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Nov. 9th, 2008 10:25 am
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For those moments that are just too awkward for words.
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Finished The Game while sitting at the Keytarded "victory." (And by victory, I mean those fuckers cheated. You canna trust old people.) It was fascinating. First of all, I like reading about pathetic guys becoming cool, and that's a big part of the pick-up artists. Second of all, I like reading about celebrities doing stupid shit, and by celebrities I mean Courtney Love. So it was pretty engrossing. I am one of those people who can ignore the bad nasty parts of theories and scenes and focus on just the positives (although I also often do the versa), and so I focused less on the misogyny of it all and more on the narrator, who just became less pathetic and even fell in lurve.

Although the girl he ends up with for two years then dumped him for Robbie Williams.

In other news, this Intelligentsia coffee really is good shit. I was about to add another sugar when I was like "Wait, this is nice."
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The person in front of me at Starbucks left without their latte. Or perhaps there was a miscommunication, b/c my latte was preceded by my latte but "extra-hot". In conclusion, I got two lattes. And the complimentary stirrers in our kitchen are now the double-chambered red/white kind. I think this is going to be sweet.
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Use salt in "stale" coffee to take some of the nastiness away.
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I was originally going to write a long post about my evolution as a cook, but I noticed that if I didn't leave RIGHT THEN the bus would leave without me. Instead I'll tell you that I'm going to have a cappuccino in the Italian cafe downstairs, and then Pho later.
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I bought Starbucks gingerbread syrup and I'm now thinking I could make that shit. But in the meantime it's keeping me away from spending more money. I had a tasty gingerbread-ish coffee with my morning toast. Eating whole wheat toast with too much coffee makes it seem more like just a bit much coffee.

I also started reading Reg's The Shadow of the Wind after eating a triple-deck turkey sammich. Something I've suspected before: Reg is really bad at summarizing things. I mean, usually he only summarizes things I have read, to other people, but when he was trying to summarize this to me I got a totally incorrect impression. Anyway it's this young Spanish kid in Barcelona of the 40s/50s who's trying to find this author of his favorite book, and falls in love with all the women he meets on the way. The main problem is that some weirdo is burning every single copy of all the books, and everyone seems to be lying about their knowledge of the author.

Finally, I listened to Smash and fell madly in love.
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shit, you know what's good?

coffee brewed with cardamom seeds.
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Now it makes sense for the baristas at indy coffee shops to be more attractive than those working at chains, but how come Tully's girls are hotter than Starbucks girls?
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While Tully's is a little bit pricier than Starbucks, their Weird Fancy Drinks are so far all better. The only exception to this is the vanilla latte, which is same across the board. However, as the one by my office is no longer serving banana bread, they ultimately lose.

In other news, Reg did proper shopping yesterday, bought expensive fruit and cheese and Pringles. I mean, I know that relying on a boy for groceries tends to be an impractical idea, but he did well. I keep thinking I need to make hummus and soup (as I did get a blender) but then I forget.

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Sep. 27th, 2005 10:04 am
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I bought one of the pretty thermoses they have at Tully's (it's metallic purple, or as Reg calls it, gunpowder purple) so I can save money by drinking my own coffee. Freshly ground-then-brewed, then cream and sugar, mmmm. Of course the container is a) non-intuitive and b) huge, so not only did I burn myself trying to sip out of it, I'm dizzy high on caffeine now.

[ profile] velvet is right, that thing is too long. So instead I'm just going to say, comment in the comment section and I will insult you. If you want me to screen the comment so people don't know who I'm insulting, please specify.
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I basically had a headache from 4:45pm yesterday to about an hour ago, and what you may ask got rid of it? A Grande Macchiatto. "Coffee, I'll never doubt you again!"

I inflated the air mattress and put it on top of our bed. Helped to a degree but I think we maybe should take the mattress off too.

I'm going crazy insane with book recs. I have the greasemonkey plugin that checks the SPL for the book you're looking at on Amazon, so I just click and there it is. Unfortunately fiction book ISBNs seem to not match. But it's easy enough to click one more button and type the name in, and this is how my hold list grew to 20 books. The only way it could be better is if there were a netflix equivalent, instead of actually having to drag your carcass to the local library.

I made some morning glory chai last night. It's really hard to make if you don't have a large strainer, so I guess I'll get one. which means another trip to BBB. Oh noes. Cos I hate that place. Not. It's like a miniature IKEA without all the stupidly expensive furniture.
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For the first time since I started here I had a diet coke.

I also don't drink any type of non-dairy creamer anymore and I've lost weight. Coincidence?


But I've tried to keep my caffeine consumption at a decent level. It can be tricky, and I've been spending a ton more cash at Tully's because the coffee here just sucks. Tea helps. This morning I made my ghetto office mocha and felt that slight sweaty-scalp feeling you get from too much caffeine, and I liked it. I LIKED IT, SEE.
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ah, caffeine makes the headache go away.

two days and I'll be on the road to Bickleton. Talked to Matt Prime and Paul and Shannon and Ephraim about camp plans last night. Whee! Weather looks great.

Finished the oscar wilde book and a totally fucking awesome true story about a Canadian biologist who hangs out with Arctic wolves. He's dry and sarcastic and hilarious and clinical and deadpan about it all, but still manages to show his sentiment and warmth for the wolves. Brilliant.


Jun. 22nd, 2005 03:08 pm
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It's pretty funny to go to a coffee shop in 50 degree weather and look at all the summery treats on posters everywhere.


May. 18th, 2005 01:41 pm
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Since i've been sick I've been drinking tea tea tea, just re-using the same bag till no matter how long I leave it in, the water refuses to turn bright orange. And of course this doesn't contribute to a very high caffeine consumption rate, so my tolerance has gone down a wee bit. I just had a double mocha and I'm flying. Woo boy!
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My coffee tastes like dog hair.


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