Mar. 4th, 2013


Mar. 4th, 2013 10:47 am
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The MAC counter was busy and Clinique only had one woman at the counter, so at the beginning of the perfume section I was asked if I needed some help. Clearly the most expensive counter at Nordstrom but I was trapped. I exaggerated my helplessness to some degree (you guys have seen my pics, I'm not totally clueless about makeup) by playing up the 'Soft angle. "After 3 years I'm out of practice! "


(I did wear some makeup at other jobs, so as I said, an exaggeration.)


She applied a fancy "deep sea nutrient" moisturizer which felt amazing on my overheated skin. Then a tinted moisturizer/foundation and then concealer. I absolutely want the concealer, it erased my undereye circles. And then cream blush, holy god I looked five years younger. (And I already look under 30 without makeup.)


Finally eye stuff, she did close to what I do but with a fatter pencil on top, and fully outlined the bottom with a small one. And lipstick out of a liquid tube. I didn't look so much different from my own makeup jobs, but just different enough.


I "only" bought the base moisturizer, but she gave me lots of free samples.  $100 a month isn't that ridiculous is it? Ha. I'm a sucker but she was good.


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