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The nice thing about the Britpop jag is that I find it very soothing. Even though 1995 wasn't really so great a year for me, it wasn't now, which is the main attraction of reminiscing. (One thing I do remember was that I mainly latched onto Oasis as a Beatles substitute. That was the year Anthology was broadcast, and Beatlemania was Back. The Gallagher brothers were obnoxious about it, but they sold more records so why not?)

Enough of that. I rode the bus to downtown then the bus to Cap Hill, then walked to [ profile] suxdonut and [ profile] drinkyclown's relatively new place, which I hadn't seen yet. I am somewhat jealous and almost wish I lived on the Hill, although later I liked the quiet walk back to my place. Anyway I got a dodgeball from [ profile] tyrven, so I suggested we meet up with him. Katie, Ashley and [Ashley's tutor] were there too. We moved to the 6-person table, had appetizers and listened to brain chemistry lectures. It was kinda cool, and of course Jeremy kept interrupting with his theories on how the body works. He was so totally wrong, but you know.

Afterwards I hung out a little with Tatiana and Ian, but I was feeling a little lonely. I'm trying to break away from default couple mode, just a bit, but it's tricky. Anyway I was going to catch the downtown bus, but the "direct" bus to Ballard was coming by just as I was, so I hopped on. It probably would have taken 15 minutes less the other way, but whatever. I read my book and tried not to freak out at how long the bus was taking. Over three hours on a bus in one day is a little bit much. I think that before this contract runs out, though, I'm going to take advantage of the bus ride and read Infinite Jest.
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what she said.

I spent a couple hours on my budget yesterday. I am in so much debt. But not really. I hope to have 2 of the debts paid off by the end of August.

In the free etext department, I read Stoker's The Lair of the White Worm. It kinda sucked. I mean it was entertaining enough, and the prose was stylish, but it made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it wasn't nearly as scary as Dracula. Apparently it was his last novel before he died. Oh well.
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Watched Scarface, which is in the class of "see it once", and Another Day in Paradise which I might want to see again. But I'll buy the book first.

I kept claiming to be sick but I kept not getting to sleep till late. Thursday we went over to [ profile] girlstyle's to console her with the vodka she left at our place Friday, and I realized my work laptop doesn't have a wireless card. But I bet I can expense it. Anyway we met her BFF Mitchell and I think we got on. He lives in NYC now so he said bad things about Seattle but I forgave him. And Ang and us made a pact to escort each other to the McLeod party and the Youngstown party.

Last night we watched Beat Takeshi's Zatôichi with a few people. One of Reg & Pat's friends from way back when is in town for the New Year and whatnot so I got to meet another person WHO KNEW HIM WHEN. Asa and Fritz showed up as well while the movie was paused, but we resumed it later, and then watched a few Mr. Show episodes to chill out.

Right now I'm working on my 2006 mix CD, so I had to power up my laptop for the work music ratings in iTunes. And while I was sitting in the couch near Reg's computer, I saw the big stack of photos that his parents had made him scan in, from age 2-3 or so. His sister had just been born clearly. I tried to look for the guy I loved - he looks almost nothing like he did 20 years ago - and I finally found the same smirk in one photo. And the slightly tilted blue eyes make him look a little tired, then and now. And here I thought it was because of his hard life.

Oh and I just discovered using folders to organize iTunes playlists. Hot Damn.
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Just had happy hour at Thaiku with [ profile] tyrven and [ profile] sarevilo before they go to LA. Crying Tiger and chicken and fried tofu and YOHITOS, mmmm. And a Sampoerna Extra when we got home.


Jun. 4th, 2005 11:14 am
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this is what i've been bitching about. and this is after a week of recovery.

We watched the P&T BS! about genetically modified food, which has pissed me off anyway - opposition I mean - but now I have even more reason to hate those fuckers. I mean in general I just thought they were dumb retards, but now it's like, they hate Africans. Also I don't get why organic/sustainable farming has to exclude GM crops. I mean, I love organic food, but i thought that just meant no pesticides and shit. Argh, fucking stupid hippies. Anyway.

Last night was fun. We hit up Trinity and got everyone to come and play with us, then chilled out after at Ang & Sid's new place. Killah.
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OK, so we had Thai with Trish and Dougie, and then split up for a while so they could get waxed and we could have sex, then they came back over and we all chilled out for a while watching Simpsons. We agreed to go to IKEA the next day, as D owes us a coffee table, but that did not happen.

Well, we still went to IKEA, but it was just us. Got a few cute little kitchen things as well and in honor of that, I made bread. I like making bread. We got more yeast so I can keep doing so. The fast-acting stuff is like candy. So, yeah, we had crepes and then BBQ on Saturday, and on Sunday we had breakfast in bed - IKEA HAS BED TRAYS!! So rad. I made bacon and eggs and tea to go with the bread.

I watched American Splendor while the bread was rising and baking. I have read some of the comics so I knew mostly what was up, but it was nice to see how they put it together into a movie. Seems really weird that it's just, you know, some guy who happened to know R. Crumb and made his life into a comic and is finally rich and famous, but somewhat inspiring.

Last night we watched Dig, or at least attempted to, I fell asleep about halfway through. It's about the groups Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols and their rise to fame, or not as the case may be... anyway their lead singers are both kinda crazy, or to be more accurate, way crazy and kinda crazy respectively. My favorite part was when they interviewed Anton's parents and his dad was all "Yeah, I was committed when he was just a kid" and then killed himself a few months after the interview. And his mom, who turned the kid in for growing pot and refused to bail him out for breaking curfew. What a cunt.

I have a sinus headache from the devil himself.
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So we got to see a lot of people for a little bit of time yesterday, including [ profile] rorotheclown, [ profile] sarahbliss, and [ profile] barbaloot. Had not seen these kids in ages, so it was nice to again. Also finally checked out Mr. Spot's Chai House, which is mmm mm good. Making some Morning Glory as we SPEAK. Or type. Or whatever it is you are doing yourself. Reg tried to get me to watch Revenge of the Nerds, and I saw the first 30 minutes till it was totally my bedtime.

Watched the first part, or rather chapter 4, of Angels in America, and started reading Middlesex which is frighteningly good so far. But I misplaced Aztec again and would kind of like to read a little more of it, as there are 400 more pages left. We are going to go to B&N later for mother's day Shopping, I believe.
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I read Miss last night. So fucking good. Also started watching The Thin Man but my jaw started to ache again. Oh, stupid pain, you make me so boring.

And that Simpsons episode where the kids sing the Armour Hot Dogs song. And Lisa asks if the family knows any songs not from commercials, and they all start singing "I FEEL LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT". Always cut from syndication so I hadn't seen it years.

Eat club tonight?
edit: at Cauelita's 8pm
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wow, all this time I couldn't even log in because, you know, I was formerly on Filet Mignon, and now I am on the SOYBEAN cluster. I mean, OUCH. I'm in some pain now, lady.

Quiet weekend over here... we had an early sort of dinner then came home and goofed off a while, entertained a few guests quickly while I did some photoshopping, although techinically I use the Gimp b/c old habits are still there. Anyway, then we picked up DM and went to Constantine, and who should we see but Fritz and Girl. Heh. We threw popcorn at asshats till the previews started, and they were all of silly movies which I'm desperately craving. Specifically SW3 and HHGttG. The movie itself was, well, incredibly silly and a little too horrific for my taste, but Keanu was Decent enough, and Tilda was as usual amazing. The director was balls crazy though.

Anyway I was falling asleep on the drive home. We woke up before noon Saturday and went to the Library Cafe, which is really cute and nice and cozy and has lots of old books for sale. And then I did some more gimp work, obviously. We went to the grocery store and I made stir-fry and then read lots of Pratchett. I had an odd dream partly about Vetinari, but it ended up just being a total Buffy dream mixed with The Village. Not that I've seen it but you know. Anyway it was all made up and I was mad, but Xander reassured me with his tongue and breast-massaging skillz. Which is strange as I didn't find his character hot at all in the recent years.

Made French Toast and sausage, today. I am so fucking domestic that you can't stand it.
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Finished watching The Big Sleep last night. I enjoyed it a lot, although mainly because of Bacall and Bogie's onscreen magic moments. Which is funny b/c the version I watched edited out people explaining things in favor of those moments. So I totally didn't understand anything that happened, except a lot of guys got shot because of the younger sister being crazy and dope-addicted.  And don't say "read the book," because I've tried twice. It's like The Fellowship of the Ring. Well, ok, in a different way, but neither of these books can integrate into my brain. Something about these old British men, maybe.

Afterwards we were a little hyped up and agreed to meet Steve for drinks at 611 Supreme, which is a really cute little French bistro kind of place with crepes and sugar cubes instead of packets and a very amiable bartender. Mourad came out, that was cool, hadn't seen him in a million years, since the one time he came to karaoke and left immediately when we didn't have any drugs. Reg was hungry, though, so we left "early" (before midnight) to hit up the Wendy's. I almost convinced him to drive around more to listen to my CD, but not really. We fell asleep pretty quick, he didn't even take his clothes off.


Mar. 9th, 2005 08:47 am
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The other joyful conversation this weekend was with [ profile] girlstyle about drinking. When we were younger, of course, we drank to get wasted cheaply, which amounted to, usually, drinking kool-aid with vodka or just a few shots right away. Whereas now we go to bars or clubs and have maybe one or two drinks an hour, which, after three or four hours, is a lot more alcohol. And hence leads to worse hangovers. So, I'm going to try an experiment next time I go out, and do the college drinking thing, see what happens.

Oh, by the way, as it is SEVENTEEN DAYS left till my birthday, I will provide a list of things I want:

a new job
Appleton Rum

Soulseek download privileges
tickets to X-Dream or Mono
more here
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"So there's this thing I was thinking about, I was getting really into my mind, and - did you know if you pulled out the RAID key it fucks up the entire controller?"

"Hey, can I see your boobs? [...] HA HA I SAW YOUR BOOBS."

"Dude, you move to San Francisco, you get Maer. You can't have Sid too."

"Deprioritize? What the hell are you talking about."

* meaning it's wed. and I still remember them.

blue skies

Mar. 6th, 2005 09:11 pm
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I haven't had sex since Wednesday. OMFG.

This weekend was pretty decent, just a lot of hanging out at our apartment, which needs a cool nickname on the order of Cult of the Red Door. I guess since I'm the only founding member to remain in Seattle I can steal it, and in fact did steal it for phoenix fest last year.

Friday night it was [ profile] sidspencer, [ profile] girlstyle, [ profile] quent, and then following, [ profile] hotcrab,[ profile] baroof, [ profile] fritz_da_kat, and [ profile] doyouhaveaflag. There was just generally goofiness, indian leg wrestling and people measuring their heads and shit. Nice and good and fun and chill and calming. That sort of thing is my bag, baby. Also, I'd made bread, and everyone fuckin' raved about it.

Next day was a comedy of errors culminating in not going out at all, but fetching a bunch of people over for a while. Eventually it was just us and Steve and Patrick watching Simpsons till 6am. I woke up at like 8:30 and took some advil and went back to sleep, woke up at 11:30 in just some horrible head/back pain, which has subsided to a certain degree, but not nearly enough. I was in a haze with the muscle relaxers I took to take care of it, but we made it out to Cedar's anyway. Not really planning on staying up much longer here though.
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The Killers' April 24th show is already sold out. Sometimes I hate this town.

Last night was pretty low-key, I watched a couple eps of Buffy with Reg and then surfed a little web till he felt like going to get [ profile] sarahbliss's dresser. This was a huge comedy, as Reg wasn't up for driving and my car's trunk is like a really hot virgin's ass- small entrance, lots of room inside. Anyway we thought about taking apart the dresser, then suddenly it just... started to come apart. By suddenly i of course mean, after it was dropped. So it came apart and fit in the car and we drove home.

First we stopped at the grocery store where we overspent on organic dairy, but I think it'll be worth it. It's not really that much more expensive, and so far the organic produce has been worth it for sure. I am not a huge milk fan but Reg is, so he will let me know, I'm sure. For dinner we had frozen chicken nuggets that were actually kind of gross, but ranch dressing helped.

I'm starting to want to write again, and as soon as my back stops killing me when I get on my 'puter at home, I think I will. It's probably just the monitor being too low, anyway.


Dec. 20th, 2004 02:57 pm
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So Saturday we dragged our sorry asses over to [ profile] pokemyeye's. For a while we just watched Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry music videos, but finally we called a few people, then got in free to the Burlesque Show at the Rendezvous. It was fairly silly, which is what you gotta expect of course. I'd gotten the impression that Burlesque in Seattle was equivalent to 200lb chicks taking off their clothes on stage with feather boas, but I was pleasantly surprised. I still don't get too much of a thrill from these stripteases, but I got to giggle a lot, and it was fun. Not as tacky or uncomfortable as Rick's, also.

I still need to do something about my drinking problem. In the Airplane sense, I mean - I tend to get indigestion if I have more than one drink. I have a feeling that it's because I combine other things along with the alcohol, and I'll just have to start giving myself drug enemas so it doesn't irritate my stomach. But then that's even less sociably acceptable, and really I only drink/drug seriously for social purposes. So, I suppose just having a single drink will have to do for now.


Apr. 18th, 2004 11:10 am
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Jaysus my fucking neck/shoulders/head hurt, I don't know why, unless it's from reading in bed at a weird angle. I was browsing in Border's after work Friday, and realized I could not recall if I'd read the last Robert Jordan or not. Well, I own it, so I must have read it, but I don't remember anything that happened.

Friday night we ran the 4*/duckie gauntlet, and fell asleep in his bed. Heh. But we woke up bright and early and headed to Cap Hill. We stopped at Laughing Buddha to get some jewelry, and the Tim Oliphant lookalike working there changed my lip piece and Reg's tongue stud. We then went into the S&M shop, looked for [ profile] barbaloot in the Book of Erotic Fantasy, and bought a few "things."

Next, coffee and books. I used the gift certificate that [ profile] sarahbliss had given me to pick a few things up, and then on a whim decided to hit the Metro. They were having a huge 50% off sale, so we just wasted a ton of time trying things on that didn't necessarily look so good. But some of it did. After that we headed north to Best Buy, and, then, home home home. Modeled clothing for each other, then Reg went home briefly. I fell asleep while reading Crossroads, and decided to stay in when he got back. So, we watched Kill Bill v1. I hadn't seen it yet, and I'm kind of 'meh' about it. Slick and glossy and pretty, but that's about it. Oh well, I'm sure it would have been more fun on a big screen.


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