winter now and all. Well, also b/c my broken toe is better albeit not perfect. And also because my doctor was worried about my high blood pressure - although probably not anymore since my cholesterol levels are perfect. Nonetheless.

Saturday walked about five miles up the hill to Chism Beach, then Sunday I just went to the post office and saw THAT and I was like OMG. And then lost my relatively new sunglasses. Boy, I'm annoyed about that.

We spent a ton of time with Keely while she was here, and I think my liver doubled in size or something. Also, I really am sick of staring at the four walls inside my apartment, having been in the outside world so much. Although I'm still kind of "meh" about people when I'm sober. That's fine. It's all fine. I'm just saying, it's ALL fine.

Oh yeah, I watched the first few episodes of Elementary and they annoyed me and Reg (who only saw two minutes) so bad we had to watch the BBC Sherlock pilot again. Reg has finally watched the entire six episodes (he was stringing out the pleasure, or something) but I fell asleep in the middle of "The Reichenbach Fall" so I have no idea of his reaction to John and Sherlock holding hands. He liked the ending a lot though. I was like "Martin Freeman crying is kind of like watching kittens getting strangled" and he was like "Totally."
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I think I broke my toe (or at least sprained it, but the MEDICAL EXPERTS ON FACEBOOK say it's broken - but as it's the 4th toe, a doctor can't do anything I can't for it, except give me vicodin) on Aug 30th at 11pm, I tripped over a cord and it folded back ALL the way to the top of the foot. Woo fun, I stayed off it as much as I could, but then Bumbershoot and oh lord walking all day.

SO I have been gimp-walking, driving (ugh), and using Reg's cane when I feel particularly like House. But it got a lot better the second day, and it's a lot better now. I can almost put my whole weight on my foot (although I have to land on it funny) for a half hour of walking. I expect it'll keep improving, and I really hope that by Friday I can use it properly. I mean, even on the 2nd day, I could outwalk tourists, but I had to use all the muscles in my other leg to do so. I'm used to walking at least 2 miles a day, so I've been kind of grumpy about this. (Also, my period started this Saturday, so I was grumpy all week anyway.)

The weather turned Saturday night, but it's nice again now, and supposed to be for at least another week. I'm super excited to go backpacking again, and then the next weekend, hopefully camping WITH FRIENDS in the desert, and then THE NEXT weekend is Decibel Festival, holy shit ORBITAL and MATTHEW DEAR.
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The lung butter seems to have gotten to the fake sore throat point. You know, where you hack it all up and then your throat doesn't really hurt. But there's just um, lots of it. Nice not to have the wire-scraping feeling going on down there though.

Despite this shit I have been going out. Wed was karaoke, Thursday night was McLeod (and then straight home) and last night we hung out with Kim a bit and briefly saw [ profile] langston and [ profile] patrick before heading home. We attempted to watch two movies and failed, so I suppose we'll try again later. Although I'm not sure if I can watch Spartacus.
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Watched Scarface, which is in the class of "see it once", and Another Day in Paradise which I might want to see again. But I'll buy the book first.

I kept claiming to be sick but I kept not getting to sleep till late. Thursday we went over to [ profile] girlstyle's to console her with the vodka she left at our place Friday, and I realized my work laptop doesn't have a wireless card. But I bet I can expense it. Anyway we met her BFF Mitchell and I think we got on. He lives in NYC now so he said bad things about Seattle but I forgave him. And Ang and us made a pact to escort each other to the McLeod party and the Youngstown party.

Last night we watched Beat Takeshi's Zatôichi with a few people. One of Reg & Pat's friends from way back when is in town for the New Year and whatnot so I got to meet another person WHO KNEW HIM WHEN. Asa and Fritz showed up as well while the movie was paused, but we resumed it later, and then watched a few Mr. Show episodes to chill out.

Right now I'm working on my 2006 mix CD, so I had to power up my laptop for the work music ratings in iTunes. And while I was sitting in the couch near Reg's computer, I saw the big stack of photos that his parents had made him scan in, from age 2-3 or so. His sister had just been born clearly. I tried to look for the guy I loved - he looks almost nothing like he did 20 years ago - and I finally found the same smirk in one photo. And the slightly tilted blue eyes make him look a little tired, then and now. And here I thought it was because of his hard life.

Oh and I just discovered using folders to organize iTunes playlists. Hot Damn.

tv helps

Dec. 12th, 2006 06:36 pm
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my cold got a shit ton worse just in time for the weekend. well granted staying up late playing munchkin and drinking didn't help much but saturday I ran a fever. so i've been in bed since then. finished angel season 5 and re-watched Veronica Mars 1 and began Six Feet Under 3. also, re-read the Transmet run. we have had people over between bouts of unconsciousness at least. watched Memento both backwards and forwards, and House of Yes, which Reg had never seen and is a lot better than I remember. edit: also we saw the weirdest japanese movie called Samurai Fiction which everyone should watch if they want to be happy.

at the moment I have a pimple inside my nose, which is SO GREAT when you have to press it to blow. i packed it with ice and that made me feel less like i was in hell.
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in trying to figure out if any 2006 albums are any good, I have been pleasantly suprised by Talk To La Bomb.

also I think I caught reg's stupid cold.


Nov. 28th, 2006 04:06 pm
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Slouching is good for you
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Been sleeping on the new bed for a few days, right, but the past two nights I've woken up in the morning with a crick on my neck. I slept on the other side last night and now it's the other side of my neck. Ack. I slept in a little longer this morning, explaining what was up to my boss, and took a relaxer to help too. I dunno. It could be worse, I guess. I'll swap pillows tonight.

We watched Catch-22 last night, which is amazing for several reasons, not the least of which is its impeccable casting. With the exception of Doc Daneeka, who's a lot slimier in the book, but a lot less visible in the movie, so I guess it works out ok. The farcical elements jumped right out at me. I mean, I saw it in college after reading the book, but seven readings and years later makes a bit of a difference.

Sigur Ros tomorrow. I hope I can get enough sleep so I don't pass out during.
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when did dayquil replace the pseudephedrine??

edit: 20mg actually seems to help.


Jun. 4th, 2005 11:14 am
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this is what i've been bitching about. and this is after a week of recovery.

We watched the P&T BS! about genetically modified food, which has pissed me off anyway - opposition I mean - but now I have even more reason to hate those fuckers. I mean in general I just thought they were dumb retards, but now it's like, they hate Africans. Also I don't get why organic/sustainable farming has to exclude GM crops. I mean, I love organic food, but i thought that just meant no pesticides and shit. Argh, fucking stupid hippies. Anyway.

Last night was fun. We hit up Trinity and got everyone to come and play with us, then chilled out after at Ang & Sid's new place. Killah.
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I lost the coin toss and had to watch Hero with Reg last night. Not that it was torture or anything. I enjoyed it a lot, although I did think it was kind of overdramatic and goofy. Also Reg recently watched The Emperor and the Assassin, which I've seen twice and is based on the same Emperor guy, so he kept interjecting that. Anyway I'm not big into wirework, I think it looks cheesy if you overuse it, and it was definitely overused, so I just kept giggling during the fight scenes. And of course it was Verbal Kent, you aren't supposed to give it away that early though.

My eye still hurts, but it's getting better.
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My favorite way to fix Social Security: Raise the retirement age. (others included)

OMFG The Fashion Police ban hoodies!

All about Quorn, the best fakemeat ever.

Psychopathy is genetic. Interesting query: "Suppose early environmental conditioning techniques which can reverse psychopathy are discovered. Parentheticaly I'm extremely skeptical of the notion than any socialization practices can counteract the effects of gross differences in brain morphology characteristic of psychopaths. But suppose I'm wrong. Would you favor removing a very young budding psychopath from his parents in order to put him through a social conditioning therapy to reverse his psychopathy?"
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We just watched a couple eps on the first disc of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. Pretty good so far, although I feel bad for the people they fool, in the Ali G way. I especially liked the secondhand smoke thing, 'cos that's one of my major annoyances. And it was nice to see confirmed that the two major studies don't actually conclude there's a significant risk from it.

But just to be fair, here's a relase saying there is. No numbers in this release, just percentages, so I dunno if they did the same trickery Penn referred to about the other reports.
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OK, so we had Thai with Trish and Dougie, and then split up for a while so they could get waxed and we could have sex, then they came back over and we all chilled out for a while watching Simpsons. We agreed to go to IKEA the next day, as D owes us a coffee table, but that did not happen.

Well, we still went to IKEA, but it was just us. Got a few cute little kitchen things as well and in honor of that, I made bread. I like making bread. We got more yeast so I can keep doing so. The fast-acting stuff is like candy. So, yeah, we had crepes and then BBQ on Saturday, and on Sunday we had breakfast in bed - IKEA HAS BED TRAYS!! So rad. I made bacon and eggs and tea to go with the bread.

I watched American Splendor while the bread was rising and baking. I have read some of the comics so I knew mostly what was up, but it was nice to see how they put it together into a movie. Seems really weird that it's just, you know, some guy who happened to know R. Crumb and made his life into a comic and is finally rich and famous, but somewhat inspiring.

Last night we watched Dig, or at least attempted to, I fell asleep about halfway through. It's about the groups Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols and their rise to fame, or not as the case may be... anyway their lead singers are both kinda crazy, or to be more accurate, way crazy and kinda crazy respectively. My favorite part was when they interviewed Anton's parents and his dad was all "Yeah, I was committed when he was just a kid" and then killed himself a few months after the interview. And his mom, who turned the kid in for growing pot and refused to bail him out for breaking curfew. What a cunt.

I have a sinus headache from the devil himself.
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Because Reg hasn't been, I've been taking fish oil supplements. I'm of a generally cranky disposition, but I've noticed a newfound optimism the past couple of weeks. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there for all you anti-meds people.


May. 18th, 2005 01:41 pm
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Since i've been sick I've been drinking tea tea tea, just re-using the same bag till no matter how long I leave it in, the water refuses to turn bright orange. And of course this doesn't contribute to a very high caffeine consumption rate, so my tolerance has gone down a wee bit. I just had a double mocha and I'm flying. Woo boy!
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• antibiotic eye drops have killed the goop. can i now inject it into my lymph nodes in my neck?

• we went driving in eastern WA yesterday, where it was miraculously raining. could have been better. pics here.

• the preview of the new tim burton claymation-esque movie reminded me that I'd never seen James and the Giant Peach. That has been remedied.
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that's 24 hours now I've had this headache.
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Apparently greasy food+CRT radiation == dizziness for me.


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