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what she said.

I spent a couple hours on my budget yesterday. I am in so much debt. But not really. I hope to have 2 of the debts paid off by the end of August.

In the free etext department, I read Stoker's The Lair of the White Worm. It kinda sucked. I mean it was entertaining enough, and the prose was stylish, but it made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it wasn't nearly as scary as Dracula. Apparently it was his last novel before he died. Oh well.


Jul. 3rd, 2006 09:30 pm
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I tried to pay my insurance when I got home, and it denied my credit card. An hour ago, it worked. WTF.

My hard drive with all my music on it appears to be dead. Well, hopefully I can partition it over and it will work, and I do have backups of 95% of the music. But ugh what a royal pain.

At one point during the weekend Katie, Dougie and I engaged in a fullscale slug salting. It was a big green tough guy though, so it was really damn hard to kill. Later, I saw one by a fallen tree trunk, and as my bladder was full, I peed on it. It didn't seem to care.

look out

Nov. 11th, 2005 10:34 am
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France is still burning

And I didn't get my direct deposit today because the bank is closed. Fucking veterans. It should be illegal for banks to be closed on FRIDAY. Anyway, if it doesn't go through tomorrow I'm definitely fucked and won't be doing shit this weekend.

We watched Down with Love and The 13th Warrior last night. Two more diametrically opposed movies cannot be imagined. But anyway I've fallen madly in love with Ewan McGregor, and bet that in 15 years he'll be the new Bond.

I made cookies last night. They're monstrously sized.

edit: they made us checks instead of DD. which is bullcrud.
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you know what is super fun? unsubscribing to things you subscribed to for mypoints.

Also, reordering checks online from your bank. B/c you just push a button or two and voila.
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I know it depends on where you live, but the cost of living in almost all american cities besides NYC, Boston and SF isn't that remarkably different. Rural areas of course are, but they don't have as many high-paying jobs either. When I lived in Raleigh I spent probably $1500 on fixed costs per month and probably another $500 on unfixed costs, but I was making enough money that I was able to save like six grand in a year to move to Seattle. Now I have a lot fewer fixed costs, but I make a lot less so I'm four grand in debt. My new job pays about 150% what my old one did, so I feel totally loaded now.
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My long distance friends Ana and Fara got me, respectively, Orgazmo and Me Talk Pretty One Day. WOO! and my mom's check finally arrived, so I got to eat lunch! LIFE ROCKS!
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So yesterday after lunch I switched machines, just to the one across from me. First I had to bring my chair with me, because with the back thing I was dealing with yesterday, the presented chair was no fucking good. It leaned back really far, and if the monitor was on the ceiling I'd be well pleased, but as it is, no. So then I had to install all my other favorite programs. The one great thing about this machine, well, first off it's a faster processor but only 256MB of RAM, still probably better than the other one, but really my favorite part so far is that it allowed me to set Mozilla as my default browser. I'd asked people for months to let me do it on the other machine, so I guess it's just company policy to ignore such requests. It worked just fine when I did it, though. So.

The other nifty thing is that it has Acrobat 7.0, because I installed it. Well, the reader, not the other version. It does have the real thing but it's version 5.0 and for my needs, totally wrong. But it also has the newest versions of office, the 2003 editions, which are lots prettier and stranger. It's a little discombobulating, and due to this as well as other factors I feel like I'm not really required to do work anymore. On the other hand, since acquiring the net at home, I feel like surfing isn't any fun at work anymore. So it's a little bit callous and strange.

[ profile] llarian picked up my futon yesterday, so that's the end of that tale. Reg refuses to buy a microwave till he has enough money to pay rent, which is sensible but unfair to all the microwave popcorn i have sitting around. I guess it will have to just stay at work.
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Reg and I never got any calls yesterday about the cable guy, so he finally called and was given the complete runaround. Two people couldn't find the order, one person found it and assured him that they were sending someone, and the final supervisor said that someone had come out Wed and left a note when no one was there. Which was a baldfaced lie, or the address was wrong, because there was no note. The woman was like "Sure there was. You have a white door, right?" UH, NO our apartment building actually has a blue door but hell. Anyway they're coming Sunday with a $20 credit to our account.

i guess

Feb. 13th, 2004 02:28 pm
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even with no money, a three-day weekend isn't the worst thing in the world.


Feb. 9th, 2004 12:27 pm
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This weekend seemed to drag on and yet at the same time ended too soon. I think that's because of the television, though. I am going to be in big trouble now; with delivery Thai and Netflix there's absolutely no reason to ever leave my room again. Premium cable can suck it.

So yes obviously I got back my income tax refund and have been throwing cash around like mad. But not really; I may just return the television. Who knows. Mainly I've been paying my bills. Anyhoo I also got the new Terry Pratchett paperback, Nightwatch, which I pretty much sped through so quickly that I could barely tell you what it's about. Well ok, Vimes goes back in time to um, well, I didn't quite get why he did, except to get a good doctor's name. Oh and there were some great bits with Vetinari as a young Assassin I guess. No I enjoyed it alot but there just, well, didn't seem to be much of a point to the whole game. Just reusing the history monks. Still of course, I plan on buying every single Discworld book I don't own at some point.

Other than that, been thinking about Coachella. Part of me thinks I'm too old, then part of me is like "fuck that." The money issue is another; will definitely want to return that TV if I do this. Anyway basically every single band (except Interpol and Morrissey and New Order) that I like at all is going to be there. Presales are already going on so I suppose I'll decide before the official sale (this saturday). Probably yes.


Feb. 3rd, 2004 03:22 pm
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- So apparently it's possible for that reflective surface on top of CDs to peel off. And then, they don't work anymore. Who knew?

+ I made a spot trip to: the bank, the gas station, and Wendy's. At the gas station I got another 2fer1 ski thing (I am so taking next wed off ifn I get my income tax refund), at Wendy's I got nuggets, fries, and a diet Coke. I asked "What's the biggest drink size you have?" and the lady plopped the Biggie in front of me. It's 32oz of caffeine, carbonation, caramel color and ice. And nutrasweet. I wonder if my antsy-ness isn't a direct result of a lack of aspartame? It's one idea.

= The lady at Wendy's who waited on us was, well, utterly cute. She reminded us totally of an elementary school teacher who much prefered the instant gratification of waiting on hungry fat slobs to dealing with snotfaced crotchfruit.
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I'm not really a big caffeine drinker, although I do usually have a single cuppa or Diet Pepsi per day. However, as Reg decided to come over just as I was falling asleep last night, yadda yadda yadda, I came in to work late and had a big cup of coffee. It's quite lovely how you burst out the other end of clarity when you drink that shit.

So I had to make a lot of copies yesterday, so I was busy thinking. Lots of thinking. Although it was mainly just reflection. Even though I wasn't actually thinking about my novel, the simple process of thought put me in a good mood to work on it later. Broke past 23K last night, yay. Will try to work more on that, apply for jobs, and finish my income tax tonight.
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I have a boy in my bed
and 1.17 in my bank account


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