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So a few months ago I discovered that BJ Novak (of The Office and Inglorious Basterds fame) not only has a Twitter account, but his two brothers and one sister do as well. Been following them since, because they're all funny, even the ones still in college.

Anyway, I dreamed I was helping them and others put on a parade in Paris in honor of Super Mario Brothers. And also that I made out with um, one of the brothers, not sure which.

(This was a much better dream than the one I had last week where Japanese robots took over the world and no one seemed to care very much.)
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My dream this morning - after my 4am bathroom time - was really cool and weird. I was in Bangkok, living in a hostel where all the residents sold drugs and made porn films to support themselves. It was pretty much awesome.

I've never been to Bangkok.
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Involving Rocky Horror, San Francisco dot-com mansions, sex-switching, and video games. Read more... )
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I woke up at 5am because a girl was being trained in the proper art of cutting off the legs of dead babies by her father. Actually I woke up specifically because he used her ankles as a demonstration, but before that she was chopping up her friends at the seashore. Ugh. It was all very unpleasant.
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Had a dream where I was showing Hunter S. Thompson around Seattle, mainly the underground. It was sort of like a No Reservations episode with him as host and me as the fixer. It was really fun and we drove around crazily and found a couple of speakeasies, but I felt overwhelmingly sad when I woke up from it.
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The cast of Miller's Crossing in a Stephen King novel/movie adaptation, where an Indian ghost haunts a former whorehouse - I mean, the whorehouse was built on the burial grounds, then the whorehouse was converted to a bar. Anyway the ghost pretended to be a whore's ghost at first, and then possessed Albert Phinney and made him lose his mind.
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Reg made me watch this documentary about The Who. It was all right, I mean, I don't actually like the Who, but learning stuff about 60s bands is always fun. And he's almost convinced me that I would like their later stuff. My argument is that Daltry's voice gets worse with age, even though the music gets better. Well, I'll try it sometime.

I then had "the documentary continues" dreams. THE REAL REASON THEY BROKE UP. I can't recall what it was, though.
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Last night i finished The Demolished Man and started Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Jonathan Safran Foer's new novel. I don't know why Reg got that rather than Everything Is Illuminated, but anyway. It's about a kid whose dad dies in the WTC and how he finds a single key in a small envelope, and tries to find out what it's for. But it's kind of disturbing and I had really weird dreams about being manhunted in England. (There's also a nicely explicit section about the Dresden Bombing.)

once again

Jun. 5th, 2006 11:09 am
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really damn weird dream in which I worked in a ski lodge and had a crush on the bartender there (who was called Sam and looked like a young Ted Danson). We were planning on getting engaged, but I got in an accident on a bus and the first person I called was another guy. I now can't remember anything about this guy, just that he was a more responsible person/better fiance type, so we got engaged instead. And in the first place I was dating someone called Gil that I had to break up with to even hang out with Sam in the first place. Whew.
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last night I dreamed that [ profile] das_prompt and I were upstairs at the I-Spy, except it was fancier and wasn't as high up... Anyway some multi-level bar with kids only allowed on the lower level, a bunch of slides and shit, and TVs playing cartoons. Craig said that kids cartoons would be ok if they weren't all exactly the same. "Maybe if they showed like, Bob Ross getting run over by a train." I laughed so hard I woke myself up.
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two benadryl+reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas+assorted other cold meds == some most fucked up dreams of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo
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Last night I dreamed I was an exchange student, or study-abroad rather, in Oxford with [ profile] bythesea, [ profile] ashlin519, and [ profile] stonecollector. It was end of term and we were desperately trying to make sure we got all our stuff back to the States, but it wouldn't all fit in our luggage.
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I dreamed I was in New Orleans, getting really lost trying to find my grandmother's place, and then going to a movie. The movie was a very interesting SF dystopian flick, except I didn't get to see the entire thing. Or maybe there was too much time travelling in the movie intersecting with "reality."
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So after trying to bring a bunch of hot girls to an ex leaving town, I couldn't find my little brother. He'd left the house and then I heard knocking. I assumed it was him, but instead it was a boy who looked like a human Chucky. The look on his face was such that I knew he'd murdered my brother and if I let him in, he'd kill everyone in the house. I couldn't find my voice at first, but I ran around the house and found everyone. Someone asked where Matt was and I found it in myself to scream "CHUCKY GOT HIM!" Someone asked where a shotgun was, and I woke up. Every time I closed my eyes I saw that face, though. Till I started thinking about kangaroos. But it took a while.
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Last night I was in a musical with [ profile] pmford, [ profile] tendency and [ profile] alicetiara among others. It was sort of a "pirates from the past invade New York of today" theme.
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I had one of those "i'm about to go on vacation and I haven't packed and the plane leaves in an hour" dreams. It was kind of bad, except that I was going to Italy with [ profile] jette.
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Super weird dream where I was in the Netherlands. Most of my old Dudez crew was there (Ana, Holger, Sitar, Aleks, Norman) but so was [ profile] candid. And we kept flipping to Berlin randomly. It was kind of neat, and the images from it are still very sharply with me, but I can't remember anything that happened besides running out of money on an internet kiosk.
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Last night I dreamed I got a stigmata piercing in both wrists, and one of them was kind of goopy and I realized it was infected. So I rinsed it out with salt water and it got better. For those of you nuts interested, it wasn't a surface piercing but an actual straight barbell through. Hence stigmata. In the dream I didn't get the piercing at a shop, it just appeared, the way things do in dreams. It was all perfectly sensible at the time.


Jan. 28th, 2005 08:41 am
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I am finally feeling better. I whipped that headache into shape and packed some more, then we had Pies (but no Pints) and then bought shit at Fred Meyer for the new place, and put it there (I inaguarated the toilet) and then went home and packed some more. Also there was a shower in there somewhere. I was beat and wanted to sleep. So I did.

The last dream I remember was some cop taking me on a secret Seattle route to avoid rush-hour traffic on I-5.

Anyway. I've been reading a bunch of stuff about how this generation is afraid to grow up. Whether it's emotional or financial fears. Which is utterly strange to me because a) I grew up in Louisiana and b) I went to Duke. Almost everyone I had a casual acquaintance with in either of these two categories is currently married if not having-been-married-for-years. Of course, I think of expensive private colleges as breeding grounds for upper-class snobs, and back home everyone is still expected to get married in college at the latest. My brother was 22, I mean.

But my closest friends weren't anywhere near marriage or expecting to get married when I graduated, and this seems to still be the case, so I always thought those people who were rushing into adulthood were freaks. On the other hand we did all have good decent jobs and probably could have bought houses if we wanted to. This was before the dot-com economy collapsed on itself, things are different now, but even then the mentality of not wanting "responsibility" was omnipresent. I had enough trouble taking care of a pair of gerbils.

The bride in one of the first post-college weddings I attended later slept with a friend of mine, which further led me to believe that these people weren't rushing to adulthood so much as running away from childhood. Fear of being alone, yadda yadda yadda. It's a lot harder to be alone at 21 than 28.
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last night i dreamed i was back in high school
and bill gates was my Computer Science teacher


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