Feb. 18th, 2013

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I got merged into almost-all Win8 testing, but I'm still mainly focusing on the Security shit. Well anyway, one of our group is leading a weekly C# "lesson"/lunch. He's got Powerpoint slides and all. Coming from the C++ background I do, it's more like a refresher, so far anyway. I mean, I did a semester of C in high school, then mostly C++ in college, and a couple terms of Java. Then three years straight of Visual Basic. But, yes, I haven't really coded much since 2002.

Which ends up being good for this class, because syntax is the trickier bit to learn, and I've forgotten specific syntax, but I know structure, so I was correcting the teacher and showing off a little with !(x || y) == (!x && y) kind of things.

Anyway, I have to read this book, we can download up to 25 chapters of it, and this week write a calculator program. Good times.


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